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  Best Destinations for October

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , September 29, 2014
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October is the perfect month that creates the best weather to travel when the night starts to close in and the climate back home gets uncertain. Nothing can be more appropriate than a city break in Europe and also, enjoying the Mediterranean sunbeams before it starts fading off.

Mediterranean Beach Holidays in October

Mediterranean sun
image credit:

To get a glimpse of the final Mediterranean sun in October you should head south. You can assume the climate to be fine near the Aegean Coast of Turkey where you can spot some boutique hotels with astounding deals. On the other hand Crete is also an amazing spot for mild climate and sunshine.

North Cyprus

North Cyprus offers great fall climate with bargain prices because of its location. At southern Italy, in Puglia, the place remains warmer for a longer time than the north. Enjoy charming beaches and some wonderful accommodation in the Italian precinct.


Who can resist the seductive Malta? Undoubtedly, it is the most crowded destination in October. It’s perfect enough to give you the enjoyment of a royal sunshine along with bewitching historical sites on the island.


image credit:

Villa lovers will surely head for Corfu because of the wide range of villas with amazing facilities that consists of hotels, apartments and some amazing offers too.


So are there any food lovers out there? Sicily is another heavenly destination that also offers spa other than the best gastronomic culture is possesses.


If you want to enjoy assured temperature and sunshine, within 3 hours from the UK you can reach Morocco to drown in the captivating beaches of Casablanca and Marrakech. With a guide, explore the Atlas Mountains with a trekking holiday in Morocco.


image credit:

With 4 hours of flying from the UK, you are exposed to the Canaries that offer even a more spectacular climate than the Mediterranean. We recommend few untouched islands of Tenerife, Lanzarote and La Palma.

Best short breaks in October

image credit:

October also churns travellers to short city breaks when the airfares are low and the climate is quite mild. Venice is a good option though it gets terribly crowded during peak months. During fall the City of Canals gets friendly and pleasant.

Other best cites that see the benefits of the off season are Jerusalem, Cairo and Istanbul. Tunisia is renowned for its sun, sea and sand but, Tunis the capital allures tourists for one of the best holidays in October.

Other amazing destinations for October include Croatia, Montenegro with attractive beaches and mountains; Rome is highly considered along with the quaint city of Sorrento and Seville. 
Bring out your inner child at the Paris Disneyland and expose your cooking talent at the beachside city of La Rochelle or Lyon.

If beer is what you fancy, head to Munich for the exciting Oktoberfest. For unforgettable bicycle tours touch few of Europe's most staggering spots or enjoy walking in Catalonia region, Spain.

Paris Disneyland
image credit:

Weekend breaks or short breaks are not just about travelling to a city; entertain yourself with a cycling holiday in France too. You could do away with flying. Just hop on the Eurostar for a trouble-free break in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels or Bruges. You can even reach Venice by the high-speed TGV with the option of an overnight stop in Switzerland.

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  Choosing Your Wildlife Safari Tour in India or Africa

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Friday , September 26, 2014
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If wildlife safari is in your blood and you're in search to lock eyes with a rhino while riding an Indian elephant, or capture wildebeest migration in Serengeti from a hidden camp, this will be an experience you'll cherish for a lifetime.

What else do you need – an experienced guide, small camps and a spine-chilling wildlife tour? Whether you prefer Indian Safari or African, the experience is treasured. Come and enjoy this tour!

The African Country for an Exciting Safari

Serengeti National Park
image credit:

Very few places can give you the ultimate thrill that you are actually looking for. In Tanzania, the Serengeti National Park you can encounter the most stunning wildebeest migration. Admiring the herds moving through the Mara River tops the list of visitors. 

Tanzania also offers phenomenal view of the game with the interaction of buffalos and lions. During the dry season, the Ruaha and Katavi parks offer thrilling sights and games of the wild. Not to forget, that Tanzania boasts of some of the best chimpanzee safaris.

Katavi parks
image credit:

Okavango Delta in Botswana is an exciting place to indulge in a safari on the delta channels with camping and viewing of a game amidst the Bushmen of Kalahari.

