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  Soak In the True Beauty Lurking in Havana

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Thursday , July 30, 2015
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I was inclined towards 'the city that stood still' - Havana. Preparing to encounter the Cuban capital was an opportunity of a lifetime that shouldn't be missed. Having booked a last minute flight to Havana, I fathomed that this inviting Cuban city is unique and authentic with 16th century palaces; a craze for American cars; vivid and beautiful painted homes and shops. 
So prepare to shrug off any misconception you may have towards this amazing town.

Zero Crime

Havana Music
image credit:

Crime is almost non-existence in Havana. No traces of weapon trade, robbery or drug peddling. There is a concrete sense of humanity and community in Cuba. Everyone looks out for the good of others. I felt safe and well-treated here, so will you.

There's home for everyone

I was literary stressed to find any kind of homelessness in Havana. No one was found sleeping on the streets, crumpled up in a sleeping bag or a blanket. The government forcibly subsidized housing in Cuba and made it a law that owning a house is a right for everyone. The apartments might be tiny and overcrowded, but each one has four walls and a roof to stay. Book cheap flights to Havana to witness the life of the Cubans!

Havana Home
image credit:

American Cars

Havana is blissful for car lovers. Visitors to Havana flock in just to gape at these age-old beauties. Locals feel discouraged as these cars remind them of a bitter reality. Car parts are no longer available and their mode of transportation repeatedly breaks down with the need to get repaired. Some locals mend it on their own, while others wait for a new part to come in from the US.

Havana Cars
image credit:

The drivers are quite friendly but I felt uneasy riding one of those as if i am enjoying a struggle that Cubans face daily. Definitely these cars are a magnificent piece of art and prestige for the locals, but I feel it’s time they need a change and something that keeps them excited and entertained. Isn't Havana fascinating enough to allure you to bag lowest flight tickets

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Education, it's free!

Can’t believe that! Several things that are pricey elsewhere are free for people in Havana. Education is one of those things that is free right upto university. This is something that is highly valued as it determines a person's career. 
For Cubans, work means vocation that stirs up a sense of contribution without expecting anything in return. Kids are treated to a free nutritious lunch in school. Believe it or not, literacy rate is 99%.

Health Care, It's Free too!

Cubans enjoy free health care and they don’t dread of losing it. Despite not being updated with latest equipments and medicine, their system is quite commendable. Cuba has a list of the best trained doctors that anywhere else. Truly marvellous!

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  Exploring Two Thousand Miles of The Ghan

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Wednesday , July 22, 2015
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Exploring the Australian landscape and culture is not a child's play. If you just got down of a 24 hour train journey and had to board another one? Sound's painstaking isn't it? Well, it can be if you get to know that you have to travel another 1851 miles of total red bareness - famously known as The Australian Outback with The Ghan.

Ghan Map
image credit:

If you travel by train between Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin you are commencing on one of the extravagant train journeys in the world. Tagged after few Afghan gypsies who walked this soil, The Ghan cuts through the entire continent of Australia vertically.

A journey on the Ghan is an inimitable way to traverse within the two Australian jewels - the Red Centre and the tropical Top End. No excursion is complete without exploring these two not-to-miss destinations. 

The First Stage

The Northern Terr of Ghan
image credit:

The timetable of The Ghan first flies through the daylight hours, offering unmatched views of the natural landscape. Beginning from the exhaustive Adelaide Plains unfurling before your very eyes, to the imperial Flinders Ranges, this initial journey offers a vivid perspective on the southern part of Australia that one cannot afford to miss.

Constantly witnessing the changing landscape and the vivid colour blending into indigo and the red earth - the aspect of the Australian character tends to grip you with the passing of every frame.

The Boarding of The Ghan

The Ghan Interior
image credit:

Leave the train in Alice Springs to explore core points with Off Train Excursions. Such tours provide the opportunity to    discover the most fascinating sites. 

Entering The Top End

The Ghan
image credit:

As you enter the top end, the panorama softens with the scenery of few thriving flora valleys. You get the chance to explore the wondrous Nitmiluk, or the Katherine Gorge, before your train journey comes to a halt in Darwin.

The Highlights of the Journey

The Ghan Landscape
image credit:

One is for sure that you get to admire at some jaw-dropping sunrises and sunsets during your journey, and not to miss the beautiful moon rise. 

Photography on these journeys is a critical business. You are trying to shoot from a moving train at a very high speed with a double framed window with reflections of the sunlight. Try to enjoy the view and capture images in your mind, it is extremely rewarding. 

If there are any highlights along the way, these are the ones. But at the whole, the endless vastness of the landscape keeps you at an awe for the whole day.

You will be notified of the time changes as you pass through each zone between the Northern Territory and the South.

Few unique things that cross your path are: an Ironman, which is a bent train track in the shape of a human; you get to witness the salt flats at Port Augusta and the Finke Dry River Crossing.

While you are on the train, do sample the delights at the Gum Tree Lounge. To your astonishment, you get to sip and sight by sitting right next to the window. The GT Lounge stirs up more and more interaction with fellow travellers. Enjoy listening to the tales of other people or enjoy a musical session with young people. 

