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  The Exciting Erotic Exotic and Entertaining Rio Carnival

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Saturday , January 24, 2015
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What is that one word that can describe the Carnival of Brazil - shocking, pulsating or wild? Well, it can be a combination of such words that go beyond description. Gear up friends from Feb 13 - 18 when the whole world comes together for the eclectic unification of a frantic energy that is released through parades, parties and extravagant pleasures. Well, no doubt that Rio de Janeiro is home to the most exhilarating parties.

Carnival Night
image credit:

Now what to do & see in the Carnival?

With more than 2 million people on the street, blinding display of vibrant costumes, music and action you jaw may just drop. Shake a leg with Samba, which is the most-loved dance that commenced from the Afro-Brazilian society. Brazilians proudly boast and show off their dance moves, culture and talents. 

At the Carnival, some of the city's finest samba schools take part in the parade. These teams begin their practice months before the real show at the Sambadrome.

Sambodromo in Rio
image credit:

Apart from the energetic samba dance, one other major event includes Carnival Balls where everyone wears a gleaming costume and dances away in sheer joy and excitement. The most admired and pricey ball takes place at the Copacabana Palace.

Freely enjoy hundreds of musical bands and performances on the streets each day. The largest and the most enthralling party takes place in Cinelandia Square where you can enjoy assorted dances and merrymaking processions. You may never know that a dancer may pull you into the group and they love doing that.

Tips towards the Carnival

Plan Ahead!

This is an international emotion and sensation, so do not keep anything for the last moment. It's recommended that start charting out your trip in order to bag the best airfare and the best hotel room; otherwise everything is crammed and full.

image credit:

Casual Dressing!

Hey, leave that Armani suit at home. You can celebrate plush holidays in style somewhere else. Since you'll be in a crowded place the Carnival costume will surely outshine your apparel. The dress code is quite normal, matching with the features of the Carnival. Do not stand out of the crowd, mix in well and you'll feel fantastic dear!

Be Watchful!

Keep the excitement level as high as you can but keeping on guard and lookout for petty crimes that may result in your belonging being stolen. Always carry a copy of your ID, do not expose your camera much and do not keep lot of cash. If possible keep wearing your backpack at the front guarding it well.

The Parade
image credit:

Speak life into your Taste-buds!

No doubt, Central and Latin America offer some of the best delicacies in the world and Rio Carnival is the best place to savour them. You can dig into a variety of options ranging from the national meat-stew to seafood and feijoada.

Party like a Madman!

Believe it or not, the Rio Carnival is highly popular that Christmas or Easter and people look forward to the festivities for months. Therefore, rest well, look fresh and healthy because there are a lot of grooves and moves you need to do. Enjoy the hospitality of the locals and have a good time in the dream destination of Latin America.

Important 2015 Rio de Janeiro Carnival dates
Rio Carnival Dates: starts Friday, February 13th till Tuesday, February 17th

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  Best Ways Enjoy Chinese New Year by Crystal Travel

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , January 19, 2015
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Here's a riddle - What will you get if you mix extravagant fireworks, family feasts, spry lion dances and exchanging red envelops? Well, it can mean only one thing, the most celebrated universal festival. 

Its Chinese New Year once again that starts from February 19 to 25 in China. The festival dates back 5000 years ago and at present, it stretches to a two-week grand celebration. The celebrations vary from city to city, but these tips can provide best ways to enjoy this festival.

The Best Places to Celebrate

Chinese NY in San Francisco
image credit:

Apparently, there is no alternative for spending such a jubilant festival elsewhere other than China. Destinations such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong offer enticing moments to experience the traditional holiday. If you can't make it to China for the celebrations, the Chinatowns are the most appropriate alternatives. In San Francisco, the New Year parade is considered massive and of its own kind.

Must-try dishes

image credit:

Food is the core attraction of Chinese New Year festival especially when the family reunion dinner takes place. Most of the dishes are attached to traditions and bear names that are specific wishes for the New Year. Dumplings are frequently relished towards midnight and this is a custom that goes back to the imperialism times of yore and signifies wealth and prosperity in the upcoming years. 

Long noodles are a favourite choice and such noodles personify long life and height of success in everyone's life. Fish and chicken are also prominent dishes to Chinese New Year along with rice cakes, spring rolls and other green veggies.

