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  Your Hotel for the FIFA World Cup 2014

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Wednesday , April 23, 2014
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So, guess you are planning your trip to witness the grand event of the year! Which city other than the home city of soccer, Brazil can cater in a better way to the needs of soccer fans?

Brazil 2014 Cup Logo

It's Brazil Again!

image credit:

Other than possessing the world's best beaches, captivating landscape, vibrant culture, unbelievable crowd and endless shopping opportunities, the city is getting ready to kick off one of the biggest electrifying sports event this June, and you are surely going to have a blast if you are going there.

There a several places where you can stay within your budget that will also be a walking distance to the venue. Isn't it exciting to stay so close to the venue where you can already see the action happening! 

The area that acts normal during other days is getting decorated with advertisements, hoardings and Brazil 2014 banners. Let’s get you introduced to some places where you can stay for World Cup 2014.

Maracana Stadium

Maracana Stadium
image credit:

There are amazing hotels quite near Maracana Stadium in Rio De Janeiro that is open for bookings and very easily you can book apartments from low budget to the upscale, even apartments that are football-styled to inject the eventful mood from June 12 till the finale on July 13 2014. 

You need to be quick to book, as die-hard fans will be over-crowding the city of Rio for the final battle.

Arena Corinthians

Arena Corinthians
image credit:

Fans from England can find hotels near to Arena Corinthians at Sao Paulo to admire and witness their fans take on other teams. If a true fan misses mixing in with the locals at the time of celebrations, there are various hotels near the famous Mineirao, Belo Horizonte where soccer fans can get refreshed and relaxed after watching their boys battling against Costa Rica, also mentioning when Italy takes on England in Manaus on June 14. Let the best team win!

The Winner Takes It All

image credit:

Times of sorrow and times of jubilee await during such events, but more over there are gripping times when the battle goes on right in the middle and the sound of the war cry from the pavilions. So if you really are planning to be right in the action, then get your bookings done right on time.

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  Exposing the Chapada Diamantina National Park of Brazil

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , April 21, 2014
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Brazil is mostly known for its vivid culture, delicious food, heart-pounding nightlife and vibrant beaches. Beaches so broad and wide, that they can fit the world into it. But the rambling South American city hides most of its beauty from the outside world. One such stupendous natural beauty is the Chapada Diamantina National Park in the state of Bahia, located in the eastern part of Brazil.

Chapada Diamantina National Park

image credit:

The park is blessed with a fascinating landscape that cuts through the majestic state of Brazil. With a unique ecosystem and highest mountain range of 5660 ft (1800m), the entire mountainous region is much larger than Israel. No wonder the park offers unbeatable scenery and famed as the jewel of ecotourism. The names 'Chapada' usually means 'a region of cliffs' in the native Brazilian language. 

The landscape got erected in the process of soil erosion that happened during the pre-Cambrian period, when towers of minerals ruled that place. Surrounding towns grew in this area with the significant of these minerals.

Some True Facts about the Park

Chapada holds spectacular treasures underground. The underground is exceedingly fascinating with many caves and rivers. Watching the Pratinha River leaving the underground and surfacing on the earth is a sheer majestic sight. The caves possess unlimited beauty and characteristics. The sunrays kiss the crystal clear water making a silvery tone that names the river.

Magnificent Hills and Waterfalls

To marvel at the beautiful sunset, the Pai Inacia Hill is the best place you can ever be. Nothing can be more awe-inspiring than the 112-storey Fumaca Waterfall that seems to be a smoke when seen from a distance. The constant wind hits the falls creating a magical smoke like design. 

Fumacinha Waterfall

image credit:

Make a Wish at the Well

The gleaming beauty of blue at the Poco Encantado - the Enchanted Well is so very transparent that while you stand on the edge, you can easily see the bottom, when the rays reflect through the hole of the cave lighting up the area with an electric-blue tone.

Sossego Falls

What forms the majestic Sossego Falls is the Ribeirao River that flows into the deep valley and tumbles through a narrow rocky canyon, forming the astounding falls that gushes down the lofty cliffs.

Water Water Everywhere!

You may stumble upon some swimming holes, filled with crystal-clear water in the glossy rocks of the Serrano River. The Primavera Waterfall is a beautifully decorated riverbed cut out by water. Discover trails, towering hills, and waterfalls with the best tour guide in that region.

Beautiful Paradise Caves

image credit:

A Long Tunnel

Lapa Doce forms a huge cave with a 14 mile long tunnel with high roofs. Admire gigantic fishes and aquatic plants in the underground river.

