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  Top Ten Bachelorette Party Towns for Women

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Friday , August 29, 2014
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The guys have had their time, now it’s time for the revelry with gals. The bride-to-be generally partakes in this traditional fun and it's always exciting to get together with your girl friends and spend quality time.

I know some of you girls are already ready to travel so count these amazing bachelorette party destinations in and enjoy your last days of being single.

Washington DC

image credit:

Other than shopping, all the best things in DC are free - museums, art galleries, botanical gardens etc. You can hit a bar during happy hours. Madam's Organ and Jam Cellar are the perfect place to swing, dance and gulp some drinks down.

New York

Whatever budget you carry for NYC, the city is still amazing. Your wallet might not be able to meet all your dreams, but still 'it's good to be in the Big Apple. Apartments are usually cheaper than hotels and your bachelorette group picnic can turn out to be ravishing in the Central Park. 

Miami, FL

Beach Women
image credit:

At Miami, you can be anywhere and be seen while having a ball at your party. But still, the best place to be is South Beach, Lincoln Beach, Ocean Drive and Miami Beach Broadwalk. These places are meant to watch people and the skyline of the city that acts as the backbone. Visit boutiques, markets and pubs to make your dreams come true.

San Francisco

Biker Women
image credit:

There are several choices to enjoy San Francisco's Golden Gate, enjoy heavenly walks at the North Beach or form a Women's Biker gang and ride around the city. When darkness creeps in, head towards AsiaSF, and lodge in with $15 package per person. 

National Parks

National parks offer the best escapade, whether it's Yellowstone or Great Smoky. Imagine the spa for a refreshing hot spring and feel liberty being infused before the big day.

Freeport, Bahamas

Bachelorette Party Ideas
image credit:

Freeport has some stunning beaches with stunning prices, though Nassau may get all the glory. At Freeport, you girls can get free sun and sand and carry on towards Port Lucaya marketplace for some music. We recommend you to try Wednesday's night fish fry for the best drinks, munchies and dancing.


Women Cycling
image credit:

There's nothing quite like than being in the Irish countryside rejuvenating your senses after partying hard at the Temple Bar in Dublin. You just have to hire a charm which is pretty cheap, and head towards the primitive town of Kilkenny. It's a pretty town for a late afternoon tea and shopping.

Portland, ME

image credit:

Active and adventurous bachelorettes can bring on their kayaks before hitting the shores. A hearty dinner at one of the bistros in Munjoy Hill can enliven your senses. Look out for any BBQ's or pubs near the downtown area to make your trip exciting.

Quebec City

image credit:

At Quebec, you won't lack adorable bistros, shopping boutiques and the old world charm. To grab best deals, reserve your hotel outside the city walls.


image credit:

You girls would love it out here. Put on your dancing shoes and head to the city where live music starts midday and goes on all night. Find yourself at 12th South neighbourhood for affordable and funky cafes, bars, boutiques and restaurants.

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  Ten Best Cities for a Bachelor Party

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Wednesday , August 27, 2014
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A guy is all set to walk down the aisle and say 'I do' to the girl of his dreams. You, as his friend must find out the perfect place to bring an end to his single days. The place should really be good and memorable. It's like offering him a tribute by to his life he has been in till now. To do so, thought of giving a helping hand by presenting top 10 bachelor party destinations.

So how about starting with #10?

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas
image credit:

A visit to this place will be a fishing trip in the Mexican Sun, but, the ultimate place to party is Cabo. Just remember to visit this place in the evening as nothing starts until midnight. Places like Giggling Marlin or Sammy Hagar's famed hangout are mind-blowing.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Kona Grill Scottsdale
image credit:

Recent bachelor party trends include golf excursions and Scottsdale is the perfect place to try out backswing with 200 golf courses dotting the place. How about some grilled entrees and steaks at Kona Grill? Later on, head towards SIX or Radius to enjoy some drinks and shake leg on the dance floor.

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Buffalo Bill Whistler
image credit:

If you're in Whistler, it means snow, drinks and girls who love to ski! What else you need? This precinct in British Columbia is known for its charming villages, ski slopes, fun-filled restaurants and bars. Find yourself in Buffalo Bill's, the father of all clubs in Whistler. It's cheery crowd, music and amusement is a treat for bachelors. For a good relaxation, advance towards Terrace in Fairmont Chateau and Mallard Lounge.

Manhattan, New York

image credit:

Dig your teeth into the Big Apple and it will remain as a life-long memory. Start by feasting on steaks at Penthouse Executive Club and find the best of all worlds here. While visiting New York, do not forget to visit the House That Ruth Built.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans
image credit:

Experience a killer bachelor life here with one Mardi Gras (French for 'Fat Tuesday', refers to events of the Carnival celebrations). Right on Bourbon Street the action lives. You can visit karaoke clubs, wild bars and stylish restaurants. No trip is complete without being at Pat O'Briens and Razoo Bar & Patio.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

image credit:

Spot a celebrity in Vancouver and go clubbing while you're still single. Granville is the place to be at nightfall. Also, check out Roxy Night if you are looking for other bachelors of your age. Bump into a celebrity at the trendy AuBAR.

