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  Amazing Road Trip Adventures

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , March 02, 2015
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When it comes down to road trips, one does truly get inspired with few of the most staggering driving routes around the world. Be it the pretty-looking route from Bavaria to the frigid region of Alaska or cruising down the classic US highway in a Chevrolet or even exploring  the untamed wildebeests of Africa, there is definitely a better way to explore the world. Crystal Travel unveils top-class road trips from around the globe. Believe me some are gorgeous, while others are spine-chilling!

Seward Highway, USA

Seward Highway
image credit:

Find your way along the 127-mile long strip of road surrounded by forests and glaciers in the tiny district of Seward. This route is renowned for snowy mountains and a water wall that can be witnessed at several stoppages along the way.

Highway 61, USA

image credit:

This route injects life into everyone's spirit who goes down. Most often it's like a pilgrimage rather than a trip. You may never know but you will drive down through the land of Bob Dylan, BB King and Muddy Waters. Stop at a bar and find yourself being entertained with their music.

Pacific Coast Highway, USA

Pacific Coast Highway
image credit:

Rent a classic vintage car and journey through Seattle and San Diego cutting in between through cities such as San Francisco and California.

Bollenstreek Route, Netherlands

Bollenstreek Route
image credit:

Netherlands can spectacular when it comes down to a road trip. Cut your way through the rainbow fields and the flourishing tulips. The Bollenstreek Route is one of the most amazing drives in the whole wide world. The months of April and May turn in a beautiful line of colours. Stop at a cute village to relax and grab a snack.

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Skeleton Coast
image credit:

If something is hauntingly impressive, it has to be the Skeleton Coast that is often known as 'the road God made in anger'. You can witness skeletons of whales and rusty shipwrecks. You will surely love racing against the coastal winds into the rugged landscape.

Karakoram Highway, China and Pakistan

Karakoram Highway
image credit:

Being part of the Silk Route down the yester years, this highway connects China to Pakistan. It is one of the highest paved roads in the world. Travel through towering snow-clogged peaks, gorges, serene villages and witness clear night skies with the brightest stars ever.

Ruta 40, Argentina

Ruta 40
image credit:

Running 3000 miles parallel to the Andes, Ruta 40 displays authentic life of Argentina's landscape and culture. Marvel at the thriving vineyards, flat salt lands and crossing Llamas.

Atlantic Road, Norway

Atlantic Road
image credit:

The zigzag stretch of bridges and roads can be quite intriguing. Being close to the sea, this 5 mile road trip will offer some engrossing scenery and a pleasant weather. See if you spot a whale and seal.

Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar

Avenue of the Baobabs
image credit:

So what's special about this road? It has to be the Baobab Trees that are dotted alongside the yellow dusty road. The trees can grow upto 30 meters and live upto 800 years.

Romantic Road, Germany

Romantic Road
image credit:

To witness your childhood fairy-tale land and castles, this grand and pretty-looking German town looks snatched right out of a Disney flick. Once haunted with the horrors of WWII, the present town doesn't hide its charm and beauty.

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  Top Seven Coffee Fueled Capitals

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Wednesday , February 25, 2015
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Coffee it is! Aha! A life-giving spirit triggers our exhausted bodies when someone offers coffee and very soon, sip by sip this natural drink becomes the elixir of life. Need to ask you this - Can anyone of you function without an aromatic and delicious morning cup? If so, a few of these world-renowned coffee capitals will surely feed your caffeine desire. Apart from being staggering destinations, these cities are a perfect getaway for all you caffeine-injected personnel.

Coffee Beans
image credit:


Rome takes coffee very seriously; it's rather more than a drink! It's oxygen to them. Rome is the ultimate coffee destination where you'll find several lovely looking cafe outlets with people flocking in. Just order a small black coffee at the bar and enjoy the untamed Italian crowd. Nothing matches an outdoor cappuccino blending in with the world passing by.

Coffee in Rome
image credit:


The quaint capital city of Iceland is accustomed to the perfect blend and brew of a well-made coffee. There are numerous coffee courts in the freezing zone. What's more striking than sipping coffee with a book in hand?

Addis Ababa

Due to the 1935 invasion, there are quite a few cafe-bars speckled all over the city of Ethiopia. What usually began as a coffee ceremony in several Ethiopian homes already had spread to several shops and restaurants. Watch fresh coffee beans grounded over charcoal and then being poured into tiny cups with sugar.

