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  Enjoy the Best of Nature with Top Camping Holidays this Autumn

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Friday , September 18, 2015
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If you are reading this on a Friday, enjoying a holiday during a late summer season or early autumn is the perfect idea to escape the mundane and the hustle. A late holiday can transport as much serene and quieter camping adventure alongside a quiet surrounding.

When autumn approaches, and you are charting out a ravishing European break, the weather can be found dancing around you, playing a key factor in guiding you where to go. It is a perfect excuse for a camping holiday indeed!

Catch The Summer Sun in Cote d' Azur

All sun worshippers need to know this - stepping out of the summer holiday during the month of July and August might be spine-chilling. You may want to consider Cote d' Azur, French Riviera, as it brags of high temperatures of 25°C in the month of September and approximately 22°C in October.

Village les Tournels
Village les Tournels (image credit:

Please keep in mind that thunders and downpours can be the only drawback of this area. The perfect summer holiday spot that remains open till November 1 is Yelloh! Village les Tournels, where you can enjoy exciting beach walks and sandy coastal area.

An Expedition in Normandy

This can be a second summer getaway to experience free-fun escapes without even any long drive. Just stuff things in your car and hit the road. If you do not mind the risk of the climate, then a quick Normandy trip is the perfect jaunt. For those looking for a slightly different getaway with a touch and twist of history, the Yelloh! Village la Vallee can be the perfect spot for you.

Hurray for City Break in Rome

Rome Coliseum
Colosseum (image credit:

These months of September and October can be amazing times to enjoy a thrilling city break as flight prices are inexpensive and the destinations are usually calm. Well, who does not know about Rome? It is absolutely stunning with endless to see and soak up. Carry a pair of amazing shoes and comfortable outfit. Beware of the jaw-dropping Italian cuisine that awaits.

Camping Fabulous is situated 16 miles from Rome, making it an amazing base to infuse energy and some breathtaking moments.

The climate is amazing, with temperatures hovering between 19-23°C and 14-19° C during October. Carry your swimsuit to enjoy a dip. An intense camper must know that after September 13th there are several affordable and comfortable accommodations to choose from.

Enjoy Lakeside Living at Lake Garda

There are several options for more interesting day trips, amazing food and some lovely surrounding. The perfect place is - Camping Butterfly, which is open till October 31st, when the temperature is just perfect, with temperatures fluctuating around 18°C. It could be a little chilly when you camp anywhere near to the waters. You have few accessible places such as Venice, Verona and Milan, which are all reachable in a much easier way. Just pack in your swimsuit and head towards the lake.

France Vs. Switzerland

France and Switzerland have always been crowning destinations for the best camping holiday destinations. You can choose from several stylish and famous campsites that you can choose from. Sites such as Escale St. Giles, Camping la Garangeoire and Vieux Pont offer something that the French know well about.

Garangeoire Campsite
Camping la Garangeoire (image credit:

Enjoy the Swiss Camping Manor Farm in the glorious interlaken, which as been a favourite hotspot from many travellers and adventurers since 1968. The spot boasts about a spectacular setting and abundant opportunities for outdoor sports.

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  A World Beyond Football and Spanish Culture of Barcelona

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Tuesday , September 15, 2015
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If you’re booking premium economy flights to Spain, Barcelona is, in my opinion, the eventual holiday destination. The combination of an amazing beach, delectable food, an incredible number of enriching and appealing attractions is everything you could ever wish for, for your vacation! 

Actually, it has so many things to do and see that it’s quite hard deciding where to go and what to do. Bearing in mind all the facts, this is by no means an exhaustive list. Therefore, it’s worthwhile doing a little research of your own before you set off – you never know what you might find!

A Touch of Gothic-ness can make your day!

image credit:

One notable notion about Barcelona is its stunning architecture. The Spanish city is crammed with age-old impressive Gothic buildings, which is one of the largest in Europe. It is the artistic work of the famous architect, Antoni Gaudi that spellbinds visitors. 

With cheap flights to Barcelona explore the famous, weird and wonderful designs that Gaudi created. Some of the most exciting buildings in the city do need a visit as they are certainly among the most memorable I’ve ever seen. His most celebrated contribution is the unfinished Sagrada Familia – a vast cathedral in L’Exiample. 

While you can see it from the outside from a distance, it’s well worth paying to get in and have a close-up look at the amazing facades, which depict various biblical scenes. Inside, you’ll be flabbergasted by vivid stained glass windows and a mysterious ceiling that was designed to match a rainforest. 

Fall in Love with Another Spanish City - Majorca

Barcelona is highly breathtaking

Sagrada Familia
image credit:

With low cost airlines to Barcelona, spend some of the most memorable vacation sin the intriguing city of Barcelona. Take the lift to the top of the building if you can – it only cost a few Euros extra, and the views are amazing. 

