Chase the Nature and History in Sri Lanka

One need not beat their head to scrutinize the tremendous growth of tourism in Sri Lanka. The petite nation is loaded with amazing amalgamation of history, wildlife, nature and culture.
The southern mass of land in the Indian Ocean is blessed and equipped with endless opportunities to book holiday packages.

Discover the marks of colonialism, marvel at its enchanting relic monuments, scroll down to thrilling ruins, rest at its primeval oceanfronts, witness hordes of elephants, find divinity at its tempting temples and a lot more you can ever dream of during amazing holidays. Sri Lanka possesses everything you can think of. With the rise of tourists each year, the beautiful country has become home to famous spas, plush hotels, modish resorts, shopping districts and restaurants.

The country may not be that large in size, infact it’s not, but still it can spellbind everyone flocking in. Numerous places of attraction and charm abides to grip you into utter amazement. Therefore, as you plan on exploring this ravishing nation in the ocean, check out with Crystal Travel for amazing offers and dynamic packages and what all you can do in Sri Lanka.

Pay a Visit to Old Dutch Fort at Galle
Galle City in the south still bears the markings of the Dutch rule and the various forts and relics to prove that. The Old Dutch Fort is located atop a plateau right facing the torrential sea. This fort was built in 1588 and visitors can enjoy the amazing work of age-old Gothic style architecture. Visit this place on a bright sunny morning and head towards the beach right after admiring and capturing shots of the fort.

Elephant Riding Is Must Here

An elephant ride will definitely bring back hilarious yet exciting moments back to your mind. Sri Lanka is the native land of the elephants and you cannot escape them at any cost. There are
specific areas where a ride on the big fellow can be organised. Do get in touch at your hotel reception and surely they can arrange an elephant tour for you and your family.

Live Some Life in the Gardens of Tea

Try plucking tea leaves and dropping them into your basket. The country being a vast exporter and producer of tea, you can visit the enormous tea plantations. Learn about the varieties
of tea with a guide or sip tea with a local worker.

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