What should one wear?

Chinese Red
image credit:

Red is the blazing colour of the Chinese New Year. Legends go back to those times when a disgusting beast scared the villagers long ago on New Year's Day. It was frightened by two facts: a person wearing red and an array of bright red clothes left for drying. Such tales led to the fact that red colour drives off any evil or bad fortune. 

Apart from this, red colour is also the colour of prosperity that signifies truth, honesty and desirable quality. During this festive season, red can be seen in every celebration, event and festival.

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  Five Favourite Spring Breaks for 2015

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Tuesday , January 13, 2015
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Winters will fade away soon and though that's sad, but not heart-breaking for a traveller, for a traveller knows there are umpteen destinations, ever newer ones that can be extremely exciting and rewarding. So, now we wait for spring and very soon we spring into action to escape into the places good for a spring break. 

So aren't you all excited to enjoy a milder climate and explore exquisite sceneries? The crucial part is there is so much to choose from, it can be impossible from where to start from. So here are the top five:

Discover South Morocco

Morocco and spring are inseparable, especially if it’s topped with a suitable climate and well-scented oranges thriving everywhere. You will surely hear the Atlas Mountains calling out among the blooming flowers after the snow has melted. Do step into the souks and the chance to explore few petite villages away from the crowded trail. During afternoons try out a hamam in Essaouira as well as enjoy a camel ride in the Sahara.

An Evening in Morocco
image credit:

Soak in the Spirit of Sicily

Walking in Sicily is quite blissful as you avoid the crammed streets of Taormina. The temperature is yet to reach its peak during March and April and the tourists are yet to flock into the city. Easter being the most anticipated event for Sicilians, it is marked with rituals and celebrations. 

image credit:

Ecstatic processions weave their way through the cobbled streets towards a parish church. No wonder, food-lovers find the city overflowing during such times. Make sure you try out the Cassata cake and Marzipan. Everything is truly mouth-watering!

Discover Sailing in Cuba

image credit:

Cuba is also fantastic during the spring season. Before the mercury soars in summer, enjoy discovering an archipelago comprising of 350 uninhabited atolls and several cultural features. Get close to the marine as well as encounter wildlife as you sail out far into the natural wonders around that place. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the clear waters; encounter striking reefs while snorkelling and take in the incredible vibe of Cuba.

Lot of biking, kayaking and hiking in Cambodia

image credit:

The vigorous culture of Cambodia springs upto life in the middle of February and April, when the locals celebrate their New Year. If you are on the spot that time, you can admire various rituals and water blessings being carried out at the shrines. Look out for a cycling tour of the town that takes you through isolated villages where you get to stay in a nice little town of Kratie.

Ultimately, Northern Brazil

There cannot be an excellent time for exploring Brazil afresh. Even after the Olympic Games the country has seen an enormous boom in infrastructure, making Brazil more tourist-friendly than ever.

Salvador, Northern Brazil
image credit:

To get soaked into something new, embark towards north Brazil. You will surely discover the implausible city of Rio, before drowning in the party-town of Salvador, or trekking through the impressive Chapada do Diamantina national park. Among all such adventure, do not forget to stopover at the exceptional town of Jericoacara.

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  Seven Beauties of Thailand beyond Bangkok

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Saturday , January 10, 2015
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Well, everyone knows that Thailand is one of the most trendy, seductive and dynamic tourist destinations in Southeast Asia region. Everything you need in this life lies there. Be it fascinating history, religion culture, exotic scenery, heavenly cuisine and a glamorous nightlife.
For several cultural travellers Thailand is a place of ancient temples, captivating palaces and spires. For the sun-seekers, it is haven to revive on the idyllic bays, beaches and islands. No wonder foodies and shoppers keep coming back to hunt down more and more streets-side food courts and restaurants. Bangkok, the hedonistic capital city, on the other hand needs no introduction, does it? Ok, let’s move on and change gears. Let me take you beyond Bangkok and explore the other beauties of Thailand.

Have you considered CHIANG MAI?

image credit:

Chiang Mai may not be a well-known place. Tagged as the 'rose of the north', this spectacular town comprises both of natural and cultural setting. The name Chiang Mai means 'a new city' which became a core capital of the Lanna dynasty. With recent developments and the city rising into fame Chiang Mai is also the heart of Buddhism in northern Thailand.

