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  Delve into Seven Priceless City Breaks

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Friday , February 12, 2016
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Do you wish to get into something else other than the same tourist-crowded cities? It's high time that you get ahead of the crowd and take a peek into these ultimate city break destinations of 2016.

Why do you have to cope up with pricey destinations and walk in the footsteps of other travellers, when you can travel to some of the finest destinations for less.

Bologna, Italy

What if you get a combination of Pisa, Venice and Florence in the graceful city of Bologna? This Italian city is home to Europe's oldest university and offers all the creativity one can imagine.

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Visitors coming into the impressive city can also enjoy the cultural events, stroll through the medieval neighbourhoods, admire the ancient porticoes. You can visit several iconic places such as the stunning Neptune Fountain, towering basilicas, romantic palazzos, mysterious Jewish ghetto and the flourishing art scene.

Glasgow, Scotland

Highly spirited city filled with heritage sites meets lively modern epicureanism and 18th century buildings and warehouses. The famous Barras Market is extremely interesting to watch the people gather together to shop for some of the finest things Scotland has.
If you find the climate a bit gloomy, immediately head towards the iconic museums as well as pay tribute to Art Nouveau. Book best European flight deals and save big.

Cordoba, Spain

As the strains of the soothing Spanish guitar sweetly echoes all over the city's atmosphere, you are surely getting ready for a treat. The fragrance of orange trees and the lush palms swaying over the courtyards offer an unparalleled sight which is truly hard to imagine.

image credit:

The Great Mosque displays a sophisticated gesture and poses as a masterpiece to stun the world with its architecture. Visit the riverfront of Guadalquivir or even hang out in the Plaza de las Tendillas. 

Bergen, Norway

Enjoy the offerings of this very-old Nordic town. With wooden alleys and rows of unique buildings leaning towards each other, this amazing town possesses a sublime landscape of rugged mountains, spine-chilling valleys and offers nature at its best.
Situated among the charming hills, Bergen is famous for its solitude surrounding. You can meet several artists who are busy painting some amazing seascapes on the waterfront. Enjoy a succulent crab meat and relish a cinnamon roll at a street-side cafe. 

Utrecht, The Netherlands

With 30-minutes drive away from Amsterdam, this breathtaking city is crowded with students and other Dutch celebrities. This is surely the best kept treasured city in the Netherlands. It is purely laid-back, vibrant and progressive. 

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There are several things you can do in Utrecht - cycle through the lush parks, enjoy croquettes, climb the 465 steps of the Dom tower, enjoy cruising and soak up the jaw-dropping views. You will surely fall in love with the cosmopolitan culture of Utrecht.

Leipzig, Germany

Labelled as the 'City of Heroes' for those names that let the Berlin wall fall, Leipzig has always proved to have gravity substance with style and an icon. Dotted with lakes, forests, architectural styles and industries, the city is utterly unique and charming. Enjoy hanging out in the city with a can of beer, groove at a club and admire the art studio at the bohemian Baumwollspinnerei, the old mill. You will soon know why this amazing city stands out!

Bratislava, Slovakia

image credit:

Dotted with vineyards, mountains and dense forests, this pretty-looking town sits between Prague, Budapest and Vienna. Once this capital city of Slovakia was known as a sleepy town, with less crowd and expensive living. The influx of tourists gave rise to a charming economic boom, bustling cafes, dynamic nightlife and a pulsating nightlife.

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  Dig Out the Treasures at the Museums of Singapore

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Wednesday , February 10, 2016
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Flight to Singapore, the easiest and most frequent way through which travellers can visit Asia’s most arguably, sensational, stylish and contemporary town. Loaded with spectacular sets of modern corporate sculptures and gigantic financial turn-overs, the cosmopolitan has been a home for giant business institutes since ages, inviting thousands of business travellers by Singapore flights day after day from different corners of the world. 

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However, voyagers peeking beyond the city’s stunning business walls, get to explore the ultimate paradise that serves a perfect blend of entertainment, joy and relaxation – a complete family holiday destination. With gigantic shopping malls, lavish gardens, adventurous places and elegant dining, the story of Singapore can go on and on for long. Pulling huge crowd of Londoners who rely on air tickets to Singapore from London Heathrow, and it won’t be any wrong, if the same is said about Paris, Melbourne or any other city across the planet. The 'Lion City' is leaving no stone unturned for globetrotters. 