What’s really exciting about it, though, is that you get to walk all the way back down via the slender stone steps as you admire the surrounding through the small windows and balconies along the way. It may not be for the faint-hearted people.

With Barcelona flights from UK, the Casa Batllo is a must-see structure. Unlike the Sagrada Familia, this is a residential edifice – and it will perhaps be the most unique icon that you have ever seen. The exterior is covered in multicoloured fish scales, whereas its balconies resemble spiky jaws. It is also worth heading out to some of the city’s amazing parks. 

Park Guell, which was designed by – you’ve guessed it – Gaudi, is a must, but bear in mind that as it’s free, it’s usually packed. It is still lots of fun strolling around the wooded grounds, which are dotted with strange structures, but don’t expect it to be a quiet outing.

Get ‘high-on’ with Spanish food in Barcelona

If you’re a bit a foodie, your holiday is basically paradise for you even with first class flights to Barcelona. Its fabulous seafood, huge paellas and wonderful little tapas dishes should all go straight on your list of essentials – as should lashings of sangria. Perhaps the best surprise I had during my stay, however, was the hot chocolate.

Casa Batllo
image credit:

A perfect blend of corn-flour and egg white, it will surely be the most satisfying hot chocolate you have ever had. With holidays Even if the temperature is soaring outside, make sure you try it – you won’t regret it. 

With cheap air tickets to Barcelona from Club Traveller, among the best places to do so is the Museu de la Xocolata – or Chocolate Museum. As you wander around, you’ll get to see loads of sculptures made entirely of chocolate – including a pretty gratifying one from the Sagrada Familia – before settling down in the cafe. 

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  Five things to do in the American A-Town

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Tuesday , September 08, 2015
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Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia, USA and it is also the largest city in Georgia. Take cheap flights to Atlanta and visit the ninth largest metropolitan city of America. Atlanta was established in 1837 as a railroad junction to the south. The unofficial capital of south welcomes 16.5 million visitors every year.

Sunrise in Atlanta (image credit:

A City of Great People & Sports

Atlanta city has rich and thrilling history, this was the only city which was totally burned during the civil war, but this heroic city rose from the ashes like a phoenix (which is also the symbol of this city). Atlanta is one of the two cities in the world which has the honour of being home to two Nobel Peace Prize winners, i.e. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Jimmy Carter.

Atlanta is a city which is mad about sports. Atlanta is the hometown of baseball team Atlanta Braves and famous Basketball team Hawks. Atlanta is also the hometown of the famous boxing great Evander Holyfield. Atlanta annually hosts the big peach race, which is a big attraction among runners around the globe.

Atlanta Shopping
Vegetable Market (image credit:

The Bloom of Business

Atlanta is one big business centre in America, being home to companies like coca cola and delta airline, Atlanta is always filled with visitors. Thus, it is sometimes tough to get last minute flights to Atlanta. But one can always get Atlanta flights from Crystal Travel UK.

The 'Peach City' of the south is an amazing city which hosts over 16.5 million visitors each year who come here to enjoy this amazing city which never fails to deliver. Atlanta has an amazing night life, city is filled with great pubs, bars and discs. No doubt, the city is full of places to explore and visit.

Top Attractions in Atlanta

Georgia Aquarium
Largest Aquarium in the World in Georgia (image credit:

One can visit the Atlanta Monetary Museum, The Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Fernbank Science Center, Flatiron Building, Georgia State Capitol, Margaret Mitchell Square, Piedmont Park, Atlanta Botanical Garden, CNN Center, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Fox Theatre and Georgia Aquarium. Visitors can explore all these by taking low cost flights to Atlanta from UK. 

Mall of Georgia
Mall of Georgia (image credit:

Atlanta has 130 retail centres, 41 public golf courses, 54 public parks and the largest toll-free telephone dialling area in the world, also the largest web of optical cables in America. Peach city is the home of the oldest ballet company in the nation - The Atlanta Ballet. Atlanta is the home fourteenth largest mall in the nation – The Mall of Georgia. The city is full of malls and shopping centres, which are known to have every worldly thing you can imagine or wish to buy. Take last minute flights from London and explore this amazing city.

The A-Town: Oozes History & Culture

Take air tickets to Atlanta from London from Crystal Travel UK. Atlanta is one of the nicest cities to travel to fill your bag with shopping, stomach with amazing food and mind with memories and knowledge of this city’s rich culture and history. One can visit this thriving city, through crystal travel, which is a pioneer and a big name in providing a cost-friendly and travel-friendly air tickets to travellers across the world.

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  A Brief Insight on the Ethiopian New Year Enkutatash

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Friday , September 04, 2015
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You may have heard about 'Chinese New Year', but now we have 'Ethiopian New Year' too. The Ethiopian New Year is celebrated on 11th September, according to the Gregorian calendar. Other than the celebrations being called by this name, it is also known as 'Enkutatash or Enqutatash'. As the rest of the world indulges in a normal lifestyle, every year in Ethiopia, it is time to usher in a new year.

