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  Crystal Travel Reveals Places to Relieve Divorce Stress Part 2

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Saturday , November 22, 2014
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We continue leading you to places that can give you newer insights, relaxation of the mind and let go of the horror that you've just faced. Breakout from the four walls of your home and visit these stunning places that can make you stand from the atrocities and the repercussions of the divorce that you might have just gone through.

New Orleans

New Orleans
image credit:

The city or New Orleans, or Nola is perfect for some good times and good music. The annual Jazz and Heritage Festival conjures up big and famous names to the city every spring. From the soothing R&B, Bluegrass, Cajun, Zydeco and Jazz, bring in your soul mates and sip while you take in the city fully.


image credit:

Lending a helping hand is surely a proper way to acquire a much satisfying perspective after separation. An Indian program known as WWOOF provides opportunities to learn about organic farming, techniques for ayurvedic growth and harvest crops for few hours every day. It's a fruitful time among urban land in India.

Tucson, Arizona

image credit:

The question that springs up in Tucson is, 'What's your Everest?' Enter the world of rock climbing, zip lining or tight rope walking while soaking the sunshine of the desert and experiencing a relishing spa treatment. Sap, it is said that it enables people to face a time of relaxation as well as surrender their fear while going down into Forgiveness and Loving Kindness Meditations.


image credit:

Bury your sorrows in this captivating canal city where the food and art scenes flourish all the more. After a ravishing gondola ride, continue your tour at the Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museum admiring the works of various artists. Savour new and authentic cuisines head to Bolenius and find your way back to your hotel room.

Pacuare Gorge, Costa Rica

Pacuare Gorge
image credit:

Free your mind among the lush rainforests and mountainous rivers in Costa Rica. Try reaching the edge of the Pacuare River by foot or through the waters. Dare to try out a 4-day excursion to get your nerves shaken? Well, be brave enough to paddle through Class IV rapids, hike towards several waterfalls and zipline through the forest's canopy.

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  Crystal Travel Reveals Places to Relieve Divorce Stress Part 1

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Tuesday , November 18, 2014
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Heard someone saying, 'Recently I've gone through a bad divorce', and then he went to surf in Miami. He found the healing of the mind and soul in the ocean as well as in fellow-surfers. His ultimate comment was, 'Dissociate from the place of heartaches when you're 4000 miles away'.

Travellers can connect that a change of place and environment removes every worry and pain and helps clear your head as well as energizes your spirit. It's always helpful to put a physical space between you and your ex-spouse. For that, trips are the ideal dose that people need to cope up with life's challenges. 

Now where to release that aggression? Sign Up for yoga, a spa treatment, face the sea and explore the underwater gems, walk the lanes of Greece, Turkey or trek the Himalayas of India. The options are limitless. Here are few more:

Piedmont, Italy

image credit:

You can try cycling through the hill town and vineyards of Piedmont that offers the charm of Italy. You come across castles, hot springs and attractive wine cellars. The quaint surrounding will surely give a relaxed mind and peace in your heart. After all, you're walking on  God’s creation.

Kamalame Cay, Bahamas

Kamalame Cay
image credit:

While weddings take place at this beach resort, divorcees do desire this secluded region comprised of 19 villas. Your trip includes snorkeling, fishing and several surprises all-through your stay.

Kemptville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia
image credit:

Imagine spending few days without a TV, proper cell-phone service or even room keys; which means, it's you yourself and only you. Your best pastime would be to look for moose and black bears lurking around. Try your hand on cooking seafood for a change. You'll soon see things falling in place as you spend time gazing the night sky sitting on your easy chair.

La Jolla, CA

La Jolla
image credit:

You can actually leave your troubles on the land when you step into a five-day Surf School which is located few meters at a walking distance from the chic Hotel La Jolla, which was launched in 2012. Talk to a fellow swimmer or surfer and laze around the beach stuffing your past behind and looking forward to something great and better.

Amazon, Peru

image credit:

Hey, hey! Since you're single, doesn't mean you have to explore everything all alone. Join other adventure seekers in search of sloths, dolphins and other rare species. Embark on this 10-day tour of the Amazon River and few other thriving reserves. All you have in your list is night time wildlife tours, exploring Ribereno village and once in a lifetime chance to catch a red piranha.

