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  Explore the City of Food and History in Macau

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Thursday , July 02, 2015
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What comes to your mind when you think about a trip to Macau with cheap flights to Macau? Is it food, casinos or puzzling roads and colonies? Being under the last European colony, Macau is blessed with a unique architecture style structures and well-preserved buildings. 

Attraction in Macau
image credit:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

If you are ready to get spoilt for choices, then it's food that has lived up to the choice and expectations of the people. Despite the petite size, Macau offers a unique selection of Macanese cuisine, street food and bars.

Macau is divided into four regions - Taipa, the Peninsula, Cotai and Coloane. If you have missed visiting any of these places, you can make the amendments by halting at these places and sampling some of the best local food. For some, the Macau Peninsula has stirred up the interest among the travellers due to several historical attractions, bewildered lanes and eateries. With Macau flights explore these places on foot, the best way to soak up the cultural environment.

The Macau Peninsula

If you are at the Peninsula, a breakfast at the oldest Cafe Nam Ping is the most stylish and interesting way to begin you day. Enjoy various preparations of eggs, sandwiches and pastries costing peanuts.

Tea lovers will surely love escaping towards this place. The top grade tea at Va Lun's is available at a reasonable price. Other flavours are even cheaper having a candied and a soothing taste. Enjoy such delicacies with flights from London to Macau.

Senado Square

image credit:

Make Senado Square your next stop, which is also known as 'the water fountain' by the locals. This is one of the best and must-go-places where you can appreciate the neo classical buildings. Now these buildings operate as medical and cosmetic stores, and even souvenir shops. You will truly fall in love with the architecture. I also advise you to explore the Senado Square as evening creeps in. The comfortable lightings transform the square into an enchanted space.

Rua da Felicidade

The most appealing parts of Macau is Rua da Felicidade. What makes it so charming? Well, the shops that are lined, amazing restaurants with shutters and a red facade. This area was once famous as the red-light district, but now it is popular for credible snacks, desserts and rice porridge. 

Lovers of beef balls and a good rice porridge can head towards Sam Un, which also serves delicious handmade pork and beef balls allures guests early in the morning. It's an soul-filling, cheap and satisfying breakfast.

The Local Market

Strolling and shopping around the local market is the best way to see and feel the local life. The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex is a multi-storey complex with a food court and wet market on the top floor. Each level is equipped by an escalator and sells seafood, vegetables and various other products.

Lord Stows Egg Tarts
image credit:

After soaking up the local market, it is a good idea to enjoy few cups of the unique local drink. There are two stalls here that serve brewed coffee and tea, with a heavenly aroma.

If it's noon, by this time you might be quite hungry. Reaching Coloane can be the best option to sample some egg tarts. These egg tarts can also be bought at other places such as Lord Stow's famous egg tarts. The rich, creamy egg custard is extremely heavenly. A bite into it is truly gratifying, you will definitely carry some for your loved ones. You can enjoy all these fun-times with last minute flights to Macau.

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  Unforgettable Ways to Soak Up India Part One

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Thursday , June 25, 2015
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India is truly grand! A subcontinent that is drenched in ancient culture is very much viable in its rituals, traditions, customs and architecture. The choices are endless and the experience goes on up to several lifetimes. To explore and get the authentic and diverse taste of India, here are the 'musts'.

Bike up the Manali-Leh Highway

Leh Manali Highway
image credit:

The road stretch is 296 miles and stays open for just four and half months every year. The isolated and chilled landscape allures riders from all over the world to trying something daring. The route is stunning, with jaw-dropping views. Beware of altitude sickness and mechanical failure and of course, the unstable weather. Well, if you dare, then make it happen in mid-June to October when the road is open. The gas and service stations are quiet.

Gaze at the Taj Mahal at full-moon night

Taj Mahal
image credit:

Do you recall your school trip to the Taj? Well, that might have been many years ago. So pay a visit at night when the crowds have left and this twilight view turns on a surreal form. The marble wonder sparkles and glows like anything in the world.

Spot the 'Striped Beauty' at a National Park

image credit:

Apart from the mountainous landscapes and views, India also offers a spectacular wildlife experience of several animal species out in the thriving forests. The Indian Safari begins right after the monsoons, in the month of October. If you can bear the heat, you can locate a tiger during April and May in Jim Corbett Park and in Ranthambore.

The Amazing Indian Train Ride

Train Ride
image credit:

Indian train rides depend on the amount of luxury you crave for. It can be pricey and yet affordable or reasonable, the dirt-cheap kind. The views that you get are out-of-the-world. The tiny window shows you miles of agricultural fields, valleys with rivers and snow-capped peaks and several towns and villages. If you want a lavish ride, try the Deccan Odyssey or the Palace on Wheels. The toy train rides of Shimla and Darjeeling are heavenly too.

