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  Diwali Celebrations all over the World

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Wednesday , October 22, 2014
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October brings in the illuminated festival of lights not only in India, but worldwide as well. The overall Indian community along with their friends celebrate this festival with much enthusiasm and pomp. Just take a walk with us and get an insight as to what Diwali is all around the globe.


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It's Tihar in Nepal! Yes, that's right. Diwali is addressed as 'Tihar' and carries on for 5 days. These 5 days is dedicated to a deity that takes the form of an animal or one of the elements of nature. Stunningly, the fourth day is devoted to death though there are no solemn signs of depression. The last day purely carries out the love of the brother and the sister is a celebration known as Bhai Dooj, where the girl blesses the brother for prosperity.


Since Hinduism is extensively practiced, the locals and the temples are adorned not only with lights, but with devotees from all over. Light does play a major part as people from all over gaze at the pitch black sky and admire the floating lanterns illuminating the sky above.


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Diwali celebrations in most of south-east Asia countries is similar to that of India as an awesome display of fireworks prolong throughout the night along with puppet shows for children depicting scenes from the Ramayana.


Since 1853 Diwali has been a vital festival in Guyana with sweets being served and exchanged as a symbol for goodwill, long-life and affluence. The deity Laxmi is worshipped to ensure success and prosperity to enter homes.


image credit:

The Triolet village experiences an amazing celebration as all the residents heedless of religion or race involve themselves in various festivities from bursting crackers and visit their friends and neighbours.


image credit:

Lam Kriyongh is the term that is quite distinguished in Thailand. You can witness lamps made out of banana leaves and left on the river to float. Such devotion illustrates strength and continuity in perilous times.


There is a tiny community of Indians residing in the country of the rising sun, nevertheless, Yokohama has an annual occasion where Diwali is celebrated at Yamashita Park, exhibiting every aspect of the Indian culture as people hold paper lanterns and look forward to the fireworks that mark the end of the celebration.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
image credit:

The Diwali festival in Sri Lanka is displayed by illumination, assembling of toys and through figures made out of sugar crystals, known as Misiri. These sugar crystals generally take the place of sweets. 

The celebrations are not as sizzling as in India, but a grand family feast is obligatory as a part of the festival.

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  The Top Five Gems in Indonesia

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Tuesday , October 21, 2014
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By any chance are you planning to travel towards Jakarta and Bali? If you are, we want to take you through some of the places that fall between them. Here are 5 of those staggering places that you can't take your eyes off from.

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Indonesia truly is among those heavenly places on the globe that is blessed with some amazing places that can leave you spellbound. No doubt about that! Enjoy everything from safari tours and spas in Bali to the seductive beach on Komodo, via the exhilarating capital city of Jakarta. Come and take a tour of something stunning in those places.


Jakarta is purely diverse and extremely large. It's a pot full of enlivening things that keep visitors on their toes. Try not to drop jaws by seeing the upscale malls, heritage sites and savouring the best street food in the city. 

Let your taste buds explode when you relish a meal with rice (nasi). To enjoy high-end dining, Jakarta offers classic options such as Oasis Restaurant that is set in a beautiful age-old mansion.


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Spend some time relaxing at one of the renowned spas, but if you feel active, get accustomed with few of the island's most charming and amusing tree-friendly friends at Monkey Forest, or even embark on a tour to admire some beautiful animals from Africa and other parts of the world at the Bali Bird Park. 

The Night Safari stirs up magical moments for visitors after dark. To experience an amazing Balinese life, catch sunset gleaming over the ocean at Pura Tanah Lot, the most pious temples in Bali. 


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Why am I seeing things in Pink? Yes, Pink! On the stunningly wonderful Komodo Island, you will experience red and white sand merging to create another spectacular colour. Komodo is not only for surfers and beach lovers, its home for the terrorizing and famous Komodo dragons. They may not spit fire but they are extremely impressive in being 10 feet in length.