Ethiopian New Year

image credit:

The Origins of 'The Ethiopian New Year'

If we were to trace the roots of the Enkutatash, biblical scholars cite it when Queen of Sheba came back after visiting Solomon, the tribal elders ornamented her with jewels known as 'enku'. Therefore, the Amharic word 'Enkutatash' is translated as 'Gift of the jewels' and it is celebrated during the spring season, hoping for a prosperous and bright future.

In Ethiopia

African Festival
image credit:

This important festival symbolizes the arrival of a good harvest for the Ethiopian farmers and also for every citizen of the country. After exuberant downpours, the country is enveloped with a fresh atmosphere and clear skies in the month of September. The surrounding landscape seems to be flourishing with flowers and the land seems to be plated with gold, as the glittering daisies bloom in complete glory.

The Celebrations

The grand celebration is held in the city of Gaynt, in a 14th century Kostete Yohannes Church. For a length of 3 days you can just hear Psalms, hymns, prayers and sermons sounding throughout the city, while jovial processions and parades do not lag behind in charming the crowd. Massive celebrations are also carried out near the capital city of Addis Ababa.

Difo Dabo
image credit:

The 'Enkutatash' Customs

During New Year's Eve, the dry leaves and the wood is used for creating torches, which are lit in front of the houses. The lighting of the torches is followed by a mass singing. At dawn, people dress in traditional clothes as they visit churches, which is then followed by a family meal of bread (known as Difo Dabo) and stew.

Young girls, groomed with gleaming white traditional dress, along with a bouquet of Adey Ababa, go from door to door singing songs for which they receive money, very much similar to Christmas carols. The boys, aged 10, get busy. It is then time for them to bring out their paint brushes and get creative. 

African Drawing
image credit:

The paintings highlight angels, flowers, sun to keep the festive spirit enlivened. Then they go around selling self-made drawings. By evening, people visit their family and friends and enjoy sipping Tella, an Ethiopian beer. The elders, gather together and talk about future things.

Hope by now you could capture the detailed and true spirit of Enkutatash. This article as been an homage to the warm and captivating Ethiopian Holiday as fragrant memories of such events delight us as well as arouse our senses, connecting us universally with joyful memories such as holidays.

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  A Day in the Heart of Changsha

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , August 31, 2015
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Spending festive holidays in China are a bit odd, and sure it is not everyone’s preference. But if you have tasted the flavour of Chinese holiday with family and friends, you will surely understand how one can embrace the excitement of your enchanting holidays and add a bit extra flavour on such an occasion.

Christmas is 3 months away and people are booking cheap flights to Changsha from London to enjoy some fabulous holidays with family and friends, and to cherish their festival holidays and get a bit more exciting in this action packed city.

Changsha City
image credit:

Check out the thriving places in this city with cheapest airline ticket to Changsha from London and explore the marvellous range of sightseeing available only for you to enjoy on your family festive holidays in Changsha.

Best Places in Changsha to Enjoy Family Holidays

Hunan Provincial Museum

This place is among the most visited sites of the city at Dongfeng Road where you can spot out this gigantic beautiful structure containing the vast collection of historical artefacts and belongings of Chinese culture preserved for many centuries, offering an extremely amazing range of things that is only heard of in tales and historical stories. 

The place is really beautiful and you can easily kill a few hours here without getting bored. As far as entry ticket is concerned, you have no need to bother as the entry is quite cheap due to government aid and you will thoroughly enjoy the place without loosening up your pocket.

Changsha Market

image credit:

Mawangdui Mausoleum

Another great place to study ancient history and explore the culture and lifestyle of a previous era in Furong District where you will stumble upon this decent place loaded with a wealth of historical belongings and artefacts stored and preserved from many decades found from ancient ruins. 

The place is full of artefacts and many real things that are many centuries old. The descriptions of these artefacts are well described and are available in both Chinese and English to understand the relevance of these things in ancient history.

Orange Island Park

One of the nicest outdoor locations in Changsha and an extremely beautiful place to witness during winters is Orange Island Park that can easily be spotted from a distance by the gigantic face of a rock. 

The place is really astounding and has a natural, refreshing bliss as well as some characteristics that will give you some nice ideas to get clicks on your camera. Try to plan your visit here on Saturday and roam here till the sunset and you will thoroughly enjoy the firework show after that is held on every Saturday evening only for spectators.

Changsha Shopping
image credit:

Tianxin Tower

This place is a nice, beautiful and amazing historical site known for blissful architecture and conventional view of houses in China. Tianxin Road in Tianxin district, this place is a huge attraction for those who are into the search of some nice and magnificent places to click and explore in Changsha. Standing in the middle of the town like a crown on the head, this building is surely a beautiful place to witness the city and its surroundings from a safe height.

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