You can also check out our blog on: Places to Mend a Broken Heart

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  Top Five best Hiking Trails in the World

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Saturday , November 15, 2014
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If everyone would have sought after hiking, the earth would have gone flat decades ago. But there are some who really enjoy this energetic activity with varied choices of some of the best hikes on the planet. Here the top 5 noteworthy hikes that combines spectacular landscapes, divine scenery and out-of-the-world experience.

Tongariro Northern Circuit, North Island, New Zealand

It's not new that New Zealand feels proud to possess some of the world's most staggering and stunning landscapes. It's no surprise that one of the most magnificent hikes is positioned on these rugged rocks. 

Tongariro Northern Circuit

Many love hiking on the World Heritage site known as Tongariro Reserve at the Northern Islands never leave the one-day trail and various crossings that provides a rich and fruitful time travelling and 21.7 miles of endless volcanic and isolated atmosphere. You cross boiling pools, craters, water-filled vents and valleys. 

Zion Narrows, Utah, United States

Zion Narrows

If New Zealand provides the most promising trails, another amazing hiking trail rests at the Zion Narrows situated in the American southwest. Ranked at 5th number on NG List and rated as 100 best American Adventures. Get ready to cross streams, canyons and rocky valleys. Wade through knee deep waters with sandstone walls rising upto 1kms. The exploration is extraterrestrial among red canyon walls, hanging gardens, water trickling from cracked rocks.

Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Annapurna Circuit Trekking

Any ardent hiker that imagines of trekking in Nepal travels through the world's most impressive mountain trails. It's neither Everest nor Kathmandu; the Annapurna range not only boasts of snow-capped peaks but also offers a dramatic range of natural and traditional diversity. 

Inca Trail, Peru

Inca Trail

Who doesn't know about the famous Inca Trail? Peru offers some of the most unique and diverse rugged scenery that reaches out to the famous Machu Picchu. The way might seem steep and stressful not until you stare your eyes out towards the horizon to admire an array of scenic vistas and amazing views.

Such a hike allows trekkers to hike through the forest and various terrains. Visit Inca ruins and breathe in the Peruvian air.

Tiger Leaping Gorge, China

Tiger Leaping Gorge

This 9.3 mile gorge is situated beside the Yangtzee River between the Haba Xuenshan Mountain and the Snow Mountain Jade Dragon in China. The gorge got its name from a legendary tale that once a tiger jumped across the gorge to hide from a hunter. The hike provides a scenic spot for those daring and adventurous trekkers.

There are several petite guesthouses where travellers can lodge in and an array of striking waterfalls to marvel at.

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  Top Five Cities to Visit in November

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Tuesday , November 11, 2014
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Ah! The song November Rain rings in my ears. It’s a beautiful masterpiece by Guns N Roses, isn't it? Well, the month of November offers plenty of opportunities and reasons to be grateful and show gratitude. 

From a pre-holiday calm to cool fall breezes, the eleventh months paves the way for many things yet come. You can witness Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, or enjoy a fall escapade into Florida's thriving wildlife, take the kids to the Walt Disney World, trek through Sahara Desert or enjoy a Caribbean festival.

We bring to the hottest of this month with things you can do in November. So where do we start? Hmmm...let’s see!

Florida (Walt Disney World and Wildlife Refuge)

Wildlife Refuge
image credit:

What are you hungry for, nature or the land of amusing attractions? You can get a taste of both in the Sunshine State. Witness a gathering of pink roseate spoonbills flourishing in their natural habitat. You may suddenly hear your kid’s outcry to take them to the Walt Disney World and the times from mid November through mid December is one of the best times.

New York City (Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade)

Macys Thanksgiving
image credit:

Boot up and tighten up in the Big Apple as your time of visiting New York City might coincide with the Thanksgiving Parade. Witness dance performance in the Radio City Music Hall early this November. Even if you can't take it to NYC, you can check out the best Thanksgiving Day Parades worldwide.

Virginia and North Carolina (Last peek at fall’s colour)

Blue Ridge Park
image credit:

Get a glimpse of the colours of fall from the vibrant and vivid foliage in the southern state. Be sure you step into Virginia and North Carolina at the first week of November. Enjoy a road trip along the Blue Ridge Park and watch the awe-inspiring changing of leaves from the first week to mid-November.