The Ghan Cabin
image credit:

The Entire Journey

If you plan to do the entire trip from Adelaide to Darwin, you will on the train for two nights and three days (54 hours), with very limited stops. The camel stands as the iconic symbol of The Ghan, and homage to those gypsy's who travelled this road before the trains came in. Quite a history, isn't it?

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  Cuthroat International Getaways Less Than Your iPhone

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Tuesday , July 14, 2015
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Have you bought an iPhone? Wow and all the best! The joy of possessing an iPhone does not last long. On the other hand, just imagine yourself treating an international getaway at the same price, or even at a lesser price. Am sure the memory of this will last for a lifetime. There are some terrific destinations, where you can travel for less than 50K, and note this, it's a round-trip. Sounds unbelievable, doesn't it?

All you need is some good amount of survey, advance planning and tricks to bag the best travel deal. Get some points and resurrect the backpacker in you to head for these fascinating destinations at a shoestring budget.


image credit:

In the mind of a traveller, beaches, mountains, culture, attractions and food are the main ingredients that are desired for, and Thailand tops the list as one of the most loved and visited destination. Famous for its street food, a good full-meal can be really affordable. 

You can combine your trip among 2-3 cities such as Bangkok, Coral Islands and Pattaya. To explore the genuine culture of Thailand, Chiang Mai is a good option. You can capture the essence of age-old Buddhist temples, floating market, underwater world, the tuk-tuk ride, savour 'Som Tam' and many more. For more information on accommodation, kindly check for details and save much.


image credit:

Welcome to a tiny, modern and a city that is larger-than-life. You can avail amazing bargains and no doubt, these bargains are the best way to spend money on a vacation. The accommodation options are mainly suitable for backpackers. Check out our Singapore hotel deals here and grab the best that suits you. While exploring the city in the broad daylight, do not forget to explore it after dark when Marina Bay lights up. Find out about latest airfare deals to Singapore.


image credit:

The country of Vietnam is a timeless charm that shoots Asian culture and history quite elaborately. To enjoy a stay like none other, Ho Chi Minh is a den of hostels that one can bag with affordable tariffs. Some of the must eat mouth watering Vietnamese food include Fried Spring Rolls, Minced Fish and several other popular dishes.

The best way to save time and money is to take a short Yacht or boat cruise in Vietnam besides obvious indulgences like local market tours, island tours and wildlife tours. Must Visit include Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh city. Bag latest deals with flights to Vietnam from Crystal Travel.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
image credit:

The droplet-shaped like tiny country under India is home to some amazing culture, landscape, and it is the best backpacking destination to escape away from home. You can get the best accommodation deal from Crystal Travel UK and save an amazing amount for your ravishing holiday. 

You can find the deal of your choice in cities like Kandy and Colombo. Find being pampered in some out-of-the-world restaurants such as Ceylon Tea Moments where you can sample the heavenly Sri Lankan meal of fish curry in the local markets.


image credit:

To enjoy an ideal holiday destination among soaring peaks and breathtaking panorama, Nepal poses as the best destination for every traveller. Accommodation in hotels start quite low and they are affordable. Among the places to eat, OR2K is a popular Israeli restaurant that can be in your budget. If you head towards the paradise of Pokhara, Krishna's Kitchen is another ideal choice for an amazing dining.
Places of must visit include Pokhara, Nagarkot, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, Devi falls, the Seti River Gorge and the bustling bazaars.

image credit:

This are the top five famous destinations that can be explored with minimum budget. On our next part of 'Cut-Throat International Getaways Less Than Your iPhone -2' we bring to you a whole lot of other jaw-dropping destinations that you wouldn't have thought them to be dirt cheap. Stay tuned!

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  I Witnessed Something So Very Scary Yet Tempting

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Friday , July 10, 2015
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Once a while you may have dreamt of being in some untrodden place that stood out to be unexplained, in your dreams i mean. Well, the mother earth bears such places where you cannot withstand the surreal, magical quality of these places, some of which seem to be deserted. For a traveller, any amount of restriction will not keep him back from exploring these mysterious places. Put your traveller instincts to the best use for these enlisted places that definitely need a look.

Nazca Line - Peru

Nazca Lines
image credit:

A World Heritage Site would definitely be your pick, wouldn't it be? These manifold complicated lined designs are best appreciated from a height of 1800 ft. This design is said to be the legacy of Nazca culture and raises the thought as to how they were created.

Hotel Del Salto in Tequendama Falls, Colombia

Hotel Del Salto
image credit:

Want to see something creepy, yet engrossing? 18 miles southwest of the city of Bogotá lies something very thrilling. Just infront of the imposing Tequendama Falls, surrounded by the glorious greenery, lies the Hotel del Salto. It is closed and transformed into a museum as legend claims it to be haunted due to a large number of suicides.

Moguicheng - The City of Devil, China

image credit:

The name above stands true, that too for good reasons. The zigzag layers create a stunning landscape that is enough to give you a spine-chilling experience. Visitors to this place have claimed to hear sounds of bells and people mourning. All daredevils out there can accept this challenge, can you?