Ethiopian coffee
image credit:


Cuba has an expanded export business of coffee in the whole wide world. There cannot be a better place than Havana where you can taste the most authentic coffee ever. It's not surprising that coffee accompanies most meals throughout the day. Cuban coffee and cigar is the most common combination that locals cherish.

Rio de Janeiro

South America is mostly renowned as the world's largest producer and exporter of coffee. Drown into the past history at one of the coffee plantations with a cup of coffee in hand.


The ambience in a Kaffeehaus matches up to no other place in the world. The decor is undoubtedly fascinating that takes your imagination into the past. People do enjoy spending their entire day at of these cafe bars.

Sip Coffee in Iceland
image credit:


In a diverse and big city like London, cuddling up into a coffee shop isn't surprising. From age-old coffee parlours to the authentic and recent cafe-bars, you'll surely find a place that suits your style and taste. In May, coffee lovers flock to London to take part in the London Coffee Festival that celebrates life with coffee.

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  What Has March 2015 in Store for Travellers

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Saturday , February 21, 2015
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March triggers the entrance of spring. Though it's chilly in UK as well as in Europe, you will still find the gleaming sun in the Mediterranean. Temperatures are most likely cool and the sea quite cold.

To relish a wonderful sunbathing, it's better to look down the horizon other than Mediterranean. Well, you need not fly far. The Canary Islands of Tenerife and Lanzarote can offer warm waters and a joyful sunshine. You can also ponder on Madeira which is blessed with some impressive hotels and resorts.

image credit:

To creep into an exotic world, Morocco is an outstanding option to explore cities such as Marrakech or Fes. Join the adventure tour to scale mountains, souks and few of the stunning attractions. From UK, the flight is less than 4 hours and you can soak up 8 hours of some gleaming sunshine.

For short-haul options one can consider Jordan and discover the famous site of Petra with Trek Petra Tour. How about witnessing a Solar Eclipse in March 2015 at the Faroe Islands? 

Beach Holidays in March

To enjoy the magical beach weather, you just need to fly a bit further. Situated towards West Africa, Gambia is an amazing destination and fabulous for cheap holidays in March. Another name that pops up for March holidays is Caribbean. Try travelling before Easter price rise to bag best deals.

The Gulf is just 7 hours from UK; Dubai attracts several travellers to its marvellous collection of markets, beaches and malls.

image credit:

Heading towards Anguilla can spring up numerous surprises at the powdery sand beaches. Cayman Islands and Barbados are exquisite places for stylish hotels, excellent dining and some great diving spots.

A small little favourite and friendly outing towards Tobago and Grenada can be purely blissful. Resorts such as Sandals and Calabash Hotels offer immense relaxation. You might also consider a cruise of the Caribbean or a beach sightseeing of Cuba.

Asia holiday ideas in March

March can be a muggy month in some of the resorts in Asia. Bangkok is hot, whereas few parts in China can be chilly. Sri Lanka & Vietnam are good deals for beach holidays. If you move towards North India, Rajasthan is an amazing place to visit In India. Japan on the other hand displays fascinating food, culture and breathtaking landscapes.

Galapagos Islands

image credit:

How about something different?

Have you thought about South America? Well, we recommend Argentina or Brazil where you can explore a charming culture, mountains and jungles; Galapagos Islands as well as beaches. There cannot be a good time other than March for a week-long holiday in Australia. Why not combine Sydney with the gorgeous Hayman Islands or experience the golden triangle of Sydney, Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef.

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  Seven Most Romantic Places around the Globe

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Monday , February 16, 2015
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Alas! The most romantic day, that happens to be Feb 14th, passed away soon, but hey, those of you newly in love, your life has just started. IF you are one of those who have just got a loving partner, well there is nothing dreamier than exploring few romantic spots on the planet. 

Sand Love.jpg
image credit:

Right from getting that awesome touch from your partner to experiencing your first kiss, fall in love with the most quixotic and romantic places in the world. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for the perfect spot for an amazing rendezvous, ditch few of those romantic gestures in front of the PC, and take a trip down to lover's' lane.

