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  A Day in the Heart of Changsha

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , August 31, 2015
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Spending festive holidays in China are a bit odd, and sure it is not everyone’s preference. But if you have tasted the flavour of Chinese holiday with family and friends, you will surely understand how one can embrace the excitement of your enchanting holidays and add a bit extra flavour on such an occasion.

Christmas is 3 months away and people are booking cheap flights to Changsha from London to enjoy some fabulous holidays with family and friends, and to cherish their festival holidays and get a bit more exciting in this action packed city.

Changsha City
image credit:

Check out the thriving places in this city with cheapest airline ticket to Changsha from London and explore the marvellous range of sightseeing available only for you to enjoy on your family festive holidays in Changsha.

Best Places in Changsha to Enjoy Family Holidays

Hunan Provincial Museum

This place is among the most visited sites of the city at Dongfeng Road where you can spot out this gigantic beautiful structure containing the vast collection of historical artefacts and belongings of Chinese culture preserved for many centuries, offering an extremely amazing range of things that is only heard of in tales and historical stories. 

The place is really beautiful and you can easily kill a few hours here without getting bored. As far as entry ticket is concerned, you have no need to bother as the entry is quite cheap due to government aid and you will thoroughly enjoy the place without loosening up your pocket.

Changsha Market

image credit:

Mawangdui Mausoleum

Another great place to study ancient history and explore the culture and lifestyle of a previous era in Furong District where you will stumble upon this decent place loaded with a wealth of historical belongings and artefacts stored and preserved from many decades found from ancient ruins. 

The place is full of artefacts and many real things that are many centuries old. The descriptions of these artefacts are well described and are available in both Chinese and English to understand the relevance of these things in ancient history.

Orange Island Park

One of the nicest outdoor locations in Changsha and an extremely beautiful place to witness during winters is Orange Island Park that can easily be spotted from a distance by the gigantic face of a rock. 

The place is really astounding and has a natural, refreshing bliss as well as some characteristics that will give you some nice ideas to get clicks on your camera. Try to plan your visit here on Saturday and roam here till the sunset and you will thoroughly enjoy the firework show after that is held on every Saturday evening only for spectators.

Changsha Shopping
image credit:

Tianxin Tower

This place is a nice, beautiful and amazing historical site known for blissful architecture and conventional view of houses in China. Tianxin Road in Tianxin district, this place is a huge attraction for those who are into the search of some nice and magnificent places to click and explore in Changsha. Standing in the middle of the town like a crown on the head, this building is surely a beautiful place to witness the city and its surroundings from a safe height.

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  The Early Bird Grabs the Best Holiday Deal from Crystal Travel

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Thursday , August 27, 2015
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Experienced travellers know that the key to avail a bargain break is to book a holiday well in advance. Imagining customers as the early birds who never waste their time in searching for the most lucrative holiday options. We summarize the five best reasons why you should act fast and act now to secure your dream holiday.

Save upto 25% with the Best Travel Agents

Airport Boarding Passes
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You need to be serious about this that any travel industry wants you to book early. Travel professionals and agents are well-organized and a well-planned group of people who want to give you the best package and help you save. They will do all the things necessary to make your dreams come true.

So the customer can take the advantage of this offer by posing to book early. You might be left rubbing your eyes when you spot a double-figured percentage on advertisements and fares.

For families, taking your kid on a free-child tour is another popular way to avail advanced booking secured.

Grab a smile for £10 with Travel Agents in UK

Reserve your holiday at least 12 weeks prior to your travelling and you can lay down a small deposit to secure the holiday deal. When your vacation is booked and the deposit is paid off, then you can collect and save money each week. With advance planning, it is possible to put your holiday on loan, or on credit.

Keep in mind the way you are going to enjoy your holiday. With beachside cocktails, theme park rides and cosy candle-lit dinners, maintain a journal to see those pennies and pounds being accumulated day by day as you book your travel product.

Do not settle for the second best

Passports Visas
image credit:

If you arrive late to the party, you will be left with few chicken rolls, sandwich crumbs on the grand buffet table that looks empty now. View the holiday market in exactly the same way: arrive early and choose from every option that is laid out. How about a city break in the Big Apple, or spice things up with a holiday package in the warm Mexico. 

Whatever your holiday desire is, book early to avail the best chances of the best fare, best hotel selection at the best price ever. By booking early, you are not pressured by time. You can usually bid the clock goodbye and gear things up to book fast and wisely. 

Flight fares and Long-haul prices go up

While the diminished airfares are not always assured for early bookers, the saving grace is to secure your trip much prior to the day you fly off. The Golden rule is flight prices are quite cheaper months before departure. Also bear in mind that all-inclusive breaks and lavish destination are very much in demand, but without any discounts, even with early-bird offers. The other part is that the fares for such holidays can rise considerably as the day gets closer.