Jatinga - Assam, India

image credit:

The Jatinga Valley in Assam acquires all the reasons to be a worthwhile place. This petite village is known for a peculiar occurrence between the months of September to November when the lovely looking flock of birds commit suicide and the intention is still unexplained. 

Door To Hell - Derweze, Turkmenistan

Door To Hell
image credit:

Face your fears with this open crater which is located at the centre of Karakum desert. The burning pit was an accidental action when few Russian scientists lit it up thinking that the gas was poisonous and would burn out in few hours. Well, it is still burning and drawing people from all over to admire as well as face their utmost fear as they stand at the edge.

Lake Anjikuni - Nunavut, Canada

Lake Anjikuni
image credit:

An interesting legend says that an entire village that nestled beside Lake Anjikuni vanished in the late 1930s. A traveller came searching for shelter and discovered this place. He found that not a soul existed in this village. Nearby people have claimed it to be haunted with ghosts and aliens. Every bit of the legend still remains a mystery.

The M Triangle - Russia

The M Triangle
image credit:

Ever heard of Area 51? If you have heard of this mysterious place, then the M triangle of the Ural Mountains will surely engross you with its unexplained conundrum. It is believed that once people step into this area, they come out much more smarter than once they were. Famous for its peculiar activities and anonymous. Rubbing shoulders with Area 51, the M triangle is definitely the most dominant places on the planet now a days.

Point Pleasant - West Virginia, USA

Point Pleasant
image credit:

The place may look pleasant and no doubt it is. It once lived up to its true name until some strange occurrences began to take place, and the name became quote ironic. Heard about Mothman? The town's most renowned creation that posed as a huge creature with glowing red eyes and wings. During 1967, it terrorized people and the mystery never got solved. 

The Island of the Dolls, Mexico

The Island of Dolls
image credit:

The story goes this way - a girl drowned due to unexplained situations. The caretaker blamed himself for the happenings and kept hanging a doll until his death. Well, scary isn't it?

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  Explore the City of Food and History in Macau

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Thursday , July 02, 2015
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What comes to your mind when you think about a trip to Macau with cheap flights to Macau? Is it food, casinos or puzzling roads and colonies? Being under the last European colony, Macau is blessed with a unique architecture style structures and well-preserved buildings. 

Attraction in Macau
image credit:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

If you are ready to get spoilt for choices, then it's food that has lived up to the choice and expectations of the people. Despite the petite size, Macau offers a unique selection of Macanese cuisine, street food and bars.

Macau is divided into four regions - Taipa, the Peninsula, Cotai and Coloane. If you have missed visiting any of these places, you can make the amendments by halting at these places and sampling some of the best local food. For some, the Macau Peninsula has stirred up the interest among the travellers due to several historical attractions, bewildered lanes and eateries. With Macau flights explore these places on foot, the best way to soak up the cultural environment.

The Macau Peninsula

If you are at the Peninsula, a breakfast at the oldest Cafe Nam Ping is the most stylish and interesting way to begin you day. Enjoy various preparations of eggs, sandwiches and pastries costing peanuts.

Tea lovers will surely love escaping towards this place. The top grade tea at Va Lun's is available at a reasonable price. Other flavours are even cheaper having a candied and a soothing taste. Enjoy such delicacies with flights from London to Macau.

Senado Square

image credit:

Make Senado Square your next stop, which is also known as 'the water fountain' by the locals. This is one of the best and must-go-places where you can appreciate the neo classical buildings. Now these buildings operate as medical and cosmetic stores, and even souvenir shops. You will truly fall in love with the architecture. I also advise you to explore the Senado Square as evening creeps in. The comfortable lightings transform the square into an enchanted space.

Rua da Felicidade

The most appealing parts of Macau is Rua da Felicidade. What makes it so charming? Well, the shops that are lined, amazing restaurants with shutters and a red facade. This area was once famous as the red-light district, but now it is popular for credible snacks, desserts and rice porridge. 

Lovers of beef balls and a good rice porridge can head towards Sam Un, which also serves delicious handmade pork and beef balls allures guests early in the morning. It's an soul-filling, cheap and satisfying breakfast.

The Local Market

Strolling and shopping around the local market is the best way to see and feel the local life. The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex is a multi-storey complex with a food court and wet market on the top floor. Each level is equipped by an escalator and sells seafood, vegetables and various other products.

Lord Stows Egg Tarts
image credit:

After soaking up the local market, it is a good idea to enjoy few cups of the unique local drink. There are two stalls here that serve brewed coffee and tea, with a heavenly aroma.

If it's noon, by this time you might be quite hungry. Reaching Coloane can be the best option to sample some egg tarts. These egg tarts can also be bought at other places such as Lord Stow's famous egg tarts. The rich, creamy egg custard is extremely heavenly. A bite into it is truly gratifying, you will definitely carry some for your loved ones. You can enjoy all these fun-times with last minute flights to Macau.

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