Okavango Delta
image credit:

An Insight into the Indian Safaris

Just as Africa hits the mind while talking about Safari, the incredibility of the Indian Safari too is highly talked about. The tiger being extremely endangered makes India as one of the most visited and talked about wildlife safari destination on the planet. 

image credit:

With diverse climate and landscapes this huge is home to many nomadic species such as the leopard, rhinoceros and the lion. Parks such as Bandhavgarh and Ranthambhore add a different level to your jungle safari among imperial ruins.

Though Indian national parks are smaller in size that the African parks, it becomes equally important to know where to stay and how to spot a tiger from the back of an elephant. At Nagarhole, professional guides escort to spot leopards with exciting night drives and capture the sight of an elephant herd from a ferry. At Satpura, spot a crocodile and enjoy a walking safari.

image credit:

Although it’s enticing to try and stopover at different parks in one trip; reaching these rustic areas can be overwhelming and exhausting; it is proposed boarding the train or a flight to cover huge distances and chart your journey to exploit your safari time.

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  Best Cities for Oktoberfest

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Wednesday , September 24, 2014
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Beer and Schnitzel rub shoulders together in the much awaited Oktoberfest with massive crowds swarming in the city of Munich. Watching the wild crowd adds another excitement but, if you want to avoid such a crowd and you are not able to reach Bavaria, here are places where you can largely celebrate the festival.

Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (October 10-18)

image credit:

If Munich is the core city for the ultimate Oktoberfest celebrations, step beyond the German borders to experience world's second-largest fest. Every year Ontario drowns in the biggest Oktoberfest outside Munich due to a large number of German residents. 

Blumenau, Brazil (October 8-26)

image credit:

Blumenau is Brazil's 'Little Germany' that hosts customary German beer festival every October. In 1850, the agricultural town of Blumenau was found by Herman Bruno Otto Blumenau with few others. More than half a million tourists head south to celebrate the festival and consume large quantity of beer. 

Cincinnati, Ohio (September 19-21)

image credit:

The United States of America doesn’t lack behind in celebrating the largest Oktoberfest in the country that takes place in Cincinnati. It is estimated that approximately 500,000 people are likely to attend the fest. The Chicken Dance is a major event during the fest.

Hong Kong (October 17-November 8)

Hong Kong
image credit:

The Marco Polo Hotel in Hong Kong celebrates Oktoberfest in a special sweet way and style. The festival combines German music, German cuisine and German Beer. If you fancy a brew, then arrive early as there are only 200 of them available. The fest runs for 23 days in the hotel and attracts numerous guests who just love consuming beer and pretzels.

Brisbane, Australia (October 10-12 / 17-19)

image credit:

With a crowd of more than 30,000, Brisbane manages to maintain the amazing feel of the October fest that was started by two Australian-German families. For a stretch of 14 days in October, the celebrations manage to draw crowds to enjoy Australian wines, German food and the traditional German beer.

Frankenmuth, Michigan (September 18-21)

image credit:

To promote tourism for this petite town and celebrate German unity, the city officials decided to celebrate Oktoberfest in Michigan. The Oktoberfest was sanctioned by the German government as the first festival outside Munich. Today, the festival is celebrated with traditional music, beer, German food and the much loved dog race.

Fredericksburg, Texas (October 3-5)

image credit:

Since many years the tiny Texan town celebrates German heritage by its self version of Oktoberfest. The festival features a permutation of German, Mexican and American food with sausages, sauerkraut and 50 assorted brews of beer. Tourists get to enjoy a huge collection of art works by various artists.

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  Nine Scary Things to Avoid on a Beach

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , September 22, 2014
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Wow! It’s a perfect day at the beach with clear skies, azure seas, powdery sands and lovely sunshine. Nothing can go wrong. Well it can. On a beach, the term is stated somewhat like - 'Beware of anything out of nowhere and something out of somewhere.' From attacks of sunburn to attacks of a jellyfish or a seagull, you're not free when you take a quick nap. Here are few irritating things that can ruin a beach vacation. 

The Sting of a Jellyfish


image credit:

While you are in water, it would take just few seconds to go from a 'wow' to an ‘ouch’. Oh no, you've been stung by a jellyfish and the pain is excruciating. You sit on the beach suddenly and get surrounded by people. A beach hero appears out of nowhere and begins his treatment.