The Ruins of AYUTTHAYA

image credit:

Considered as one of the most stunning city on the face of the Earth, the remnants of the Ayutthaya kingdom now lie attracting several tourists from all over the world. These ruins can be easily reached by train, boat or by car. You would really love to encounter this ancient city that was in power for over 400 years, extending its kingdom beyond Laos and Myanmar.

Admire the Spectacular KANCHANABURI

image credit:

If anything can beautify Kanchanaburi, it's the majestic landscape and seductive beauty. Located just 2 hours from Bangkok, Kanchanaburi can be reached by train or by road. It's a city for adventure lovers and offers activities such as rafting, fishing, elephant rides, golfing and trekking. Explore hidden waterfalls and captivating caves along with reservoirs, rivers and other offerings of nature.

RATCHABURI – Enjoy River Shopping

image credit:

Ratchaburi’s leading attraction is the interesting Floating Market, visited by countless tourists who visit Bangkok. Vendors sell their wares on their boats alongside the canals. For a few hundred baht one can rent their own boats and discover canals while shopping everything from vegetables and fruits to freshly-cooked noodles and souvenirs.

Soak up the Heavenly CHON BURI

image credit:

Chonburi is located on the eastern coast of Thailand, approximately 50 miles from the capital city. The area boasts of profuse natural resources, making it an admired coastal territory. Principally, the popular seaside is Pattaya, though Chonburi’s minor, quieter seaside towns are also quite trendy for tourists.

Experience enlightenment in SUKHOTHAI

image credit:

Sukhothai, which accurately means ‘Dawn of Happiness’, was a Thai Kingdom that enjoyed a royal golden age. The fabulous temples and monuments of this city have been refurbished, and Sukhothai Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is admired on those special nights when the park remains open and the elegant statues of Buddhas are illuminated by lights.

Rejuvenate your soul in PHANG NGA

image credit:

Phang Nga district is legendary for its gorgeous land, extravagant bay, astounding islands and superior diving. Most illustrious is Phang Nga Bay National Park, a geological surprise packed with islets, buried caverns, and staggering rock formations expanding vertically out of the sea. The bay is tremendously protected and therefore, it is perfect for expeditions with kayaks exploring many intriguing caverns and islands all through the bay.

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  Travel with your Valentine this February

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Tuesday , January 06, 2015
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I guess it’s quite natural that right after the New Year celebrations, it’s time to ponder on the month of love. Why do you love celebrating Valentine’s Day? Is it because it is mandatory, or you find yourself attached afresh with that day and to your love? 

Well, no doubt everything about the Valentine circles around the one you love and I think the best way to celebrate it by including travel as a major icing on the cake. Consider the following ways you can make this special occasion, a memorable one.

The gift of 'travel'

Art of Love
image credit:

Surprise someone special in your life by presenting the travel gift. Find out a packaged travel that comprises of something you both love. My partner and I love spending lovely moments on the mountains. 

So we choose a trip to Nepal and booked a 3star hotel, which was quite lavish, and made every second exciting and unforgettable. It was the 'time of our lives' in a captivating setting and a learning experience that brought us more and more closer and instigated a fresh fantasy we could indulge in.

Travel as a Foodie

Mix Valentine with travel which points towards some good food. Since it's the only way to person's heart, let your focus be on a different delicacy that is quite dissimilar to your own. 


image credit:

While in Spain, I was charmed by the market tour that concluded by a perfect lunch, wine and dessert. Every time I combined food and travel, I wished I could share it with someone. Now, I look at travel plus food in a completely new light. 

Love lifeimage credit:

List out the names of places you have been to, with photographs of course, and make a separate list to the destinations you wish to go with the things you want to do. List it in your phone app where again and again you can keep fanning the flame to fulfil all your desires.

The Travel on Valentine's Day

There are places in and around Europe that will experience a warmer climate that week. Therefore, consider visiting an ancient bath situated in Spain. Destinations such as Barcelona and Almeria have the perfect spa that you have been craving for. 

Beach love

image credit:

No matter what the climate might be outside, inside caverns are warm and romantic. Who knows you may not go back into the cold outside. Spend time in pools with an amazing massage as it's the true kind of environment you both want to share that moment, which might never come back.

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