Tanjung Puting National Park

Tanjung Puting
image credit:

While these dragons attract visitors from all over the world, there is a wild side that thrives in Indonesia. It's the world of the overwhelming Orang-utans. Visit the Tanjung Puting National Park that covers a whole area. You can trek through jungles and see rare birds and other beasts. Enjoy a boat ride down the Sekonyer River to admire various species of monkey.

Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo
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A diverse kind of undomesticated quest awaits you in another park in Indonesia, Bromo Tengger Semeru situated in East Java. This massive land covers an awesome area of 800 square kilometres; the park offers several occasions to spoil your inner explorer. 

Enjoy trekking across the wasteland on a pony, or get daring by doing it by jeep! However, one experience you actually can’t afford to miss is mountaineering atop Mount Bromo, a 7000-foot volcano that gives impressive views of park as well as the smoking peak Mount Semuru at a distance. Such a panorama is most remarkable at sunrise, so be warm and take your camera to treasure the reminiscence eternally.

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  Top Cities That Can Heal A Broken Heart Part 2

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Saturday , October 18, 2014
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Have you ever plunged into the unknown to make yourself feel better? Maybe the last destination a solo traveller would plan to go is a honeymoon spot such as Mexico or popular cities such as Venice or Paris. Holidays are perfect stress-busters that can get you back in shape or even distract you into something amusing.


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Explore some of Vietnam's most popular destinations, such as Halong Bay, Hanoi, Hue,     Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City or even partake in being a volunteer in one of the places. The happy, smiling people will help you forget your troubles. The scenery doesn't hurt either!


image credit:

Hope you don’t mind hitting the mountains for a trek. Your pain and problems may seem big and heavy, but once you face the majestic Himalayas, these snow-capped peaks will make you feel small and insignificant. Just sit and keep gazing at these lofty peaks.


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What more fascinating sight do you need other than the captivating historical relics in Turkey! After visiting the ruins of Troy and Ephesus, continue your journey towards the freshness of the coastal regions dotted with some seductive beaches and engrossing mountains.


Come on, get a spa treatment and feel more and more relaxed and less stressed. The best spa capital is none other than Thailand, where you get to enjoy a reviving massage at one of the spa centres. An evening stroll at the chaotic and charming markets can be highly enlivening. 

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro
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Turn your despair into dancing, tears into triumph and sorrow into songs of joy in this party town famously known as Rio de Janeiro. Resting and sleeping is just an option in Rio as there are millions of ways to embrace the kind of fun and entertainment this city offers.


Bali is as tranquil as your soul is; it's calm and quiet, energizing and rejuvenating the inner person in you. From surfing camps to spa and yoga centres, Bali has everything and you may not have much time to think about anything once you step on this Indonesian land.


When you're cruising through the powdery snow among the enormous mountain ranges, there’s little time to think about your shattered heart. Japan offers some of the world’s finest skiing and snowboarding along with budget and luxury accommodations. 


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Mend your heartbreak by exploring Siberia on the plush Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express train trip from Moscow to Beijing or Vladivostok. All passengers get their own private suite with panoramic windows that offer stunning views.

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  Top Travel Destinations for the Heart Broken

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Wednesday , October 15, 2014
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How do you cope up with a broken heart? Hope you don’t dig into frozen food, gulp down hard drinks or sit out on your balcony listening to sad songs! Sometimes you need to shift your focus and see beyond the huge mountain and try and get to the other side. It can be truly painful even to move an inch, but a vacation to an unfamiliar place can often provide rejuvenation to get back your broken pieces.

Well, cities like Paris, Venice, Zurich or the Caribbean can be highly romantic. Well, a person carrying a hurt needs to sit, relax and much on cookies at the road side and of course, find a new love interest that might pop up at another table. The list below is such places to be:

Museum of Broken Relationships - Croatia

Museum of Broken Relationships
image credit:

Situated in the capital city of Croatia, this museum displays a collection of artefacts that are contributed by bitter heart-broken lovers. The question is what can be done with gifts that are bestowed by your ex-boyfriend or ex-girl-friend? The answer is the Museum of Broken Relationships. This is an ideal destination to turn heartaches into assurances.

