Unearth the Covered Bangladeshi Capital Dhaka This Summer

Dhaka, the biggest city and capital of Bangladesh is no doubt an exciting place to visit during summer vacations. Packing world’s oldest bazaar, tea culture, outdated and pretty distinctive transportation system, historical edifices and globally renowned jungles, Bangladesh is a mishmash of contrasts in Asia, and capital Dhaka is an optimum pick to see the whole nation in a limited span of time.

While its crowded and congested boulevards struck with may be the worst traffic scene you have ever witnessed, and scorching heat and unstoppable smells asks you to leave as soon as possible, city’s rising metropolitan culture, dashes of colonial dominance, cultural spots newly opened museums, upscale restaurants and shopping regions refuel backpackers with a silent charm.

Collect all your energies, as the stunning Bangladeshi capital demands a lot of it. But, once you clear earlier chaos of this dramatic town, you’ll surely be rewarded with the city’s stimulating blend of colorful culture, fun, adventure and enjoyment.

With the heap of wooing attractions, Dhaka requires just no time to inspire your awes. But, deciding where to go and what to do in the Bangladesh’s biggest town can easily bring few fine lines of dilemma over your forehead. So check these two things to do no voyager should miss before leaving Dhaka.

Pull in a Boat Ride on the Buriganga

Each part in Bangladesh witnesses at least a river traveling across the nation in an amazing maze of more than 700 rivers, and Buriganga flows across the Dhaka. The river, which is treated like a goddess in the neighbor country of India, stands for the old lady Ganga in local language. So, hire a personal boat or hop on a shared one and enjoy the panoramic views of vast Ganga. Boats can be found frequently here as local use it a mean of commuting across the town. Try to visit here in after hours when the crowd gets less and climate becomes more tourists friendly.

Discover the Shades of Antiquity in Old Dhaka

Old Dhaka is undoubtedly a treat for history aficionados, stuffed with a number of exciting relic structures and old buildings. Explore the popular Armenian church built back in 18th century, antique mansions now been using as government offices and residential houses, tiny emporiums running into senescent styled built premise and more, defining the worth of summer trip to Dhaka.

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