Poco Encantado

image credit:

Best Time to Go

The rains pour down in between December to March and then best time to capture and admire the falls. To avoid the crowd of high season, April to May and August to October is the best time. The time spent in this enchanted fauna in the abyssal valleys will always remain unforgettable.

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  Peru Travel Guide into Machu Picchu and Cusco

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Wednesday , April 16, 2014
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Are you done with Singapore, or even Las Vegas? A trip to Peru may not be even among the list of every traveller, or even a family that's choosing which destination to explore. Well, it should be now! Well, this answer maybe jaw-dropping. Peru is handcrafted with the most amazing natural beauty, thriving wildlife, vivid locals drenched in history. Truly, there is no place like Peru even if there is no Disneyland or even heart-pounding nightlife.

Hidden Treasures of Peru

image credit:

You might think for a while that travelling to Peru might be hard with a 4 year old and a 1 year old, or even leave the family behind and see the land for yourself. Well, you can narrow your wish list and prefer gastronomic delights of Lima, the puzzling and sanctified Machu Picchu and a bit of beach activities towards Northern Peru. 

The Culinary Scene in Peru

image credit:

According to what you planned, you land in Cusco, the amazing prehistoric jewel among the Andes that never fails to impress. The colourfully dressed locals are ever happy to receive you with plenty of food and love. If food you're thinking of, the restaurant scene did explode down the years and even the top notch restaurants and burger joints like 'Bembo' have exciting activities for kids. 

Handling the Altitude

Peru Altitude
image credit:

At the Peruvian altitude your brain expands and hence, the headaches. Your endless energy will help you to hop here and there with limited oxygen. Keep your intake of fluids and things will just be fine, allowing you to catch the Peruvian air.

Unforgettable Trip

image credit:

The best way to approach Cusco and the Sacred Valley is in a group and a private vehicle can be quite cost effective when you travel with flexibility with 4 people. You will be exposed to immediate toilet stops, eye contact with llamas and local kids swarming around you. So just one advice - be flexible and travel in your own vehicle!

Where to Stay in Peru

Peru hotel
image credit:

Reserve a room at the Wakapunku Boutique Hotel in Cusco which is big adequate to effortlessly house two families in two detached rooms. It even has a lounge, or a zone to chill with internet facilities and staying in here, will give you a great base to explore the city and its surroundings.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu
image credit:

The main feature of this trip was no doubt Machu Picchu. To see it widely and vividly through your eyes is totally a different experience, with a guide of course. The fantastic description and the interpretation were overwhelming. 

Moments to Remember

image credit:

You can conclude your trip in the north of Peru, where you can rent your place at a fantastic beach spot called Vichayito, which is highly famous for surfing. At this resort, you are surrounded with infinity pool, a chef, a nanny at £200. It's a heavenly way to finish the trip.

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  Places to Visit from March to May

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , April 14, 2014
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This particular season is all about Good Friday and Easter celebrations and processions. If you remember about the Scandinavian egg painting event or the processions of Semana Santa Spain, there are special events and festivals adding other recommendations that are held in the months March, April and May.

Springtime in Europe

Springtime in Europe
image credit:

Springtime in the northern hemisphere is a great time of year to visit the European cities. The climate in Continental Europe is usually warm during March to May; the days should be dry, without exhaustingly being hot. You may find fares relatively cheaper with a lesser crowd if you avoid travelling during school Easter holidays. The weather can’t be predicted during holidays in Scotland, England and Wales, the clocks jump forward by one hour during that Easter Sunday in the UK, which means, more daylight for sightseeing.

Easter Events

Processions in Seville
image credit:

Easter, this year falls on April 20th 2014, with Good Friday on March 29th 2014. For spectacular festivities you may consider a trip to Spain for the Semana Santa Holy Week when the churches walk through the streets carrying religious emblems of the Virgin Mary or of the Passion.

The parade and processions in Seville and Burgos are among the most expanded and famous in Spain. The Catholic Church plays host to some impressive Passion plays and Easter processions at the Easter weekend.

Easter celebrations are highly regarded in many of the Catholic countries in South and Central America such as Antigua. The days during the Holy Week sees costumed processions being carried out throughout the streets with vivid patterns.

Other Major Events in March, April and May

Fallas in Valencia
image credit:

Other chief European events and festivals include St. Patrick's Day, March 17. There's also Spain's Fallas in Valencia which is held from March 15-19. Large processions are carried out through the streets with fireworks display, lighting hundreds of papier mache figures and an out-of-the-world experience.

