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  Best European Attractions vs Worlds Top Destinations

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Tuesday , March 31, 2015
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Do we give Europe credit for all the beauty that is ornamented in the spectacular continent? It has pretty much got everything covered from glaciers to beaches, beautiful villages to iconic castles. So every time you visit a place outside Europe, there must be a bucket list that has a worthwhile alternative knocking at your door.

Beaches of Mexico vs. Greece beaches

Mexico Beaches

Greece Beach
image credit:

You may have dreamt of visiting at least one stunning Mexican beach and sip Mojitos while lazing in the sun. If the 10 hour flight seems dreadful, the best alternative is Greece, of course. Greece is one of the best countries that offer a full-fledged beach holiday. Zante is the most spectacular with white sands, clear waters and a famous sun-bathing spot.

Australian shoreline vs. Algarve in Portugal

The limestone piles in Victoria are astounding, but Portugal's Praia de Marinha also tops the list. The renowned Algarve beach is surrounded by rugged cliffs, rocks and caves to explore.

Mongolian Desert vs. Gran Canaria

Mongolian Desert

Gran Canaria
image credit:

The Gobi Desert is unique and impressive and there is definitely something romantic about the wilderness. Mount on a camel and experience the amazing solitude spanning for miles. However, you can still get an amazing desert experience while holidaying in the Spanish islets of Gran Canaria, being surrounded by sand dunes and camels.

Chile’s glaciers vs. Iceland’s glaciers

Be updated with this news that Patagonia’s San Rafael Glacier is melting quite fast. If you do not wish to travel that length, Iceland has some of the most staggering ice structures and beautiful glaciers that have been attracting tourists.

Thai islands vs. Italian islands

Thai Islands

Italian Islands
image credit:

Several head towards Thailand to laze around some of the dreamiest beaches. There are plenty of opportunities to indulge in the same fun and frolic. How about the popular Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily and many such remote ones?

New Zealand’s mountain vs. Italian mountains

The whole world knows that New Zealand is the ultimate adventure spot dotted with sprawling mountain ranges, thrilling hikes, engrossing scenery and many hidden treasures. Travelling to NZ is quite pricey and if your budget doesn't allow, Italy's Alps and the Dolomites can still be considered for an excellent hike up into the clouds.

Indonesia’s volcanoes vs. Canary Islands' volcanoes

Indonesia’s Volcanoes

Canary Islands Volcanoes
image credit:

Many crave to travel into Indonesia to face some of the most dreadful and active volcanoes. There are around 120 of them that frequently make Indonesia an unstable in the world. If you fancy raucous volcanic activity, the Canary Islands have an array of seven volcanoes on the earth and it’s worth a visit.

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  Las Vegas Apart from Cards Casinos and Clubbing

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Wednesday , March 18, 2015
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Vegas is identical with showgirls, blackjack gammon and clubbing that makes the phrase 'fabulous Las Vegas' quite vivid and happening. It's truly a destination to get away with wild bachelor parties and endless entertainment. Well, all the glamour and the blinding light make it easy to forget that the Sin City is more than blackjack tables.

Crystal Travel puts together a guide to Las Vegas showing the other side of few favourite things you can do:

Fly a plane over Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam
image credit:

If you think the wild roller coasters are a thrill, you haven’t experienced this! Wait till your pilot takes you over Hoover Dam and does those barrel rolls. You will positively bear in mind your flight adventure in Vegas.

Operate an Excavator

image credit:

You may recall playing with excavators and bulldozers as a kid. A company in Las Vegas thinks one should go back to childhood memories and lets you operate the controls of an actual machine. It is a gripping experience filled with fun.

The Downtown Art Scene

Downtown LV
image credit:

In the early 2000s, the Downtown Las Vegas was avoided. People went there to register their marriage. The present Downtown has allured people into the jovial unification of stores, entertainment galleries, restaurants and food courts. The Friday Art Festival draws 20,000 people per month and expands up to 18 blocks.

Try the Zipline

image credit:

Apart from the art, you can be a little daring too. Hit the Freemont Street to admire classic hotels, neon signs and light show from 70 feet high. Among all these, look out for a 12-story high SlotZilla, from where you can hook up to the 850 foot long zipline. Wear your smile while zooming through!