The Kiss of the Sun

You forget to pack your sunscreen and prepare yourself for the worst. Your skin might not be used to the sun after you've fallen asleep. The burn doesn't easily go away and mind you, it's depressing.

Don't drift away


image credit:

Aren’t the waves tempting and the waters seductive? You dip your toe and walk in knee-deep water, realising that you have walked away from the shore with no aid of coming back. Your hand sticks out of the water waving to someone. People find you are excited and they wave back at you. Alas! If only you could read my lips!

The Kid's Prank

Kids are highly creative and mischievous on the beach. They just need a spade and a bucket and they are out to be extremely crafty. You are enjoying a sunny nap, only to find yourself buried neck-deep into the sand. Whoa! What’s next?

Those Peddlers, My Goodness!

Hey! Go away; I don't want to buy any of your stuff or even see the genuine Omega watch. The list things you can buy on a beach are endless. Your friendly gesture might allow you to be harassed and you will never get that peddler off your back. Instead, other peddlers might crowd you. Make sure you ignore him and make it clear enough that - please leave me alone.

Sweet Sleep; Stolen Wallet

The guide book says - it’s the safest beach resort in the world - Well, what went wrong? As your eyes close in the shade, you realise something is missing. It's my wallet, it’s gone! You realise you have been ignorant or careless about your belongings and now you are robbed.

The Crab likes your Toe


image credit:

On the beach, it could either be the crab or the jellyfish. Mr. Crab likes your big toe and he's not letting it go. Watch out for crabs, they look better on your plate!

What about the elderly lothario?

A wonderful beach relaxation can be ruined by an elderly person creeping up just next to you. His gestures and behaviour might make you get and move, but you may be too polite and turn your face the other side.

The Beach Ball


image credit:

Never put up a mat near the volleyball court. Before you can admire the surrounding, you are hit by volleyball, gaining a soar around your eye. It's painful!

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  Promising but Unpopular Destinations of India

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Friday , September 19, 2014
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Ask an Indian, and he'll say, 'Travel the length and breadth of India to be amazed and then see the world'. This is true to a great extent. India has no shortage of amazing destinations. Some are highly renowned and some are more commercialised. One thing is for sure that these lesser known places have something wonderful and unique to offer. 

These places are not much visited by tourists and hence, they have not been explored much. Here's a hand-picked list of the most underrated places in India. Don't be surprised by what India can offer.

Lambasingi, Andhra Pradesh

hailstorm AP
image credit:

Can there be a 'Kashmir in Southern India?' Well, check this out! One of the rarest places in Andhra Pradesh - Lambasingi, boasts of snowfall making this village a spectacular place. All through the year, the temperature ranges from 0°C to 10°C. So try this place out next time before other do.

Loktak Lake, Manipur

Keibul Lamjao
image credit:

If there could be a Hanging Garden, there can be a floating park too. Located towards North Eastern India in Bishnupur, Manipur is the only lonely floating park known as Keibul Lamjao on Loktak Lake. The floating garden composites are nothing but decayed plant material known as 'phumdis'. Believe it, by seeing it.

Crank's Ridge, Uttarakhand

Kasar Devi
image credit:

If you're one of those who crave for a hippie way of life, but not attracted to a large number of tourists, try and make it to Kasar Devi Village close to Almorah in Uttarakhand. Famed as Crank's Ridge, or Hippie Hill as many call it, is a iconic place for hippies. Celebrities and music legends have visited this place from US and UK when the Hippie movement was at its peak during the 60s.

Lonar Crater, Maharashtra

Lonar Crater
image credit:

A crater formed in India can sound unbelievable! Well, believe it! Situated in Buldana, Maharashtra, the Lonar Crater was created due to a meteor impact ages ago. It is also tagged as a saline soda lake.

Auli, Uttarakhand

image credit:

Apart from Shimla, Gulmarg and Sikkim, Uttarakhand has a popular ski destination called Auli. The charming town of Auli caters to all ski and nature lovers and hosts the National Championship of Snow Skiing. Don’t forget to take a walk around the world's highest lake.

An ardent and true traveller never fails to experiment. Bring out the vagabond wanderer in you and choose any destination for your next trip. You would be flabbergasted by how much you might explore and experience.

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