Japan's Cherry blossom (Sakura) Festival

Cherry blossom (Sakura) Festival
image credit:

March and April is the season of a full-bloomed festival of Cherry Blossom in Japan. Every year, in authentic Japanese fashion, the Japan Weather Association, foretells the dates when one could admire the bloomed cherry trees, and as a matter of national pride. Such a season gets extremely busy, mainly in Kyoto, so if you are planning to travel during this time, consider booking your accommodation and transport in advance.

The American Springtime

New Orleans Jazz Festival
image credit:

New York bags all the attention during springtime and autumn, making sightseeing quite exciting when cherries blossom in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. During this time, it's quite warm, but pleasant for sightseers. It's neither too hot, nor crowded. Notable festivals at this time of the year include the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and the South by Southwest.

Spring Attractions in Canada

World Ski & Snowboard Fest
image credit:

Is it skiing you are after? In Canada, the snow lasts until April and May in the mountains and Whistler in British Columbia hosts the World Ski & Snowboard Fest. There are some serious skiing competitions including music, films and each night party. In May, with the arrival of spring, tulips bloom in full and you can pick apples too.

Even globally, March and April is a good time to visit Israel, Caribbean, Turkey, Costa Rica and Ecuador. The main problem is - how to decide on the list and the place to choose.

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  Top Holiday Destinations for UK Travellers

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Friday , April 11, 2014
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Hey! Planning for a great holiday? Yeah, sometimes planning a holiday and choosing a particular place can be baffling. There are some amazing popular destinations that readers love to read about as well as chart out a travel plan and save upto a huge deal. Let’s chalk out some destinations that our British friends would love visiting.


This exotic country has always been a favourite destination for British travellers and it does remain the #1 holiday destination. Particular spots include, the Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Mallorca are big-timers, not ignoring Menorca, counting Canary Islands such as La Palma, La Gomera and Tenerife. 

image credit:

Northern Spain is mostly overlooked, but it consists captivating countryside views, beaches, amazing towns and cities; and the food is out-of-this-world. Apart from beaches there's lot added to Spain holidays. You can enjoy cycling in Catalonia, walking in the north. The booming of low-cost airlines has gained tremendous fame benefiting city breaks in Seville and Palma, both culturally rich.


The affair between French and British may have had its share of happy and sad moments, but love for French things never dies down. From the Islands of the Mediterranean to the Channel ports - the French nation never falls short of unexplored places to discover.

image credit:

Among the most favourite spots, are the beaches of Lle de Re and Corsica. You can go cycling in the French countryside, learn cooking, go golfing, ski in the French Alps and spend few days in Disneyland Paris with kids.


Holidays in Greece is all about the hot sun, whitewashed villas, sociable taverns and the tempting blue seas that pulls people year after year. It's mainly the villas and the islands that attract most visitors. Corfu's villas never lose the beauty! 

image credit:

If you are planning an escapade, the dreamy small Greek island of Paxos is great for leisure the lazy days and boat trips. Who can forget Crete, the largest and the most interesting island in Greece?


America is highly popular with British holidaymakers and the reasons are many. With an imposing range of landscapes, sociable people, iconic sights and amazing food. New York can definitely be your first priority with a rich culture and outdoor thrills. New England is extremely charming, whether you opt for a coach tour and a road trip, you can see a lot, even being close to the city. A stunning highlight is the Niagara Falls, Philadelphia and Washington DC. 

New York
image credit:

The Western Coast and California is packed with things to do. You can drive from San Francisco and San Diego towards Napa Valley with a bicycle. The Mid-west is the heart-throb of America. Las Vegas combining with Grand Canyon is a classic combination. Not forgetting Chicago, one of the grand cities in the world that makes you jump into Michigan and Great Lakes.

If you love beaches, Hawaii has a stunning whether for a cruise tour, island hopping or relaxing. Florida has a whole new world of fun and entertainment and so does Orlando. To explore the wet, you can head to Texas, Miami and the Keys.

Great Britain

Not mentioning Great Britain, for UK travellers would be complete without mentioning their own land. Not just England, but Scotland, Wales and Ireland, but some of the unexplored islands of Isle of Wight and Isles of Scilly are exceedingly alluring.

Great Britain
image credit:

Britain offers heavenly holiday experience with renting a lighthouse keeper's cottage, spending your time in a log cabin in a forest, take a tour of the best garden's or boating holiday in the many rivers and canals.

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