Long Haul
image credit:

Long-haul holidays do become cheaper the early you book. Do not just start building castles in the air in advance, search deals, check out prices and book with Crystal Travel UK.

Think of the fun and book well in advance

Suppose it's winter, the climate outside drops and keeps dropping. Summer seems too far. Dispel the whiteout by booking a holiday when the sun is bright. January is the best month when holidaymakers are on the rise. Whether you fancy holidays in Spain, Greece or Turkey, or dreaming to be in Disneyland, there's nothing exciting as a booked holiday.

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  Exploring Japan on a Shoestring Budget

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , August 24, 2015
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You might be buying flights to Japan at present and wondering if several travellers suspect Japan to be quite expensive, and out of reach! But times have changed and they are changing. New laws and the rising tourism features, are turning the Land of the Rising Sun into a playground of cultural attractions and entertainment. 

Even with this innovative shift, Japan can still be expensive, but the good news is that it does not have to be. How about some 15-20 tips how you can economize on your trip even with tickets to Japan. You can follow them and accumulate some funds for some extra splurge.

Off-Peak Travel

credit image:

So when is the peak season in Japan? Cherry blossom and the spectacular autumn foliage moments are the peak season for Japanese travellers, which also brings in peak hotel rates. Planning a trip to Japan during such off season can save you a bundle. There are other peak times and seasons such as the Golden Week and the Festival of Obon.

Discounted Air fares

credit image:

Some airlines offer inexpensive airfares to Tokyo for passengers who abstain from some benefits like frequent flier points and getting tickets changed. For instance, Singapore Airlines allow you to select from three fares on the route from LA to Tokyo without any cancellations and for the cheapest.

Discounts with Domestic Air Discounts

Search for discounted air tickets to Tokyo if you plan to head beyond the main gateway of Tokyo. For far-sighted domestic destinations, this is faster and quite cheaper than train travel. 

From the Airport

Cheap Airfare
credit image:

After de-boarding from your flight, do not feel stranded and do not hurry to call for a taxi. Fares from the Narita International Airport can cost you £130, and even more for excess luggage. The rail and bus service are commendable. The limousine buses can drop you at any hotel or the destination of your choice in £20. Combination tickets offers transportation as well as subway passes for the cost of a single airport transfer.

A Local Transit is Much Better

Most of the cities in Japan are efficiently navigable by train and even trams at a much lesser fare. For example, the Tokyo subway fare begins from 160 Yen per journey. Do remember that day passes are a huge saver if you plan to take several trips.

Walk and Live Long

Have you ever wondered that Japanese people stay fit and healthy and live to a good old age? Well, they walk everywhere and if you wish to soak in the Japanese towns and cities, nothing is as refreshing as a walk down the city lanes.

Get a Rail Pass

For regular, longer trips within the Japanese territory, the Japan Rail Pass will reduce excess paying out for a week or two. These Rail Passes must be purchased before you arrive in Japan. If you are keen on exploring just one city or region, these regional rail passes can be purchased after you arrive.

Long Distance Buses

credit image:

The highway buses in Japan are spacious and plush. Boarding one of these can save you several yen per trip. The ride could be 4-5 times longer, but it is an overnight bus, that equals to one night's hotel bill which you won't eventually be paying.


Free Sights with cheap flights to Tokyo

Believe it or not! But, some of Japan's most captivating sights do not cost anything to explore and admire. For example: thriving markets, Shinto shrines, open-air markets and several architectural displays.

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  Getting Around the Thai Capital City

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , August 17, 2015
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When I arrived in Bangkok for the first time, it seemed like a bad luck. We didn't know how to move around. The drivers constantly overcharged and mislead us. The first point that I learnt while moving around in Bangkok in a tuk-tuk was:

Never show yourself as a tourist

Tourist in Thailand
image credit:

It was observed that Thai people never boarded a tuk-tuk. In one of my friend's experience, most traders will blindly over charge foreigners more than the locals. So if you are hopping from one place to the other, there are chances that you will get overcharged. If you wish to soak in the city, then learn how to travel like a local Thai person. So how do people get around Bangkok?

How about grabbing a Scooter?

Well, does everyone own a scooter? Oh yes! It's no surprise that every local person in Bangkok owns a scooter. It is by far, the most reasonable and cheap way to get around the city. If you cannot afford one, then rent it for £3 per day. Hiring a scooter gives you the permission to move around anywhere you want and whenever you want. A word of caution: not everyone is convenient on a scooter especially in a congested city with traffic issues.

Scooters in Thailand
image credit:

The other alternative other than a scooter is the scooter taxis. You can very easily spot a scooter taxi because the drivers are clothed with a bright coloured vest. They are fast and more likely to charge less than tuk-tuk.