Romance, USA

Well yes, Romance is a tiny looking rugged town set up in Arkansas. The name popped up due to a teacher who had the thinking that the town was actually too romantic. The local post office is the regions prime attraction where lovers flock to post their love letters. They are still awaiting the modern features of emailing.

Lover, England

With just 3 pretty-looking roads in the smallest hamlet, one will surely find the way to the lovers' paradise. It is said that a poor postman had the most tiring job of carrying love gifts each to the respective partners.

Romantic Couple
image credit:

Heart Peaks, Canada

Heart Peaks in British Columbia can make you head and heels in love. Gear up to sizzle a bit as you hike up the volcanic mountain, at the height of 6000 ft. Don’t worry, its' been dormant for several decades now.

Kissing, Germany

Well it’s Bavaria, home of some ravishing beer that brings up the perfect recipe for a romantic outing.  Make yourself comfortable at a cafe joint or street-side restaurant for some lip-smacking gourmet and if all goes well, and you are curious to explore more, then Munich is at a short distance down the highway.

Couples Camping
image credit:

Heart's Content, Canada

Fun-times in the snow with someone special can leave trails of loving memories behind. This small town called Heart's Content, that lies in the region of Labrador and Newfoundland in Canada is famous for lovers who wish to get lost in the world of never-land.

Valentine, Australia

From a realistic and shady mining town situated in Australia, to a dreamy and modern town, this amazing city poses as a thriving romantic town for escaping lovers. The town is located on the shores of Lake Macquarie, not far from the Sydney coast and you will surely love swimming, camping and some amazing BBQ.

Date, Japan

Well, you can enjoy a double date in the technically-oriented country of Japan where there are two main towns called 'Date'. One is situated in Hokkaido, towards Japan's northern island, and the other one is on the main island of Honshu.

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  Budget Valentines Day Getaways for Two

By Crystal Travel-Last Updated Thursday , February 12, 2015
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For some, Valentine's Day proves to be pricey and for some they just love to spend extravagantly on their partner. Well, the special day not only reminds us to appreciate our loved ones, but also for planning the best excuse for a dreamy vacation. 

A quick escapade in February need not break the bank, for sure. You might be on your toes reading about some ideas for a cheap Valentine's Day holiday. Well, you can skip the roses and the chocolates in return of a trip that your partner will relish and love all her life - a sudden getaway! How's that?

Escape into Romance the Cheap Way

Bangkok from £326

So are you really passionate about travelling? Well, the first city that comes to mind for a ravishing Valentine holiday is none other than the exhilarating capital of Thailand. No wonder Bangkok holds gems that can get your partner pampered and treated extremely well. If Bangkok is energetic during the day, the evenings are seductive and nights are exotic. Be it any time of the day, you two will surely have a gala time this V-Day.

Bangkok Love
image credit:

Dubai from £339

Dubai is not only for family tours, students or business people. Dubai can shape itself for the lovely couples too. Be it the newly married or couples thinking of joining in holy matrimony, Dubai is just enthralling! You need not book a lavish hotel to accelerate your romance, even a Bedouins hut, beach resort and tents can create the most amazing moment you can ever think of. Well, there's nothing like digging into a BBQ and watch gypsy dance by cuddling into your partner.

image credit:

Orlando from £440

Do you wish to include the Disney and cartoon characters in your love story? Well, if you're in Orlando, your partner might be amused more with the attractions around than you. Yes, but true, Orlando not only allures kids, but elders and couples too. Even if you just get to roam the city, you're in the seventh heaven. With ample attractions, cheerful crowd, ravishing cuisine and fast food, you are definitely in for a treat.

image credit:

Singapore from £471

The country that fines people for littering around with chewing gums can provide the shade and sun for your love-life. A quick trip to the Sentosa Island, Singapore Zoo and an evening near the Singapore waterways can be quite dreamy and memorable. There cannot be a treat more affordable than this.

image credit:

Manila from £488

The Philippine capital city of Manila has seen the unification of 700 couples tying knots during a mass in the year 2012. It was indeed a special moment that made history. You will surely be at awe as to what Manila has to offer you this Valentine's Day. Explore the most quixotic restaurants, nightlife and quiet moments out in the sea with your partner. What else do you need? It's all there!

image credit:

To book affordable/budget hotels and car hire for this Valentine's Day, simply click this link and allow us to serve you.

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