Head towards the Valley of the Flowers

Valley of Flowers
image credit:

Just imagine a six-day trek to the stunning Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand. You are offered the most amazing sight with a carpet of flowers that you have ever ever seen. Being home to 400 species of flowers, medicinal plants, the valley is highly popular with local as well as foreign tourists. While trekking, you will come across villages, lakes, streams and forests. It's truly worthwhile!

The River Under your Feet

Chadar Trek
image credit:

It's called 'The Chadar Trek'! Chadar means 'blanket' and this is what this trek is all about - a trip over the frozen river called Zanskar. You get to walk on a thick layer of ice with the river raging beneath you. With rugged rocks on both sides, the trek is engrossing and life-changing. This is no doubt, the big daddy of all!

Glide over a Fort

Hot Air Balloon
image credit:

Hot air-ballooning may seem unbelievable in India, but now it can be done in Jaipur, Delhi/NCR,  Kamshet and Pushkar. Whether you want to soar over the wilderness of Ranthambore, float over the Amer Fort in Jaipur or over the vivid Pushkar fest, it is heart-pounding!

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  Test Your Photographic Skills in India

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Tuesday , June 23, 2015
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What is your main objective and motive or travelling? Well, it can be to escape the mundane chores, to explore new things and add meaning to life or to capture the best scenery and landscapes in your camera. Surely, photography can be one of the best interest that can pull people into the nature. 

Let's hope for the best as you learn about some of the Indian cities where you can push limits with your photographic skills.

Majuli, Assam

Majuli in Assam
image credit:

Many have not been aware of this amazing place in Assam. If you plan to head towards Guwahati, you can halt at this destination spot with feelings of awe, respect and a desire not to leave the place. To explore the real Assam in all its splendour, along with cultural features, nothing tops the island of Majuli. It is believed to be the largest river island on the planet. 

The Jama Masjid, Delhi

Jama Masjid
image credit:

The Old Delhi area of in the city of Delhi is steeped in culture, history and ancient structures. The sacred mosque of the Jama Masjid offers picturesque images along with its surrounding atmosphere and vistas. You may not find a very clean environment, but images of several black pigeons, Muslim devotees entering the mosque, a bright and sunny morning and the red-stoned mosque in all its beauty and majestic appearance.

Shanti Stupa, Leh

Shanti Stupa
image credit:

What's more engrossing and captivating than capturing a Buddhist stupa with rugged mountains and clear blue skies in its background? Shanti Stupa is one of the most graceful symbolic icon of the city of Leh. The amazing architecture, moral and the religion create a fantastic feeling to fly down to Leh.

Auroville, Pondicherry

image credit:

The Maltimandir structure at Auroville in Bangalore is a treat for photographers. The round golden structure is impressive and interesting too . The sad part is that you are only given a pass to see the structure from outside. Entering is prohibited!

Havelock Island, Andaman & Nicobar

Havelock Island
image credit:

If something is blissful, the resorts, beaches and amiable people of the Andaman Islands are, no doubt. Get your zooms ready for the ultimate shot of the sunset at Radhanagar. The beach at Radhanagar is awesome and it is considered to be one of the best beaches of India. 

You can also keep Kala Patthar beach in your list with the calmness and purity within your reach. The azure blue water and the clarity makes this place a heaven on earth. Explore and enjoy several water sports such as underwater walking and scuba diving.

Belum Caves, Kurnool

Belum Caves
image credit:

You may never see such a place like the caves of Belum, created by the Almighty God. You will admire several surprises inside the cave as the cave itself poses as an adventurous sight to explore.

The Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Rann of Kutch
image credit:

Covered in pure white salt, the Great Rann of Kutch is an amazing endless land that stirs up the cravings to capture a great shot. 

Jog Falls, Karnataka

Jog Falls
image credit:

Jog Falls is the renowned attraction of South India. If you get to see it during the rainy season, it's a sight worth gazing at as well as capturing it in your camera. Your tour to the falls comprises of trekking, long drives and sightseeing. Feel the true essence as you get closer to the falls. You can enjoy mouth-watering snacks and warm beverages around that area.

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  Best Islamic Destinations for Budget Travellers

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Friday , June 19, 2015
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It's Ramadan! For several families who are planning for a holiday might consider the Disneyland as the main location. But many fail to notice the expensive trip to Disney, that includes the fee to the park, hotel stay and food. 

