Voyage through the Discrete Culinary Routes in Lavish Pakistani Town, Lahore

If some special care is taken, Lahore can be an extra ordinary destination for travelers.  Second biggest town of Pakistan remains in limelight for most of the time of the year for several reasons including Insecurity and terrorist attacks threats for western tourists. However, leveraging robust caution, visiting through magnificent stretch of Lahore can deliver a fascinating amount of pleasure, in addition to the numerous contrasts of this vibrant south Asian country.

Generally regarded as the cultural capital of Pakistan, Lahore is an epitome of traditions, culture, history and modernization. Housing handsome numbers of colonial architectures, historical monuments and museums, like The Lahore Fort, the Badshahi Mosque, Minar-e Pakistan and many more, the city is flooded with a huge number of attractions; and Lahori cuisine is unquestionably one of them.

After cricket, food is questionably the biggest passion of locals. Say thanks to the cluster of food corners spread across the town, providing vivid eating options to voyagers, ranging from international to authentic Lahori.

With the presence of so many choices, it’s not a wonder if you feel lost deciding where to go in Lahore for eating. Check these some of finest places to eat in Lahore.

Top Culinary Addresses in Lahore

Crispy Karahi Tikka at Famous Lakshmi Chowk

Lakshmi Chowk, a broad and one of the most significant areas of the town is actually a packed-house of old buildings, small emporiums with Urdu hoardings, local vendors and few modern day built houses complete with a continuous traffic of vintage vehicle. But, if you are coming here in the late hours of the day, you’ll get a quick shot of city’s enchanting food scene.

Small open-air on-road restaurants claming to offer the best Karahi Tikka, also famous as Gosht Karahi is fresh chicken/mutton meat balls coated with layers of spices before cooking in Karahi (large steel or ironed bowl) in this jumbo town will definitely be a new experience. Stop at one and enjoy toothsome Karahi Tikka with soft bread usually called naan or roti. Plus, at the end of your meal, don’t forget to consume a plate full sweet firni.

Paratha Kebab at Liberty Market

Britons on summer holidays in Lahore and seeking the part of London can take Liberty Market in Lahore as the Borough Market in the British capital. Known brand outlets, retail premises, comparatively newer buildings and a heap of food stalls serving various kinds of Paratha, a roll of bread filled with barbequed meat layer and sausages. You can opt from chicken Paratha Kebab, mutton Paratha kebab, buffalo Paratha kebab, and in sausage, you have options of garlic sauce, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup or chilly sauce.

Flavorsome Falooda at Purani Anarkali Area

Lahore is a hot town and so its offerings. So, chill off your summers with a glass full of fantastic Falooda (a cool and sweet mixture of milk, basil seeds, jelly pieces and tapioca pearls) in Purani Anarkali. Circled by a row of ancient sculptures, the Purani Anarkali area houses several Falooda bars where you can enjoy a wide variety of falooda including but not limited to rasmalai falooda, rabri falooda, khoya falooda, along with several kinds of milk made desserts, enough to beat down the scotching summers.

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