Songthaews in Thailand
image credit:

Isn't it a tongue-twister? The yellow coloured pick-up trucks with benches run within the cities just like a local bus does. The Songthaews doesn't have any preferred stoppages, so you just have to stand by the roadside and wave as one approaches. Enjoy the ride and pay the driver when you hop off. 

Then There Are Metered Taxis

With excess baggage, songthaews and scooters may not be a good option. I recommend metre taxis better than a tuk-tuk. If you run the metre, you will surely end up paying less than what you haggle over a fare with a tuk-tuk driver.

Start a Conversation

You can learn few Thai words which will not take much effort, but it will make a lot of difference in you are treated. To avoid being a wide-eyed tourist, you can show your driver that you speak a little bit of Thai. Try hard to make some travelling conversations with your fellow driver than acting as a perplexed foreigner. It will make your journey enjoyable as well as affordable. 

Enjoy the Unpredictable Transit

Mae Klong in Thailand
image credit:

Once you step into Bangkok, you need to get this straight that it is indeed quite painful to build plans and commute between cities and regions in Bangkok. Finding a train or a bus is always not feasible as they are quite slow and often late. Once you know where you are going, you will eventually stop worrying about it. View travelling around as a pure adventure, rather than a crucial task. There is something very exciting and magical about the length and the slow ride on a train. 

Stop taking the flaws seriously and start enjoying the journey to experience how wonderful it is to travel. 

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  Tips to Make Air Tickets Affordable by Crystal Travel

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Tuesday , August 11, 2015
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While travelling might be affordable and somewhat cheap, airline tickets are quite expensive and flying can be very expensive if you do not know how to book cheap flights. Air tickets can be expensive and keeps on increasing as the airline company merge with the other and fuel price rises. In the world of travel, flights tend to get extremely pricey.

Budget Airlines

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So how does one combat such expensive flights and reduce the cost? Being in the travel industry for more than 30 years, Crystal Travel UK, exposes few tips that will surely help you save money on your next vacation and flight. Come on in, and get things at a reasonable price.

The Airfare Search Engine

Use an airfare meta search engine; it is easy and fast. The site searches tickets across several airlines and offers several helpful travel aids such as fare alerts, emails, newsletters, banners, and more.

Sign Up for Fare Alerts

It is recommended that you sign up for fare alerts in addition to finding multiple search engines. Fill in the details regarding your destination, dates and let out website alert you when prices decrease.

Join the Airline Newsletter

The top and the best airfare deals are often mentioned on the site and others come in the form of promo codes and special offers. Signing up for the newsletter gives you access to such fantastic deals, as lucrative as 50% off, the given fare.

Log onto:

Flexibility of Dates/Times

Fare Alert
image credit:

It has been observed that the best time to book a flight has been 5-8 weeks in advance of your travel and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the best days to depart. These days are off-peak days with low fares and less passengers. You may consider red-eyes or early morning flights, they are usually cheaper.

Let's get this challenge straight. Lengthy layover flights are less pricey and another way to save money on flight tickets are during the off-season or shoulder season. Which means that purchasing air tickets to Iceland during the fall/winter, or buying flight tickets for Mexico in summer. Hope you get it!

Book Tickets in January

Some of the most cost-effective flight deals are available in the month of January and February. It means that you do not travel during these months, it means that you should book your tickets. Book air tickets for your summer vacation in January itself. It seems as if airlines love to offer cheap flights in January, because of Spring Break or New Year celebrations.

Alternatively Check Airports

If by any chance you live near an airport, do remember to check the airfares for each, as well as other airports/air hubs close to your destination. Sometimes boarding a bus to a destination can save you the flight money.

Suppose you board a bus ride to New York, rather than flying right out of Boston. Yes, it does take more time. So you will have to weigh the value of the money and compare it to the time that would be lost.

Boarding Budget Airlines

Low Cost Carrier
image credit:

As you search major airlines, do a research on which budget airlines can be a help to your intended travel destination. Two examples of budget airlines and destinations are Ryanair in Europe and the Southwest Airlines in the USA.

When you go for a budget airline, you will land up paying extra for snacks, drinks, baggage, card payments and boarding pass. These tickets are non-refundable and thus, they cannot be changed and they land at smaller airports that are situated away from the city.

Tips & Tricks to Bag Cheap Flights

So there you are! These resources are helpful in finding cheap flights around the world. You can score round-trip tickets from Boston to Dublin for only £400 using these techniques.

Flying need not be expensive if you know the trick to bag the best deals. Putting in the extra effort of spending an extra 30 minutes can save you a few hundred pounds. Enjoy searching and happy flying!

Also read:

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