Juliet's Wall - Italy

Juliets Wall
image credit:

What if you get to pen down your feelings, feelings that can’t be shared but you want it to let out? Everyday people from all over the world visit this residence to mail letters to Juliet. The tale of an ill-fated love lingers around that site and people visiting the place can very well relate to that suffering.


image credit:

Something lurks beside the adventurous canal rides and the beautiful city of Amsterdam. This city is also home to a famous painter who presented pieces of his ear to a prostitute. This is makes it possible for those whose hearts are bleeding, to present something more authentic and stronger. 

Cruise for Singles - Mexico

image credit:

A singles cruise is a good option for those who embrace the theory that the best way to get over an old relationship is to dive headfirst into a new one.  Though the only thing you may leave the cruise with is sunburn, there is always the chance that you’ll meet that special someone in the process.  At the very least, you’ll get to spend a week sailing along the Mexican Riviera and partying with people that are in the same boat as you are.

Dolphin Therapy - Bali

Dolphin Therapy
image credit:

This therapy is prevalent actually for the broken hearts since it is said that a daily interaction with animals and mammals reduces stress and pushes every kind of depression. Therefore, visitors at this resort can visit a wildlife park, go horse riding at the beach and even attend a horse therapy lesson. It may not remove every kind of bitterness, but it might be well worth a try.

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  Five Spine Chilling Halloween Celebrations

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , October 13, 2014
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October end is the month for a blood-curdling event with frightening masks and scary make-up. Most probably you’ve always repeated the same thing for Halloween. You've participated in passing out the candy thing, party with friends, the bar thing and several other amusements. Maybe it’s time you need a change. 

Halloween celebration
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When you're eagerly waiting to take your Halloween celebration to another level, you might consider a trip to any of these thrilling and chilling destinations. Whichever one you choose, they are all unique in offering a memorable time.

Most Unique Places to Celebrate Halloween

Salem, Massachusetts

image credit:

Salem is one of the most traditionally rich and fascinating cities in America to celebrate Halloween. A city with such a dark history is found nowhere else than Salem. Out of the many tours and attractions, the impressive Witch Trial Trail is one of the most intriguing. The Costume Ball celebration is annually held at Hawthorne Hotel on Washington Square, and it is something you do not wish to miss.

Keene, New Hampshire

Since 1991, the Keene Pumpkin Festival is held each year around Halloween. The inhabitants attempt to build a major compilation of lit jack-o-lanterns in the world. They already have held the world record for three consecutive years before losing the title out to Boston. Other festivities contain food and hot cider vendors, live music, and a magnificent display of fireworks.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans
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New Orleans is an amazing place for merrymaking during most days of the year, but for distinguished holidays such as Halloween, the best places to be is definitely the Big Easy. If you’ve never been, train yourself for some off-the-wall enjoyment. 

Experience a voodoo tour and admire remarkable artefacts and genuine temples where prehistoric rituals are still practiced. Appoint a guide and discover some age-old cemeteries which are packed with tombs. To admire something new, New Orleans also has abundant parades and celebrations, and of course the bars are open for business and packed to the full.

Greenwich Village, New York

Since 39 years, Greenwich Village in New York City has held innovative Halloween party and parade, and this year is no different. It’s hard to explain just how wild this party gets if you haven't witnessed it for yourself. From crowded zombies performing the Thriller dance, to enormous spiders crawling up skyscrapers, to just about any ghastly or comical costume you can visualize, Greenwich Village lauds Halloween you do not want to miss.

Orlando, Florida

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For 20 years, Universal Studios has been celebrating Halloween Horror Nights. It comprises of incredible live shows and eerie haunted houses. You might run from the crowded scary mutants and monsters as you focus on various other events. Truly, it’s not for the faint hearted, and parents are advised to leave the children at home. 

Speaking of children, the ideal event for them can be found at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, which is a special themed event that takes place in October. It features parades, trick-or-treating and more.

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