Chicago, Illinois

image credit:

Enjoy a classic crooner, play a game of Cubs and then move towards Division Street and explore the fabulous Zebra Lounge or the illustrious Finn McCool's. Do not miss out Deja Vu.

South Beach, Florida

South Beach
image credit:

At Florida’s South Beach, locate attractive women oiling themselves. Enjoy some popular nightclubs of America. The sexy Nikki Beach Club is a good place to start the festivities and party till dawn. For the unsurpassed bachelor hotel, check out Clevelander in the middle of the party club section.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Bachelorette Party
image credit:

Montreal is no doubt the best bachelor bashful town on the planet. This is how you begin - walk down St. Laurent Boulevard and Crescent Street to admire the pretty-looking women, array of nightclubs and even strip clubs. You can keep Tokyo Bar and Buona Notte for the night. To party hard, turn towards Time Supper Club situated on St. Jacques Street.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas
image credit:\

It's the Fabulous 'Sin City' Las Vegas at #1. Need we say more?

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  Top Ten Creepy Places on the Planet Part 2

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , August 25, 2014
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We come back with the next set of Creepy Places on the Planet. So where do we start? We have shared the scarier ones with you, but, who knows, these can be scariest.

Pegasus Plane Remains in Antarctica

Pegasus Plane Remains in Antarctica
image credit:

This is usually creepy as this place experienced a crash in 1970 due to hostile weather conditions though no one was injured or killed.

Beelitz Military Hospital in Germany

Beelitz Military Hospital in Germany
image credit:

It is said that Adolf Hitler was brought in for treatment but today the hospital sits abandoned. 

An Abandoned Laboratory in Russia

An Abandoned Laboratory in Russia
image credit:

Few explorers found a Soviet lab in Moscow in which some experiments were left half way.

Aokigahara Forest in Japan

Aokigahara Forest in Japan
image credit:

This site may not attract tourists, but people finding ways to commit suicide by hanging. The issue is quite apparent that the Japanese government has installed signs as a warning to people to refrain from such an act and to reconsider instead.

The Overtoun Bridge in Scotland

The Overtoun Bridge in Scotland
image credit:

Around 600+ people have plunged off this bridge, taking their own life. The strange part is every year 15 dogs jump from the bridge. Quite eerie!

Muynak Uzbekistan

Muynak Uzbekistan
image credit:

After the water of this lake got diverted and dried in the Soviet Union, the area became a graveyard of ships.

Candido Godoi, Brazil

Candido Godoi Brazil
image credit:

Josef Mengele, a Nazi doctor fled to Brazil as soon as WWII ended. Someone prophesised on him that he has a blessing for twins. Strangely, this town now produces 18 times the amount of twins compared to anywhere on the planet.

The Moscow Metro-2 in Russia

This metro system was brought up for government officials and led to many other destinations. Today, it lies incredibly isolated and creepy.

Bird Suicide Grounds in Jatinga, India

Bird Suicide Grounds in Jatinga
image credit:

No doubt, this place is scenic and attractive. Let this place not baffle you. If you're visiting Jatinga Valley during September and October, you will encounter several birds inviting death upon themselves, that too, between 7pm and 10pm.

Griffith Park Zoo in Los Angeles, California

Griffith Park Zoo
image credit:

After being left deserted by Los Angeles City, this old zoo has earned tales about frights in the night. So much so, this last June a classic horror campout was held here. It’s nothing but fun and games until the real ghosts turn up!

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  Top Ten Creepy Places in the World

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Friday , August 22, 2014
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Haven't childhood memories of ghost stories and haunted places made our hearts race and experience goosebumps while watching a horror movie? Well, as we grew, these feelings may have faded out but there are indisputable facts that creepy places and tales behind them are actually factual.

The planet has places that are abandoned, and till today, they lie isolated, infamous and creepy as hell. Doesn't matter if you are a believer in haunted and creepy places, these places are real and scary. Check them out!

Helltown, Ohio

image credit:

Helltown is a huge piece of land purchased by the government in order to create a park. Till now the land remains isolated with a local cemetery and crumbling homes. It is known as Ohio's most creepy and isolated town with spine-chilling tales of the haunting.

Leap Castle, Ireland

Leap Castle
image credit:

This castle was erected somewhere around 13th and 14th century and while renovation, a secret cell was discovered and in that cell was a chest full of human remains. Pretty creepy, don't you think so?

Islands of the Dolls, Mexico

Islands of the Dolls
image credit:

After a dead girl's body was found in a canal in Mexico, someone decided to grace the island with dolls, as a memorable tribute.