Get Wet

Wet and Wild LV
image credit:

Las Vegas pools are highly tempting, but if you want to explore an old fashioned thrill, head towards Wet n Wild. It was once considered closed in 2004 but re-opened in 2013 with a jaw-dropping renovation and innovation.

Experience funnel slide and being catapulted through a 45-feet funnel. The Rattler can be your favourite as you go down the 360-feet twists and turns before launching into the pool. 

Get tanned by relaxing on tubes and enjoy floating down the Lazy River; or try out riding on the waves in the Wave Pool. Don’t forget to carry your sunscreen around the park.

The Dam Tour

Hoover Dam Tour
image credit:

The Hoover Dam marks the epitome of engineering and provides water to Nevada, Arizona and California. Each year, millions of visitors visit this majestic structure. The tour begins with a short film and then you go deep down into the canyon. Explore huge pipes that transfer huge gallons of water.

Las Vegas at Sunset

Las Vegas at Sunset
image credit:

A Vegas view atop the Frenchman Mountain at sunset is magnificent. The hike begins from Make Mead Boulevard, which is 8 miles east. Right from the parking lot you can spot a road heading up the mountain. It's a total climb of 1600 feet that makes a lot of workout. Our advice is that you carry a headlamp and hang around for the sunset. Watch the glittering lights of the city as they light up gradually as darkness falls.

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  Go Beyond the Malaysian Islands

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , March 16, 2015
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Malaysia is renowned all over the globe for its traditional diversity, grand tropical forests, luscious cuisine and of course, glorious beaches. You may have not got the chance of visiting the spectacular islands of Malaysia and you crave to swim in the azure crystal waters. Malaysia comprises of two parts:- Peninsular Malaysia and the states of Sabah and Sarawak on Borneo.

Throughout the mainland of East and West Malaysia there are sandy beaches. The best beaches and reefs can be spotted on several of the islands off the coast. Langkawi and Penang offer more than beaches. To explore the surrounding heart of Malaysia here are the islands that need a second look. 

There are much more than just beaches!


image credit:

This renowned city boasts of astonishing imposing buildings, distinctive temples, UNESCO World Heritage site such as George Town and some of the most sumptuous food in the country. The beaches may not be that appealing but they can be compensated by several other diverse sightseeing options.


image credit:

Situation north of Penang, sharing borders with Thailand, this engrossing beach is endowed with gorgeous hotels and glorious mountainous landscapes. There are numerous seaports at the main beaches. If you head towards the inland city, reach out for the cable car system and the enthralling Skybridge for startling views of the atoll and the expansive Andaman Sea.

Discovering the Underwater Life in Redang

image credit:

The Redang Island is one of the largest islands located in the east coast Peninsular Malaysia. The beaches here are white and sandy and water bears clarity like the crystal. The island is encircled by some wonderful coral reefs, making the spot quite famous for diving and snorkelling. There are endless tracks that dot the island's jungle. In addition, the island is quite reachable from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.


Perhentian comprises of two islets and it is often voted as housing some of the most staggering islands that is blessed with vivid corals, palm beaches and crystal clear waters. 

Lang Tengah

image credit:

Lang Tengah

Located between Perhentian and the Redlang Islands, Lang Tengah is among the smallest of the islands, and size does matter! This tiny island offers amazing beaches and diving opportunities into the emerald sea. Beware! You may encounter your first shark here.


image credit:

Welcome to the most famous dive sites on the planet. It is the only oceanic island in Malaysia that bears an ancient volcanic coral. The waters are filled with hammerhead sharks, parrothead fish and several other species. Divers from all around the world visit this island which is reachable by boat from the tiny village of Semporna.


The small private island is part of the Langkawi archipelago where one can explore five star resorts. You may not find many things other than lush greenery, gorgeous beaches and thriving palm trees. You will have plenty of time and indulgence to relax and explore.

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  Unveiling the Beguiling Butterfly Valley

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Friday , March 13, 2015
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To read this blog, you need to resurrect your imagination and follow the description as I take you on a journey into the fairyland of Turkey. Well, you might suddenly feel you're on the movie set of the acclaimed Jurassic Park.

So, imagine yourself boarding a taxi boat as you head towards the magical Butterfly Valley. The journey is worth it as you sail past glorious mountains and cross canyons that is home to many rare butterflies.

If you are travelling to the Butterfly Valley out of season you may not witness many butterflies, but to see one, is a moment of sheer joy. Your first destination will be a waterfall that you may wish to climb, or instead to can head towards the beach for some refreshments.