The city stands for excursion, art and history, and you are surely going to experience a mind-blowing treat, no doubt! The phenomenal art and story of town’s bygone days can be found in several of the museums throughout the city. Whether you are planning for a trip to Singapore or have booked your flights way before, city’s museums are unquestionably worth visiting. Check out Crystal Travel's top picks for the best museums in Singapore:-

The Famous Five Museums of Singapore  

The Asian Civilizations Museum - 1 Empress Place, Singapore
Nestled in a strategic position of the town, this is one of the most fantastic corners of the town displaying exciting pieces of the history of Asia including China too. Facilitated with innovative bar-code readers and touch screen kiosk features, the museums have long been delivering the relic fragrances of Asian art and culture to travellers catching cheap flight tickets to Singapore.

National Museum
image credit:

Singapore Art Museum - 71 Bras Basah Road, Singapore
Not just big is beautiful, beauty can equally be found in small things as well and this is the fittest saying for City Art Museum. Not similar to the rest, this museum is comparatively small, with unauthentic showcase and different styled gallery halls. Although, the place ensures a full-size entertainment with its tiny exhibitions showing best of Asian art dated back to 20th century. 

Art and Science Museum
image credit:

SAM - 8 Queen St, Singapore
The pioneer name in brandishing the delighting bond of art and Asia, SAM is an extremely modernized hall full of contemporary art. You can catch the glamorous glimpse of master art work by expert artist and cultural stuns which are laying all around the museum. 

National Museum of Singapore - 93 Stamford Rd, Singapore
National Museum of Singapore, the biggest museum in the town is certainly a delight for visitors taking Singapore flight tickets. The town, no doubt, has covered a huge journey to emerge as one of the biggest hubs of business, culture and modernization, and it can be completely experienced in this Museum swinging the entire story of the town from the beginning. Here, visitors can discover smaller and bigger forms of the city’s culture, food, style, film and photography. 

Peranakan Museum
image credit:

Peranakan Museum - 39 Armenian Street, Singapore
This is the place for all travellers seeking full on history. Right from the exciting Peranakan buildings to the dynamic foreigner immigrant cultures to the national flag carrier airlines, enjoy abundant facets about foods, dresses, handicrafts, jewellery and many others displays. The museum combines very distinctive and beyond imagination experiences.

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  Top Five Places to Explore in Rio de Janeiro

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Friday , February 05, 2016
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The stage is getting set, the stadiums are being renovated and decorated for the most awaited Olympics 2016 in Rio. So will you be going there for the first time, or planning to revisit the city? If it is your first time, you will surely not ignore the people passing by or refrain from relaxing along the stunning shores of Ipanema or Copacabana.

image credit:

If you can shift your focus from the beach, which you should, you will surely unearth more natural beauty that you can ever imagine. Attractions and sights such as the Sugar Loaf, Lapa, Tijuca National Park offer unbeatable surprises, both naturally and culturally.

Christ the Redeemer

This massive, iconic structure is a must-see attraction for first time visitors as well as for returning travellers. Famed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, this outstretched armed statue stands at a stunning 125-feet tall. This monument rests atop Corcovado Mountain and it's made up of concrete and covered in mosaic tiles.

Millions of travellers recommend and are recommended visiting this landmark as this supreme point is the best in the city. Using the city bus lines 184 and 180, you can reach the foot of the mountain easily. If you love hiking, you can avail an amazing discount too.

Tijuca National Park

Tijuca National Park
image credit:

If you love being outdoors, you will definitely love exploring this gigantic green rainforest. Covering almost 8300 acres, this amazing park is the one of the biggest urban rainforest on the planet, which is divided into three parts - the Gavea, the Forest and the Carioca Hill and Pedra Bonita. The things that it features, is staggering! It amazes visitors with waterfalls, terrains, plant species, birds, mammals and reptiles. You can enjoy a picnic along with adventure activities such as hiking, gliding and rock climbing.

Jardim Botanico

If you are visiting a florist in your city, you will love purchasing the lovely flowers and crafting a bouquet. Jardim Botanico is a total mystery and captivating paradise altogether. With more than 7000 exotic species of flora, you can find the most rare and wildest of flowers. Some are a bit scary too!