British Sea Forts, North Sea

British Sea Forts
image credit:

These forts were built during World War II but now, the purpose has faded out. Being abandoned for years, the long-lost memories and marks of war are rotting away in those walls. 

Haunted Subway in Cincinnati, Ohio

Haunted Subway in Cincinnati.jpg
image credit:

Once, long back, Cincinnati was aggressively becoming populated that the necessity of a subway system sprung up. It seemed the city wasn't prepared to pay and remained unfinished. Today, the subway remains as creepy as one can imagine.

The Domes, Arizona

The Domes
image credit:

These intriguing domes in the Arizona Desert pop up the question as to who built them and where they came from. But there's no clue till now as to why they have been left out in the hot sun.

Villisca Axe Murder House in Iowa

Villisca Axe Murder House
image credit:

A merciless murder took place in this house in June of 1912. A couple and their six children were killed by someone with as axe. Till today the killer and the motive remains unknown.

Scott’s Haunted Hut in Antarctica

Scott’s Haunted Hut
image credit:

This hut was built by Robert Scott and his team in 1911. Another team of explorers killed them but the hut was preserved. 

Cannibal Grave in Germany

Cannibal Grave
image credit:

This grave is said to comprise of 500 bodies that were cut, cooked and eaten 1000s of years ago. This can be tagged as the creepiest thing ever.

Chernobyl Amusement Park, Ukraine

Chernobyl Amusement Park
image credit:

This town was once a thriving city until the nuclear power plant exploded causing people to depart and leave the place deserted. Many faced health disorders and death. The town, till this day remains desolate.

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  Enjoying Shanghai in Ten Ways

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Wednesday , August 20, 2014
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Shanghai stands not only as a strong commercial world power, but also a city that has allured travellers since ages. Let’s find out the top 10 ways to enjoy this beguiling city. 

Admire Mini Film Fest

The Mini Film Fest showcases a program of inspiring but hilarious short movies on various themes that vary from a cultural view-point. It is organised by the creative Polish and Dutch and it is held in the art gallery known as The Nut with snacks and drinks.

The Bar 88

Bar 88
image credit:

Experience party the hard way at Bar 88. This is the only time to get crazily loud and dance with the rhythm. The bar is full of eccentric decor, uncontrollable atmosphere. It shouldn't be wild and intense for you; in case it is, grab a drink and admire the glittering city from the terrace.

The Jiashan

Jiashan Market
image credit:

This is enlivening! Make your way through a vegetable market till you reach a stack of new architectural buildings. That’s Jiashan Market, the heart of the city and a getaway for visitors. You get to savour various dishes, be greeted by a parrot at the Japanese Utsuwa as well as be a part of several events such as art and crafts, urban farming and fairs.

Terrace Brunch

Have a craving for freshly baked pastries? Well, stop by the recently opened French Bakery Farine to savour some amazing pastries. It's easy to find! Just behind the old artistic French houses abides Fergosun Lane with a lunch cafe, few art galleries and a pizza bar.

Cycle through French Concession

Jiashan Market
image credit:

Nothing is as gratifying than cycling through the ancient French style homes and leaving behind the beautiful tree-lined lanes. The French Concession is renowned for restaurants and foreign residence. Explore this European precinct on a bicycle.

Taste Spices

Different province of Shanghai has its own taste and gastronomic delicacies. To sample Shanghainese dish, consider Yin par les Garcons Chinois. During weekends, enjoy fabulous music and enjoy spicy Sichuan food. The food is cheap and mouth-watering and puts your mouth on fire. Yunnan food is amazing too, with mushrooms and the blending spices.

An Evening Party at the Senator

Looking for a perfect place to start a night-out? Well, this is the one! The Senator is situated in the French Concession and you may not know about the exquisite bar there. There is no advertising or a board that would tag this place as famous. Start your drinks at RMB60, with cocktails, followed by bourbon with bacon. It's for sure, a fantastic experience!

The 'Bund' Stroll

The Bund
image credit:

The Bund is a captivating line of commercial edifices that looks quite impressive and artistic. You may prefer walking right by the buildings, alongside the waterways. Begin your walk from Astor and through the British Consulate and prolong towards House of Roosevelt to the terrace with a drink in the hand. You'll surely feel you have gone back to the early 1920s.

Sniff 32 Wines

Bund, being a must-visit experience, one should not expect a formal atmosphere – in fact get ready for the opposite! Impress with your dress, feel comfortable and relish amazing French menu crafted by Chef Paul Pairet. You’ll be Astonished by the way food is served, and taste. Taste some of the 32 wines that are served from a wine cabinet.

Sip tea in the clouds

Shanghai World Financial Center.jpg
image credit:

What you need is a cup of tea while gazing at the city from the Park Hyatt lobby. For your kind information, this lobby is on the 87th floor of the staggering Shanghai World Financial Center. The view of the Huangpu River is impressive.

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