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  Discover the Hidden Gems of Andalusia

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Wednesday , May 20, 2015
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There are several appealing reasons why travellers choose to visit Andalusia every year. The landscape and the panorama are purely diverse. The people are amiable and cultured and one can find reasonably priced food and accommodation. Well, that's not all; there is uninterrupted sunshine for a lengthy period of time. In fact, Andalusia is purely tempting!

Tapas Bar
image credit:

Wine is the top most attraction and favoured part out of the many appealing things in Andalusia. Other than wine, enjoy Flamenco, its history, beaches and whitewashed mountains with beautiful villages. It's the sprawling beauty of Andalusia that offers a wide array of holiday experiences that makes this part so charming and spectacular.

What is Andalusia all about?

For those of you, who are wondering where on earth is Andalusia, it is a rocky region on the southern coast of Spain that is blessed with flamenco, tapas, bullfights and matadors. 

Sierra Nevada
image credit:

In Andalusia, many have this idea that Sierra Nevada and Marbella are quite pricey places. It may have been true to some extent, but today it's possible to avail great deals. At certain months you can enjoy skiing in Sierra Nevada and enjoy the sunset while sipping cocktails in Marbella. 

You can easily grab discounted hotels and resorts, but the most economical accommodation is a hostal or a pension. Pensioners are not easy to find, you need to stroll down and look out for signs on door post and windows. Hostal or Hostel are quite clean and equipped with commendable facilities. 

Marbella: the jewel of Andalusia

image credit:

Marbella is only a few hours drive from Sierra Nevada, whereas, Granada is quite close. The place is amazing and anytime is a good time to visit these places, but the best seasons are winter and spring. Granada oozes with attractions, but Marbella gets too hot during the summers which makes sightseeing difficult. 

Granada houses the university as it is called the university town. The best time to visit it is when the school's session is on. No visit to Granada is complete without a trip to Alhambra. This place alone attracts millions of visitors every year and winters absolutely perfect to visit this part of the nation. Once, Alhambra was a citadel of mansions, baths, mosques, schools and gardens. Now only the fortress and ruins remain. 

Jerez: face the reality

Doñana National Park Andalusia
image credit:

Jerez is another famous town that gives you ample opportunities to experience the real thing. Advance towards one of the clubs in the age-old district of Santiago. Some of the prominent clubs include Pena Antonio Chacon and Pena Los Cernicalos.

Tranquillity beside the lake

If you are a nature lover, head straight towards Laguna de Medina, a beautiful lake that draws numerous migrating birds flying from Europe to Africa. Barbate is a small fishing village that is 50 miles east of Cadiz. It is known as Franco's favourite beach destination. This interesting place has some great restaurants and lip-smacking fish dishes. 

Laguna de Medina
image credit:

With an ancient history, traditions, nightlife, massive cathedrals, bodegas, thrilling wildlife, snow and beaches, you can see how captivating and diverse Andalusia is. Visit at the perfect time of year and you can experience it all, even on a shoe-string budget.

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  Five Excuses Given to Avoid Family Holidays

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Friday , May 15, 2015
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Excuses for a Family Holiday is quite rampant among husband and wives as each one feels its not good and comfortable to travel with the young ones. A familiar statement we often hear, 'Once kids come, travel ends!'.

Some families are to be appreciated when they take their kids with them while travelling in any mode or circumstances. Today, it's time to pen down few common argumentation why people avoid and delay travelling for a family holiday.


image credit:

Should You Wait Till Your Kid Can Recall the Tour

Well, your child will not be able to remember all the minute detail regarding the vacation trip, but most of us adults have a hard time remembering every detail of the trip. whatever it may be, the overall experience can be overwhelming. Your kid may not be able to remember passing by the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but he/she may point out when daddy ran after the train and jumped up to catch it.

Your son may remember visiting the snow-capped peaks of France and might recall the snow as the name France is mentioned.

Travelling With Kids is Painstaking

It's not necessary that you keep on travelling the same old way as you always did, once you have kids. The pattern of life is diverse and you need to change the expectations. You cannot stay out for late parties, nor can you trek with a baby on your back.