Before you venture out on a holiday there are financial aspects that need to be taken into consideration. With the amount that you accumulate for Disneyland, you can go to a new destination and explore the unknown. Well, here are some ideas:

Explore the Islamic side of Spain

Puente Romano in Cordoba
image credit:

How can we connect and relate to the Muslim history in Spain? You need to know which are the Muslim cities of Spain. For instance: Cordoba and Alhambra are considered as Muslim cities steeped in the ancient Islamic history. Do not forget to take pictures and record conversations with the local people. If you are craving for some impressive hospitality and delicious cuisine, these are the places to be in. 

Go and pray in a mosque, meet other fellow brothers and sisters. How about visiting Gibraltar, where the leaders for the Muslims makes his legacy. Spain is a all-time-favourite holiday destination for many. Hence, carefully planning is needed!

Take on the Turkish Cities

The Blue Mosque
image credit:

Turkey has an enormous Muslim Empire known as the Ottoman Caliphate. This is where the age-old Islamic monuments abide. A visit to the grave's of the Prophets can reveal years of history and cultural features. Visit the Blue Mosque, meet the sophisticated Muslim leaders and head towards the bustling bazaars to shop. When you greet people by saying 'As-salamu alaykum', you are bestowed with real love, hospitality and brotherhood. 

Take out time to explore smaller towns, villages and remote areas of the city. Mid June to September are the peak seasons in Turkey, Spring and Fall are the perfect times to visit Turkey. Now here's the catch, a trip to Turkey, if planned wisely, in advance, can prove to be cheaper than other world-famous destinations.

Pray in an Icy Mosque

Fairbanks in Alaska
image credit:

How is the summer heat treating you? If you are looking for cool ways other than turning your AC on, then you can plan heading towards Northern Canada, heading all the way towards the Arctic. Do not panic, you won't be the only Muslim person shivering in the cold. There is a Muslim community in Alaska who love to pray and enjoy Halal meat. It's an exciting adventure up there!

Explore the Muslim China

Muslims in China
image credit:

Around 150 million Muslims reside in China and Muslim food is extremely popular in china, with Chinese and also with non-Chinese. An Arabic script is engraved on the Chinese currency. Not only the culture will enthral you, but also about the history behind the Great Wall of China. 

It's Ramadan, time to Visit the Umra!

image credit:

Mass Muslim crowd save up their holidays, time and money to go to the Umra. Some plan on some other destination, but finally take a detour towards the holy land. If you are planning to visit Makkah and Madinah do speak to our travel executives and remember Crystal Travel.

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  A Glimpse into Maui

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , June 15, 2015
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Four things stand out wildly in Maui: Sea, sand, sun and surf. If you are lucky enough to enjoy holidays in Maui, make sure you make the most of the thrills and adventure lurking into the adventure holidays. Such excursions will surely make you soak up the entire sunshine, giving you a totally memorable experience.

Well, for those of you who are coming across this island's name for the first time, Maui is an island in the Pacific region which belongs to the chain of Hawaiian islands. It is a famous place for outdoor activities, beach resorts and assorted geography. Activities such as biking, hiking and snorkelling are quite prevalent here. 

A Whale Watching Tour

Whale Watching in Maui
image credit:

While Maui seems to be an isolated island most of the time, it seems that a bond of love and togetherness is created when man and mammal come together. Humans aren't the only mammals that are attracted to Maui's warm and gleaming sun. The prime sport and attraction of Maui is the whale watching activity that falls in between January and late March.

Every winter pods of amazing whales find refreshment in the moderate oceans of Maui, before they make their way towards Alaska. Find yourself placed on the Pride of Maui, that offers a perfect 360° viewing observation deck from which you can observe and admire these majestic creatures.

The Pride of Maui is a two-hour cruise, with an excess of 2500 feet of deck space and an intriguing glass bottom structure. You are treated to a fabulous barbecue lunch, a bar and waterslides.

The Mysterious Hana Highway

Maui Beach
image credit:

If you have ever wondered about a spectacular and breathtaking road in America, Hana Highway is one of them. The 60 miles long road is ornamented with breathtaking waterfalls, natural lava, thriving flora and fauna, and many other staggering natural sights. You will definitely enjoy the curves, twists and the engrossing hair-pin bends with your awesome driving experience. Let a chauffer guide you and take you to this fantastic road in comfort, luxury and safely. 

Each of the drivers have been professionally trained on the Hana Highway. This assures your safety and a deep knowledge about the best places. 

Kayaking in West Maui

image credit:

The Hawaiian Kayak Tours in Maui are extremely famous, typical, exciting and eco-friendly. Such small private tours do answer your traditional and cultural questions about the island, the people and their lifestyle.

As you soak up the amazing Maui Islands, let nothing come in between you and the serene awe of your surroundings!

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