Cayman Islands (Pirates Week Festival)

Pirates Week festival
image credit:

It's time to get bad! Grab your pirate’s outfit and head towards Cayman Islands for the Pirates Week festival. This eleven-day event showcases lively street dances, games, music, local food and drinks and various sporting events along with a marvelous display of fireworks. You can enjoy oceanic tours and rest at one of the beach resorts or beach apartments.

Morocco (Sahara Desert Trek)

Sahara Desert Trek
image credit:

From the glitter and glamour, we shift to the ancient timeless desert grandeur. Embark on a desert trek through the Sahara like never before. The sizzling heat settles down in November making a great time for a memorable desert adventure. Of course, Morocco tops the list, therefore, set out on a camel trek through Morocco's Desert. You can halt and see rest of the places by car.

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  Top Ten Picture Perfect Locations for Photography

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , November 03, 2014
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What kind of photographer are you? Are you the happy-go-lucky person carrying a normal camera or one of those crazy wildlife and landscape photographer carrying a Nikon, Olympus or a Sigma? Every photographer has their kind of bucket list, places that they have only dreamed about capturing in one shot. Some have top 5 places to shoot; some have hundreds of locations worldwide where they can shoot.

Doesn't matter if you're after animals, landscape, culture or places all over the globe, here are top best 10 places to photograph worldwide.

Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

Dingle Peninsula
image credit:

Unquestionably, the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland can honestly be regarded as one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Let's picturize it with cloud covered mountains rolling down the flourishing hills, serene villages, sea cliffs landing into the Atlantic.

Havana, Cuba

image credit:

If you were to congregate distinct cultures, vivid combination of patinas and light and the baffling district of a city, it is this, it is this, it is this! Havana is a perfect pot-boiler to capture all of this in the camera. The more you know, the more you discover.

The Wave, Arizona

The Wave
image credit:

Before clicking the first shot at The Wave, one must be clear on the fact that this has been created by sand, and not water. The Wave has been a very unusual place that gives 20 permits a day/per person to explore the area. Though there are other places to photograph, but this is one of a kind that staggers you once you walk into it.

Southern Alps, New Zealand

Southern Alps
image credit:

This place is truly heavenly. You get two highest peaks of New Zealand - Mt. Tasman and Mt. Cook. They are spectacularly and strategically placed besides each other that bring in the desire to capture them at once.

Socotra, Yemen

image credit:

Socotra is one of those isolated islands situated at the mouth of the India Ocean. During the Cold War it was tagged as a prohibited land but recently, it has been a part of Yemen. The Qalansiyah Lagoon is the prominent cliff on the islet and one of the most perilous ones too.

Easter Island

Easter Island
image credit:

Capturing Easter Islands under the different shades of the blue and black sky is a pure delight for avid photographers. Travelling to this unique place during Rapa Nui Festival is splendid due to tourists bearing witness to an amazing combination of culture, traditions and competitions.

Thimphu, Bhutan

image credit:

As a photographer one must be sensitive to the fact that appealing images derive from a stable mind that is aware of the surrounding facts, than a mind gushing with thoughts. Let's enter the world in Bhutan and capture magical features embedded in the culture and customs of Bhutanese people. With the tranquillity, high-altitude and vividness, Bhutan is truly superlative.

Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

Moremi Game Reserve
image credit:

To get a peek into the African wildlife, Botswana is an incredible introduction with animals moving around freely. Just find a seat besides the extensive Okavango Delta and watch hippos and elephants wandering around in their respective habitats.

Annapurna Circuit Trekking, Nepal

Annapurna Circuit Trekking
image credit:

Few spots on the planet can take your breath away. Nestled among the Himalayas, every corner is stunning. The Annapurna Circuit Trekking situated in the highest mountain range provides vast opportunity to click every mood and moment of the surrounding there. Capture stunning scenery, timeless atmosphere and affable people.

Namib Desert, Namibia

Namib Desert
image credit:

For a number of reasons, shooting in Namibia is a lifetime opportunity that presents stunning scenery of the Sossusvlei Dunes. The destination is the second least thickly populated place on the globe after Mongolia; so in fact, you are all by yourself with the natural world.

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