Family of Three

image credit:

The changing of time does not mean that you have to quit travelling. It is possible to have kids and travel at the same time. You just need to plan accordingly and plan much in advance. Talk to families who have travelled with kids, or even without, and you can gather some information and ideas for yourselves. After all, its not that difficult you see!

Cannot Travel With A Baby

I just cannot take little Sam with me on this long trip. Some parents are working on this statement for long and though they would love to take the waterways, they will definitely avoid flying.Babies just make noise and poop. Some mothers have claimed to have nursed their kids well and agree that travelling with kids is not that painstaking.

Some parents have found out that the age between 12 months to 18 months is the hardest time to travel as kids just want to be restless.

Toddlers Are Cranky on the Plane

Some children do not behave properly on the plane as they are difficult to get them handled on the seat. Maybe out of the 20 flights, one flight will be tagged under 'terrible flight' category. Few parents have this idea that infants less than 24 months old do fly for free on most airlines, therefore they love to save some cash, which is extremely good. Most kids are happy on the plane as long as they are entertained. Keep supplying them games, toys, cartoons and snacks so that they do not disturb the passengers.

Travelling with Kids

image credit:

Visit Destinations for Kids

If you are travelling with your children, you need to include activities and games that your children will enjoy. Suppose you plan a trip to Arizona, you will surely enjoy visiting the Phoenix Zoo, Sea Life Aquarium and the Rawhide Western Town.

Let's bear in mind that kids are curious regarding the world around them. Animals and living creatures fascinate them. They will have faint memories about the places that you visit. All destinations are family-oriented cities and there is plenty to see, do and experience. 

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  A Guide Into The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Thursday , May 14, 2015
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Shopping! Aha, this might interest the ladies. Why not, after all it's them who love to decorate the house, or themselves. Speaking of shopping, which markets or bazaar can be pointed out to be an outstanding place for the most fantastic shopping experience ever? Well, nothing is coming my mind other than the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul.

Grand Bazaar

image credit:

This Grand Bazaar can be or cannot be your average shopping mall. The shops are glittering, glamorous and the vendors will do anything to get your money. Here's the catch, there are sixty shops covered with thousand of overwhelming shops crammed with people.

On your first visit, you will surely spend most of your time gazing at the jaw-dropping crowd. If the crowd is excess, you may not able to buy anything. Before stepping inside the bazaar, make sure you carry a map to know where exactly you want to go to buy your product and even learn how to bargain like a professional shopper.

Grand Bazaar Istanbul.jpg

image credit:

What To Buy

Well the best part is to list out things what is not for sale as there are billions of bizarre, unique but wonderful things that you can buy. You may not spot some out-of-the-world stuff or an astronaut costume, but the products are grouped accordingly. There is a lot of junk as well as traditional goods. You can buy a lovely pair of boots, a belly dancing dress, gold and silverware, musical instruments and many such things.

Market in Istanbul

image credit:

How To Bargain

This bazaar overflows with junk, but even if you find any junk too tempting, you can plan out the bargaining strategy. If you fail to bargain, you will be demanded too much of money as the price is already up.

Whatever price you are quoted, you quote half. The shopkeeper may cook up stories that he is poor and needs to feed a big family. Walk away and come back again with another price. You can repeat it and agree on a fixed price.

How to Get to the Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar is situated in the Beyazit district of Istanbul, quite close to Sultan Ahmet. You need to ask your hotel for bus details that pass through that direction. Suppose you stay close or around Sultan Ahmet, Beyoglu, Fatih, Eminonu or Taksim districts, the market is within walking distance.

Garments in Grand Bazaar.jpg

image credit:

Opening Hours

The Grand bazaar stays shut on Sundays, but re-opens every day from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm. October 29th is a bank holiday in Turkey and the bazaar remains closed. You should also check the opening hours during religious holidays that are Seker Bayram and Kurban Bayram (these occur at different times every year).

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  An Insight into the Free Things in Lima

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Friday , May 08, 2015
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How does one describe a city that resembles Egypt, Miami and Rome, all at the same time? Well, that’s Lima for you, Peru's rambling capital city that has the power to keep the most frugal travellers on their toes for days.