Visitors to the garden relish in the serenity and enjoy highly famous thematic tours. If you are hungry or else, you want to shop, the park is blessed with a restaurant and several tiny gift shops.

Ipanema Beach

Made famous through a very old song, the beach has drawn uncountable tourists since 1960. This 2-mile long stretch of shoreline boasts dynamic views of the mountain, azure waters, amazing people and authentic cuisine. As you sunbathe, you will observe entertainments, games and the aroma of seafood.

Ipanema Beach
image credit:

The amazing atmosphere is something that should be experienced. Get friendly with the locals playing volleyball and tennis on the beach. Bear in mind that Ipanema is always crowded during the peak months of December to March, so you need to find a spot to relax with difficulty.


Lapa offers pure thrill, fun and an enlightened spirit. If you come to Rio for fun, this is the place. The festive locality gets vibrant with loud music, food, cocktails, clubs and bars. Once you step in, you will surely want to check out the Rio Scenarium, which is the most popular club with an array of bars and cocktail lounges.

You can easily get a taxi, but we advise you not walk in the isolated places at night. There is plenty to explore in this area, from antique stores, markets and flourishing bars. The place is also equipped with rented bikes, which means that you can grab one and explore the whole town easily.

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  Top 10 Places to Travel in 2016

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Wednesday , February 03, 2016
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The year 2016 has been declared as the year for travellers with all the right reasons. Therefore, widen your search and spectrum to explore something new in the old, as well as new out of the few. Crystal Travel brings together a compilation of the best places to travel this year.

The list this year ranges from the Caribbean Islands to Belgium and even Denmark. You can either be an ocean-lover, a food lover, a historian, a trekker or even a hiker - whether you are craving for a weekend getaway, a bucket list trip, a multi-city escapade or a tribal hunt, you can consider these awe-inspiring destinations this year and start planning.

Bocas del Toro, Panama

Panama is home to some amazing beauty with lush forests, stunning coral formations, extensive savannah region and thriving aquatic life. In recent times, Bocas del Toro has become the most famous spot in Panama. This archipelago is made up of nine islands and numerous islets. The main mode of transportation comprises of a motorboat that will take you among dolphins swimming through the waters.

Guadalajara, Mexico

image credit:

The second largest city in Mexico offers amazing creativity and surrounding. Thanks to its vibrant jazz scene, Mexican fairs and festivals. The countryside itself is spectacular, dotted with impressive hotels and resorts.

Richmond, Virginia

The stunning capital city of Virginia has been able to draw a cosmopolitan group of travellers to admire the stunning architecture and mesmerizing infrastructure of the city. First-timers can tour the area around Jackson Ward and try out any one of the restaurants for an amazing food. Church Hill neighbourhood holds some of the best food courts and restaurants in the city. 

Lille, France

image credit:

This pretty-looking town is blessed with cobblestoned streets, impressive museums, historic buildings and the best part is, Lille is just an hours drive from Paris. With excellent innovations and developments in cuisine, art and fashion, Lille has all the trappings of a charming destination.

Lanai, Hawaii

With just one airport and no traffic lights, Lanai is one of Hawaii's most tranquil island. With less hotels and crowd, this is a much-visited place in Hawaii.

Hangzhou, China

For decades, Hangzhou has been the favourite city for artists, traders, poets, explorers as they have been drawn towards the breathtaking scenery of the city, especially the West Lake. Returning visitors as well as first time visitors will face a much sophisticated visitors, innovative hotels on the rise and an amazing collection of restaurants. 
Within the steps of the West Lake, the 415-room Midtown Shangri-La hotel is a true crowd puller. The downtown gastronomic scene is just amazing. Within two hours drive, towards the outskirts of the city, nestles the Hidden House which is endowed with a giant hot tubs, homely cooking, a bamboo forest and an appealing view of the surrounding.

Douro Valley, Portugal

Douro Valley
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The Douro Valley in Portugal has been drawing people to take a tour of the wine regions since centuries. With pretty postcard views, steep landscapes and the Douro River flowing down the mountains, the vineyards are just too amazing. If you short on time, the best winery that you can visit is Quinta da Roeda. Take a guided tour and tread on the grapes along with the workers there. You can check into a wine hotel, Casa do Rio as well as find out several ways to soak up the valley views.

