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  Something New At Disneyland this Year

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , July 28, 2014
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Hey what's building at Walt Disney this year? The air puffs up with this question, as there always something wild and innovative gearing up to surprise visitors. From thrilling new attractions, gigantic amusement parks and mind-boggling apps, you can expect a lot of change, and change incorporating new things to pamper even the most ardent and stone-hearted person. So you better be ready!

image credit:

Hike in Ticket Prices

During the initial ages when Walt Disney was inaugurated in 1971, in Orlando, the admission price was $3.50. When it inflated to $20.50, it was still affordable. Well, the current price for a single day, all inclusive ticket goes right up to $99 and kids aging between 3-9 years need to pay $93. 

The New Fantasyland

image credit:

The Seven Dwarf Mine Train is the latest attraction that was introduced this year in May. Since few years the Magic Kingdom Fantasyland has gone through a complete renovation and major adjustments. Some new attractions have replaced Snow White's Adventure. There are various thrilling and scary rides as well. Kids can marvel at their Disney princess at the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

Visitors to the New Fantasyland can explore the two new parts: the Storybook Circus and the Enchanted Forest. The theme park's official news site, Walt Disney World News is the largest expansion project one can see.

The Fantasy Parade

The fun at the new Fantasyland spreads from various exciting rides right up to the streets where people can witness the new parades. From costumes, soundtracks and the cheer up, the Festival of Fantasy tells tales of several animated films.

The New App

Get your hand on the new features of the 'My Disney Experience' mobile app. This one and only app had spread like wildfire, displaying a revolution towards the whole Disney revolution. One need not go and check if the line of a ride has come to an ease, simply get to know the status of the wait time.

Fast Pass+

With this FastPass+ guests can book their fast lane access to several rides, shows, parades and other activities just by dodging three FastPass+ attractions per day. These FastPass+ tickets are quite limited and they are available on a first come, first served basis and these passes are now available to all the patrons of the park. 

image credit:

If you are staying at the resort, there will be an added advantage. You will get to select you FastPass+ 60 days in advance. Enjoy such added services and amazing benefits.

Disney Springs on the Way

The Downtown Disney area to be converted into Disney Springs by 2016 and this new addition will offer double the amount of dining, entertainment, shopping options. You can expect more facilities and services including captivating springs, open-air arcade and heaps of thrill and charm.

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  The Five Importance of Travelling

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Friday , July 25, 2014
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As one reaches mid-year, they may start reflecting about what all they have gained, achieved and lost. We all do that! Don’t we? Suppose you live overseas for a particular phase of time, travel to new places, gone through the ups and downs, what is it that brings back to your memories, time and again?

Let's wrap all the experiences, the shouts, the cheers, cries and laughter - hasn't travel made us into a much better person? Well, that goes for the fact that those who travel, travel with an open mind and willingness to learn. 

What you learn travelling around, you never learn on your class desk. The mistakes you make, makes you into a better person.
Some people already have inherited much of the qualities we have been toiling night and day travelling. Here are five vital things we can learn while travelling:

Take a Break

Holiday Break
image credit:

Doesn't life get mundane each and every day? Have you lately felt you can’t take it anymore and you just need to break-free? Well, the answer is yes! We all deserve a break and change in life, where we can do what we like and the way we want it. 

So do not be in a dilemma to take a break and relax as much as you can. At the end of the break, you can ponder on your life and the journey you need to take ahead.

Know Yourself

If you are heading towards a hill station, or a city beside the beach, bring the inner person out of you and reflect upon yourself. Sit at the shore or beside a river for hours and gaze at the landscapes and scenery. 

Sitting beside a River
image credit: 

You might be inspired to write a journal while travelling, which in turn, might surprise you when you get to know yourself. 

Learn a New Language

New places sprout new culture and languages. If you're in love with that place, you'll surely pick up the local language. In this present age, learning a new language benefits a person very much. Your holiday will not only be a fun time, but also turn out to be knowledgeable for you. New languages beget new memories!

Learn a New Language
image credit:

Face your Fears

Fear and travel can never go together. Fear snatches away the enjoyment and fills you with uncertainty, doubt and hopelessness. It can be the fear of travelling alone or with loved ones, fear of water and of heights. Face nature without fear, and nature will make you feel at home. Take a chance to explore something new that too, without fear and you'll soon realise the wonder of travelling.

Face your fears
image credit:

Be More Active

When on a vacation, you get the opportunity to be more active with activities such as rock climbing, rafting and other beach activities. You will definitely not be locked in your hotel room all day. 

image credit:

There's plenty so see, do, discover and explore. Even if you do not attempt the sporting activities, you can simply walk around and get to know the place, talk to people, and try different cuisines. Yes, travelling is hectic; keeps body, mind and soul active and energetic, and moreover, reduces stress.