Butterfly Valley Beach

image credit:

Restaurants and Refreshments

You may find the restaurant facilities quite basic, but you may want to ponder more on the relaxation and rejuvenation. The restaurant is one-of-its-kind a self-service one where you may need to clear your own table and move the dishes to the washing point.


You better get Butterfly Valley on your agenda if you are searching for a few places to stay towards South-West Turkey. The accommodation is basic with a wooden hut and washing equipments and few shared washrooms. You could hire a tent for the night or even sleep on the beach!

Butterfly Valley Beach Resorts.jpg

image credit:

Activities at the Valley

Butterfly Valley belongs to snorkelers, swimmers, trekkers and photographers. It's all about being in close connection with the nature and admire the vivid creatures flying by. The crystal blue waters have the right nature and character where you can sunbathe and relax.

How to reach the Butterfly Valley?

You can reach the valley through several boat trips that leave from Olu Deniz. However, the most exciting way to move around the region is by using the boat taxi that leaves from Olu Deniz. Please be aware that just walk away from ticket sellers as they will try to get you on their boats by saying anything they can.

Butterfly Valley

image credit:

The Less-crowded Valley of Beauty

The fame of this valley has been since 1970 and it's normal to assume that as more and more people visit, the region is most likely to be ruined by excess tourism and hotel owners. This region welcomes adventurous travellers to enjoy this spectacular haven. The goal is to keep this paradise protected from overpopulation and misuse.

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  The Inexpensive Face of Paris

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Wednesday , March 11, 2015
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Paris!!! Well, how to describe this amazing expensive city? Yeah, its’ really expensive! Crystal Travel exposes the good news of how to enjoy Paris without breaking the bank.

So, whenever you plan to travel alone to Paris, regard the following:

Opt for the low season: If you are not a weather person, you can easily choose when to pack off and go. You may consider a trip between mid-November and mid-March. Airfares and hotel tariffs will surely be lower compared to the rest of the year.

Arc de Triomphe
image credit:

Getting Around Paris

Right from Charles de Gaulle airport you can board the RER B Blue train that departs from Terminal 2. It heads towards Gare du Nord for 10 Euros. You can also enjoy walking in the 'walking city' and explore tiny lanes and interesting sights on the way. A Google Map can be extremely handy in Paris; otherwise don’t bother looking at your cell phone. Taxis can be pricey and the city metro can be beneficial.

Bargaining in Paris

A self-guided stroll initiates extreme fun in its own way. Le Marais is one of the oldest parts of Paris. Venture out on this tour and admire a number of the most illustrious buildings in Paris.

Le Marais
image credit:

Free Film

How about a free film show for a month, every summer? The Cinema en Plein Air festival screens free films at the Parc de La Villette.

Book Store

Literature lovers can sneak in at Shakespeare & Co that possesses an interesting history. Situated on the left bank, towards Notre Dame, this store houses a good collection of books. Well, nothing’s like spending a day with books.

Shakespeare & Co.
image credit:

The Iconic Eiffel

Try a fitness test to ascend the Eiffel Tower rather than paying for the elevator. You will save 10 Euros. DO not forget to admire the lights of the tower at night!

Eiffel Tower
image credit:

If you are a steady and patient person, you may want to grab a coffee, take a seat at the outdoors and watch the world pass by. Maybe after you're done, you can head towards some of the impressive Cathedrals such as The Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris and the spectacular Basilique du Sacre Coeur. After dark the area is quite safe as people still hang around to watch the stunning lights over it.

A Free Museum

Most of the city museum is free on the first Sunday of any month. The Louvre can be crowded, but there are other museums that are quite affordable and have a cheap entry fee. 

Witness a Festival

Nuit Blanche Paris
image credit:

Paris has festivals all year round and this city is best known for Nuit Blanche that is held in October. There are other popular festivals throughout the year which are totally free.

A few eating suggestions

Picnic near Seine River is a classic step and quite easy. Just purchase some baguette, cheese and a ravishing bottle of French wine.

Seine River
image credit:

Dinner at Voulez Vous can be lavish, if you wish. You'll surely get more than a meal and well as unforgettable entertainment.

Visiting a French market can teach you a lot about culture as well they are a great place to sample inexpensive food.

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