Remarkable Experience in the Indian Silicon Valley

Absolutely bored with your grinding daily life? Put an end to worries now, and head to Bangalore, also known as the Silicon Valley of India. Popular as an IT hub, Bangalore city is usually frequented by corporate preferring to travel in business class flights to Bangalore. Yet Bangalore cannot be only counted as only a business touring place as the city is equally popular for its variety of tourist attractions and things to do during your Bangalore holidays.

The city is adorned with beautiful landscaped gardens and botanical parks giving the city a greener look for a fresh feeling during you vacations. There are also numerous other places of attraction which are sure to keep you busy during your holidays in India. While you can spend a picnic day out at one of the naturally breathtaking places for a special bonding with your family and friends; Bangalore also has options for the adventurous minds.

3 Must Visit Places in Bangalore

Tipu Sultan’s Palace: The palace of Tipu Sultan, which is also known as the abode of happiness is one of the major attractions of Bangalore. Also the summer palace is a place which needs mention for its beautiful gardens and distinctive architecture. This palace constructed was started by Hyder Ali. However it was Tipu Sultan who completed the beautiful palace and is hence named after him.

A Day’s Tour to Skandagiri: Situated at a distance of 60 kms from Bangaluru city, Skandagiri is a chosen by those who wants to spend a quite day among the ruins of the fort which was built during the 18th century. Another popular attraction of Skandagiri is the temple close to the ruins of fort. It is also a good option for tourists seeking a little more than a lame vacation within a fixed budget for their India holiday. You can participate in a trek up the hill through the historical ruins and once you reach the top it will be a moment to behold.

A Visit to the Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens: This garden was also assigned by Hyder Ali and was later completed by Tipu Sultan. It is speckled over an area of over 200 acres hosts vivid flower shows throughout the year that has gained popularity down the years drawing people from all over.

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