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  Explore Life in the Tent with Bedouins

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Wednesday , July 23, 2014
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Wondering, if you have ever experienced a desert holiday, in one of the bedouin tents, without the air conditioner, the comfort and facilities of your hotel rooms, the well-laid pavements of a tree-lined street or even the elegant malls and markets. Well, none of these are there, but life seems to take a different turn once you get into the shoe of a bedouin life.

Come and visit Oasis Dakhla (a part of the seven oases of the Western Desert in Egypt, a part of the Libyan Desert) and meet some of the real-life Bedouins who have never left their traditional ways of life. Let's get familiar to their life before you actually start planning on a bedouin vacation.

Their Tent - Handwoven Masterpiece

Living in a tent brings forth a feel of adventure and the travellers isolation which he/she enjoys during a trip. A Bedouin's tent is purely a home with limited facilities, or you may not know what treasures may lay in there. 

Bedouin Tent
image credit:

The tent is usually woven from goats' hair, so went it pours, the woven pattern contracts, not letting the water to get soaked and drip inside. During the heat waves, the interior of the tent remains pleasurably cool and during winters the effect is reversed. When it’s bitter cold outside, its warm and cosy inside with a small fire lit.

Their Music - Haunting & Soulful

The simple, fun-loving Bedouins are not great rockstars but they truly don't need anything else to make music, except their voices and the rhythmic clap of hands. The haunting melodies, their dance and the blissful mood make them feel strong, united and encouraged.

Their songs have been passed down by their forefathers and families which usually talks about being happy. There are several songs for the camels to inject hope and strength in the 'ship of the desert'. Once you're on the camel, you can feel the positive vibe by the way your body moves. 

Bedouin Songs
image credit:

When twilight creeps in, the fire is lit and the songs are sung with drums and a samsomeja (a typical instrument similar to a guitar) to entertain the guests.

Their Food - Simple and Gratifying

Bedouins love fetir (a kind of pancake) which is eaten with hot milk or soup. They also relish in Moraras, a pancake with samna (a kind of fat), sugar and honey.

You might not be able to carry all other food stuff into the desert; your food, in that case, will be simple and tasty. They can cook anything with rice and flour and you'll also get a variety of freshly baked breads to dip in your curries.

Bedouin Food
image credit:

Their Attire - Graceful and Pleasing

They love to wear a long gown type dress in various colours and protect their head from the cold and heat with shaals. Well, there are various ways to wear shaals and especially the males have this kind of attire. 

Bedouin Dress
image credit:

The women frequently dress in a bright long gown, but while going out, they dress in 'abaya', a long black coat, maybe with embroidery. They always cover their head and hair while leaving the house. While the older generation uses 'burqah', the younger generation use a 'tarha' (shawl) to cover faces.

Their Hospitality - State-of-the-Art

Bedouins treat their guests with love, care and with tremendous hospitality. They have this belief that their homes are poor without guests. After a meal the men discuss. They enjoy sitting in a circle, or a semi-circle, reclining on a cushion or pillow and spend hours talking and smoking pipes or hookahs. 

Guests are not allowed to pay anything; everything is bore by the host or the whole family. In every season, inside the tents you can see glorious smiles. They truly know how to enjoy life with whatever they have!

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  Top 10 Magical and Gripping Forests Part Two

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , July 21, 2014
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Trillemarka - Rollagsfjell Forest

Created on December 13, 2002, the thriving natural reserve is located in Buskerud, Norway, between the mountainous areas in Numedal and Solevann. This is an ancient wilderness forest of Norway. The land has the look to allure all nature lovers with age-old trees, rivers, valleys and lakes. 

There are large amounts of animals living in their natural habitat, completely dependent on the environment of the forest. Explore endangered species of birds such as Tree-toed woodpecker, Siberian Jay, the Golden Eagle, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and many more. Apart from birds, there are endangered species of fungi, mosses and lichens. 

Dark Entry Forest

Dark Entry Forest
image credit:

Dark Entry Forest, also known as 'the village of the damned' is a ghost town in Cornwall, Connecticut, which was once a renowned place of visitation until people witnessed strange sightings, mass suicides and mysterious murders. There were cases of hallucinations which led people to suicide and animals started to vanish.

The area is a large thick forest with rugged rocky mountains and an old town called Dudley Town. Because of the tall trees and dense forest, the name - Dark Entry Forest came into being. Local visitors and neighbouring villagers have stated that the forest is insanely quiet and without wildlife. 


The Ardennes is a thriving region with extensive woodland, forests, ridges and hills situated in Luxembourg, Belgium and France. The land is rich in minerals and timber and covered with dense forests and mountainous terrain. 

