Ten Things to do in Kolkata for Less

Kolkata – A City of Many Moods and Dreams
At first you may find Kolkata slow paced compared to Delhi, Mumbai etc. but after some exploration you realize and enjoy the vibrancy, culture and courtesy of people there. Such is the enigma of this deceivingly beautiful city.
Situated by Hooghly River, the capital city of Bengal is richly known for its street foods, heritage sites, well connected metro network, science museum, amusement parks and lake side.
However the USP of the city lies in its plethora of budget offerings, be it food or fares or entertainment or even shopping. You will be tempted by the time finish reading this article to book a flight to Kolkata and have a budget Indian holiday extravaganza, in control.
10 must things to do in Kolkata in 100 bucks
1. Take a trip in the city’s character defining “Trams” running since time immoral. You will fall in love with the hugely moving billboards (trams now mostly don the advertisements) giving a rich and wholesome denizen of the city’s bustling colorful life. A 1st class trip will cost you under 10 rs for a nearly 8 km ride.
2. Head to Victoria Memorial for a history feast. Roam around the museum, look curiously into the memorabilia of British Raj or linger in the large garden but the highlight is the “Musical Fountain Show” in the evening. Well the entry fee is mere 10 bucks for a lavish display.
3. Move to Science City to explore your knowledge of space and all. Among Space odyssey, Life Science Corners & others, the chief attraction is the Space Theatre, a circular auditorium beneath the dime shaped roof. Entry fee for the same is only 50 bucks. For time machine, road train and cable car, the entry fee is Rs. 10, 10 and 25 respectively.
4. Nicco Park, Disneyland of Kolkata, offers a fun place for picnics, outings and adventure rides as Toy Train, Cable Car, Tilt-a-Whirl, Water Chute, Water Coaster, etc. Pay 100 bucks to enter and soak in the fun.
5. Take a unique electric vehicle ride inside the Botanical Garden at an entry fee of only 25 bucks. The lush green visual and the fresh aroma of the grass and trees will stay in your memories for a long time for sure.
6. Get the most succulent ‘Somosas’ just outside Botanical Garden. Crispy layer and the spicy mashed potatoes inside, the savory calls for an encore at just Rs. 3 per piece (couple it up with hot tea for the most delicious snack). Also try the famously famous Gulabjamuns.
7. Halt for some fresh air at the Ganga Ghat and see “Ghupchi Ghar” (small room), where couples get exactly 5 minutes to fondle. It’s an assumed rule accepted by all. The city closes its spy eye for the time and the entry is fee. However, buy some snack for Rs. 5 to much.
8. Come evening and grab the unbeatable Beef Rolls at Aseems Roll Shop in Suddar Street for just Rs. 5, a famously famous evening snack for Kolkata-ites and the informed travelers.
9. If affordability was the place, it was and is Olympia (Oly) Pub. With as low as 30 bucks, get a steal for a drink @ Rs. 15 and the peanuts or light snacks. You won’t regret, trust us!
10. Make your way to the Hogg’s Market or the New Market (ironically it is Kolkata’s oldest market). It is a bargain hunter’s delight and pick up some cheap jewellery, eye catching bags or even a saree. You never know you may get one under 100 bucks.
You don’t always need big moolahs to have fun and the above itinerary says that evidently. Be sure to catch every activity and much more on your holiday in India where the the fun is seamless and the thresholds are endless . Big fun at small prices!! Isn’t it great?

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