Lima Shore
image credit:

Top Attractions in Lima

Start off things with a visit to the dignified Plaza Mayor, the main square that goes back to the Spanish era in the 16th century. During the colonial era, this place was a lively market as well as a bullfighting ring. Today, few visitors come to click pictures of the lovely fountain and witness the ceremonial changing of the guard every during noon. 

The stunning cathedral of Lima that was built in 1535 charms people with its baroque architectural elements and stupendous Gothic carvings. Marvel at the gold plated artefacts and wooden carvings that distinguish the structure as a galactic symbol of Spanish style. Moreover, most curious visitors head towards the catacombs that hold countless bones and skulls.

image credit:


Learn about the Spanish struggle at Museo del Congreso y de la Inquisición that observes the edifice as the Peruvian Congress and the Peruvian Inquisition Centre. Get exposed to the ceramic art works that date back 3000 years.

The National Museum Afroperuano oozes the artefacts and proof of slavery, including shackles as well as. It features contribution in food, music and cultural events.

Structure in Lima
image credit:

With a small fee, you can witness several ancient adobe pyramids, or huacas in and around Lima, but not all are kept as famous archaeological sites. Enter into the Huaca Huallamarca, a renovated temple complex that was once the core hub for several civilizations. A tiny museum displays artefacts such as vessels and few musical instruments that were excavated.

Food and Drink

Lima Cuisine
image credit:

The beguiling array of abundance that is available in Peru is the spine of Lima's culinary delicacies. Taste a traditional dish cooked in an earthen pot consisting of marinated lamb, covered with potatoes, beans, spices and herbs.

Explore the prime fish market at dawn and admire the range of seafood as the top chefs of the city come for a catch.

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  Best European Attractions vs Worlds Top Destinations

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Tuesday , March 31, 2015
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Do we give Europe credit for all the beauty that is ornamented in the spectacular continent? It has pretty much got everything covered from glaciers to beaches, beautiful villages to iconic castles. So every time you visit a place outside Europe, there must be a bucket list that has a worthwhile alternative knocking at your door.

Beaches of Mexico vs. Greece beaches

Mexico Beach

Greek Beach
image credit:

You may have dreamt of visiting at least one stunning Mexican beach and sip Mojitos while lazing in the sun. If the 10 hour flight seems dreadful, the best alternative is Greece, of course. Greece is one of the best countries that offer a full-fledged beach holiday. Zante is the most spectacular with white sands, clear waters and a famous sun-bathing spot.

Australian shoreline vs. Algarve in Portugal

The limestone piles in Victoria are astounding, but Portugal's Praia de Marinha also tops the list. The renowned Algarve beach is surrounded by rugged cliffs, rocks and caves to explore.

Mongolian Desert vs. Gran Canaria

Mongolia Desert

Gran Canaria
image credit:

The Gobi Desert is unique and impressive and there is definitely something romantic about the wilderness. Mount on a camel and experience the amazing solitude spanning for miles. However, you can still get an amazing desert experience while holidaying in the Spanish islets of Gran Canaria, being surrounded by sand dunes and camels.

Chile’s glaciers vs. Iceland’s glaciers

Be updated with this news that Patagonia’s San Rafael Glacier is melting quite fast. If you do not wish to travel that length, Iceland has some of the most staggering ice structures and beautiful glaciers that have been attracting tourists.

Thai islands vs. Italian islands

Thai Islands

Italian Islands
image credit:

Several head towards Thailand to laze around some of the dreamiest beaches. There are plenty of opportunities to indulge in the same fun and frolic. How about the popular Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily and many such remote ones?

New Zealand’s mountain vs. Italian mountains

The whole world knows that New Zealand is the ultimate adventure spot dotted with sprawling mountain ranges, thrilling hikes, engrossing scenery and many hidden treasures. Travelling to NZ is quite pricey and if your budget doesn't allow, Italy's Alps and the Dolomites can still be considered for an excellent hike up into the clouds.

Indonesia’s volcanoes vs. Canary Islands' volcanoes

Indonesian Volcano

Canary Islands Volcano
image credit:

Many crave to travel into Indonesia to face some of the most dreadful and active volcanoes. There are around 120 of them that frequently make Indonesia an unstable in the world. If you fancy raucous volcanic activity, the Canary Islands have an array of seven volcanoes on the earth and it’s worth a visit.

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