There was a time this land was the site for battles and thus, this place also bagged the name 'The Battle of the Bulge'. Most of the towns in and around this area were destroyed during the battle. Today, the charm of Ardennes lies in the wide-ranging activities including hunting, walking, cycling and other tourist hot-spots.

Hoia-Baciu Forest

Hoia-Baciu Forest
image credit:

The Hoia-Baciu Forest, also named as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania is situated in Romania. The intriguing forest bags its name after a shepherd boy disappeared completely with two hundred sheep and therefore, most people are scared to enter. Many who have gone inside complain of nausea, vomiting, rashes, migraines and other sensations that someone is watching.

This forest has a reputation for paranormal activities of seeing paranormal activities, hearing female voices, UFO lights and people being scratched. Several scientists have managed to capture strange sightings and bizarre materials on their video.

Ancient Wuda Forest

Ancient Wuda Forest
image credit:

The Ancient Wuda Forest was found buried under volcanic ash near Mongolia. It is believed that the blast came from a large volcano around 100 kilometres away and the destruction left a layer of ash that was 40 inches thick. 

Under the ash a large collection of flora and plant species was found that had been extinct. The land around the forest is swampy with inches of water and peat. There were six different species of trees that were identified belonging to the family of the ferns.

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  Top Ten Magical and Gripping Forests Part One

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Friday , July 18, 2014
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How do you identify forests these days, when there is so much of deforestation and wild forest fires? Most people connect forests with trees, but the thought of forests reaches to a much deeper perception that comprises of numerous rare species that call forest their home. 

Apart from the tall trees grappling with each other the ecosystem reaches out to insects, animals, fungi and bacteria.

Much of the earth still possesses tranquil and gigantic forests that when you step in, fresh air fills your lungs. The forests suddenly come alive at the sound of a stranger entering it. 

You'll discover new things, inhale a new air, be in close contact with nature and come to terms with something that the world lacks - peace. Enter into the world of such serenity that will make you escape the world of technology.

North Sentinel Island Forest, Andaman Belt

North Sentinel Island Forest
image credit:

Situated in the Andaman belt of the Bay of Bengal, this unique island forest is full of coral reefs and covered with old grown trees. The island forest is also home to the Neolithic tribe known as Sentinelese. 

These tribes stay away from any contact with the outside world and have known to kill two men who were illegally hunting for mud crabs. 
The Sentinelese are mainly a hunters group that maintain their living from fishing, hunting and obtaining rare wild plants. The 10-metre accuracy throw of flatbow and javelins do send out a warning shot to intruders. Their food includes fruits, coconut and other wild games.

Crooked Forest, Poland

The uniquely shaped pine trees located at the outskirts of Nowe Czarnowo, Poland was thought these trees were formed with a human tool, but the reason for such growth remains unknown.

Crooked Forest
image credit:

The forest contains around 400 pine trees, all of which are bent at 90 degrees at the base. These trees have grown for seven years before they took this shape. Till today, it remains a bizarre case that remains unexplained.

Red Forest, Ukraine

The Red Forest, also known as, the Wormwood Forest came to be a special one after the Chernobyl Nuclear accident on April 26, 1986. The Wormwood Forest turned brown and rotted away. Today, the Red Forest is one of the most contaminated places on the face of the earth. 

Red Forest
image credit:

The scientists got the opportunity to completely understand the happenings of the natural environment from time to time. With something remarkable, the flora and fauna, along with the wildlife, has seen drastic changes of flourishing and surviving. Birds are nesting as well as wild species of animals have found their home among the dead area. There is something unique and unexplained here!

Sea of Trees, Japan

Let's start of this way; the Sea of Trees is famous for two things - a captivating view of Mt. Fuji and numerous suicides. Yes, suicides!
This forest is located at the base of the glorious Mt. Fujiyama, containing several gigantic trees and hidden caverns. Being dark and thick, a collection of sunbeams are the only source of light available. 

Sea of Trees
image credit:

The suicide rate has caused a panic and offers warning signs to visitors to keep a watch on their actions and motives. Legends say that leaving an elderly relative to die in this isolated area was widely practiced.

Chestnut Hills, West Salem, Wisconsin

Don't panic, it's nothing as the movie, 'The Hills Have Eyes'. These hills bear the name and fame due to a disease that struck America around 1900 through the trading of chestnut trees or chestnut lumber. These hefty trees grow as tall as 200 feet, with a 14 feet trunk and lovely flowers on it.

Chestnut Hills
image credit:

The largest remaining forest is named as Chestnut Hills, with approximately 2500 chestnut trees without any traces of the disease. 

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