Why to Choose Bratislava This Summer to Appetite Your Hunger

Bratislava, the cool capital of Slovak Republic and within few hours drive from Czech Republic’s capital Prague, has a mind-blowing range of flavors which the town has long been catering to huge piles of voyagers coming here since ages. Home of some thousands of soft hearted, Slovakian spoken, enthusiasts and party loving habitants, Bratislava offers a captivating culinary gusto to voyagers.

Enjoy multi-cuisines dipped in Slovakian traditional colors in addition with traditional delicacies served by beautiful Slovakian females in its plush open roof patios or slip in a lavish restaurant to grab exquisite dining scene of town, and one thing for sure your tongue and eyes both will receive a magnificent experience of food and scenery respectively.

The town operates as the hub of all sorts of nation-wide happenings, whether it was the World War II time, the separation from Czech Republic or today’s showcasing of Slovakian culture, Bratislava sets itself apart and so full of the maximum numbers of attractions in whole nation. Therefore, voyagers should unarguably expect a leading chain of elite food points. However, if you are searching options for budget dining in Bratislava, check this.

Top Five Restaurants in Bratislava

1. Restaurant Messina
Tobrucka 4, 811 02
Bratislava, Slovakia
Contact: +421 2 577 84 600/610
People get short to stay over one of the Bratislava’s best hotels, the Hotel Marrols, should at least grab a dining opportunity at Restaurant Messina, hotel’s restaurant section serving finest of Italian Cusines in the town. Its plush echo, contemporary lighting, a wide menu and pleasing services make dining here a sweet experience on the mind of travelers. You can choose from a combination of specially chosen Italian dishes including pastas, seafood, meat dishes and many more.

2. Tempus Fugit
Sedlarska 368/5,
Staré Mesto-Old Town,
Bratislava, Slovakia
Contact: +421 2 544 14 357
Savor the soul of senseti0onal Slovakian cuisines at one of Bratislava’s most delighting restaurants, Tempus Fugit. Either seat across a relic dining vault or just opt for a corner side table over the balcony giving you perfect views, the place offers multiple settings to travelers to make them grab their bites in complete relax.

3. Mýtny Domcek
Starý most Staré Mesto
Bratislava, Slovakia
Contact: +421 9 1143 3763
On your visit to Bratislava, don’t forget to visit Mýtny Domcek; in order to meet the magic of fantastic Slovakian dishes have been incredibly functioning to stick the entire nation in a rope. A mega restaurant in the heart of the town boasting its inspired decorum complete with city’s antique pictures over walls, a master chef crew inside kitchen, a rapid service staff and not but not the least a broad menu embracing vivid range of silky and fresh chicken dishes,  hygienic green salads and much more.

4. U Remeselníka
Obchodná 64 Staré Mesto
Bratislava, Slovakia
Contact: +421 2 5273 1357
The Slovakian capital is a big town with much bigger heart. However, to get the truest sense of the city in a short duration, visit any of its small cafes and here comes U Remeselníka. This tiny traditionally established food joint delivering each flavor out of an authentic Slovakian plate, is widely popular amidst locals. Come here for a halusky lunch or ask for exclusive prepared dumplings made up of sheep’s cheese, kolbasa (only a local can tell you about it) and cabbage.

5. Vega Destination
Malý trh 2 Ružinov
Bratislava, Slovakia
Contact: +421 2 3352 6994
Wandering across the boulevards of Slovakia’s capital is not a child’s play as English speakers may have to put some extra efforts to know about an address in the city. If you are looking for high-five vegetarian food in Slovakian Capital, than Vega Destination is on the easiest ends of accessibility. This modern decorum restaurant receiving high numbers of visitors around the week who come here to grab delicious vegetarian meals including but not limited to tofu sautéed, red-currant sauce, pastas, risotto along with entertaining live artistic performances presentation, is unquestionably worth visiting.

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