St. Helena

St. Helena
image credit:

Even if you admire the history and nature a bit, this place will surely change your perspective. St. Helena and its capital city, Jamestown brings to life the nostalgic moments of a 17th century town. If you step into the town, a new set of adventurers will discover sea turtles and whales while scuba diving. Head towards the elevated land and enjoy the mist creeping over the hills. Believe it or not, this island is Napoleon's final port of exile and history lovers will surely find his remnants and tales at the Longwood House Museum. 

Frankfurt, Germany

What is your idea about Frankfurt? Several think Frankfurt as a financial hub with non-impressive towers and structures. The masters of the city have opened several marvellous spots where you can dine, club, shop all that you want. The present Frankfurt has French and German bistros and several places to enjoy an amusing evening.

Canggu, Bali

Calling all surfers, scuba divers, beach lovers, spa lovers and nature lovers to Canggu, Bali. The diverse establishments and serene surroundings are designed to be appealing to every traveller. The famous Frii Bali Echo Beach is extremely welcoming for first timers as well as returning tourists. Guests can indulge in water yoga, Muay Thai and paddle-boarding. There are a few ex-pats who run a tiny restaurant which is most of the timer flooded with people. Enjoy fresh juice and pizzas at Milk & Madu. Admire the sunset at the Old Man's surf spot with a beer in your hand.

As darkness falls, you can head towards Deus, a music-cum-restaurant venue, where you can also marvel at art galleries. To experience thriving action, you can travel to Bali in May or October. 

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  Top Places to Jive and Groove in Majorca

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , February 01, 2016
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If grooving and jive is all you want, Majorca is the perfect Mediterranean spot that draws hordes of tourists annually. Where nightlife is concerned make your holidays in Majorca exceptional in this stunning island that never lacks in offering a unique one. Despite the summer crowd, Majorca contains everything one could ask for in a nightlife.


image credit:

Paseo Marítimo, Palma

One of the most trendy areas to experience a perfect nightlife in Majorca is the Paseo Marítimo, which is located in the fascinating city of Palma. As you enter the area, you will come across several pubs and bars lined up alongside the promenade and the sea. Several nightclubs abide in between the Palma Port and the cathedral that provides an amazing time to tourists who will not stop dancing at any cost. 
Tito's is another spectacular place which should not be missed at all. It is said to be a favourite place in Palma.

Most of the people who gather at Tito's are students who are best in creating the most heart-throbbing vibe. If you are really looking to party all night, this is the place for you. To explore more, Pacha is another world-famous club where the celebrities go. The club itself is quite large, with top-class food and international DJ's playing the right music for you. Apart from these, Shamrock Fun Place and Garito Cafe too, have a mind-blowing experience.


Alternate to Paseo Marítimo, the capital city of Palma houses abundant places with the finest nocturnal entertainment. If you are all for some 'wild and electrifying' environment, this is just the perfect place for you. There are numerous rooms and each room is different to the other. The bars are extremely bizarre and each one is a must-see. 

To enjoy something more refreshing and soothing, La Lonja is the place to sip drinks, enjoy live concerts and soak up the artistic view of the city. This place is mostly loved by those who are particularly low on their budget. Few popular bars are Bluesville, Jazz Voyeur and Abacanto. Even with popular beach holidays to Majorca, you will not restrain yourself from clubbing all night.


As you check out several options on your Majorca holidays, you cannot ignore Magaluf, the stylish tourist area and an amazing resort that believes in partying till dawn. This area contains a large number of bars and clubs. BCM Planet Dance is considered among the best places in Magaluf and also the largest in the area. The club itself holds approximately 6,000 within the two levels the place has. 

You really need to see the world's best speakers, 3D laser shows and world renowned DJ's. Prepare yourself for endless wild moments such as popcorn parties, foam parties, rain dance and other special celebrations. Few other beloved places include Coco Bongo, Banana's, Tokio Joe's and Carwash Nightclub.

image credit:

C'an Pastilla

The south coast region of Majorca is home to another nightlife beast, a resort on the El Ancla Island. This dimly lit club is designed in a Moroccan style, and it is highly popular with tourists. To enjoy comfortable seating, unique cocktails and Shisha pipes, the C'an Pastilla is a gigantic club, which is also ranked as the best resort in the town. 

To book flights to Majorca, get best deals from flights to Madrid.

For further reading, click: An Ideal Holiday in Spain
Know more about Spain and the City of Valencia

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