Abu Dhabi Holidays- Pamper Your Lady Love This Summer

Abu Dhabi is the prevalent amongst the countries consisting of the UAE and has a set of exciting attractions for tourists aspiring to visit the Arabian land. Though Abu Dhabi, like its other neighboring countries is quite orthodox about its ancient culture and traditions hence prohibiting many sources of entertainment in order to maintain the holiness of the land as thought by the natives, especially in summers. However, the warm Arab dreamland ensures a pleasant stay to travelers, even in the days of high-suns.

A trip to the Arab gem town, Abu Dhabi, may not be going to remind you Las Vegas or Chicago or Rome as there are no exotic adult entertainment houses, showgirls and no chic corner luring people with neon-lit hoardings of bold girls or something you can easily expect in a western town. But, with its impudent architecture, splendid towers, fashionable shopping
junctions and elite dining centers, the town has enough charm to make your holidays.

In modern days, Abu Dhabi has fast grown to become one of the most modern metropolitan countries of the world making it a heaven for both leisure and business tourists who likes to sense the man-made heaven. The landscaped city along with its super fast lifestyle is sure to sweep you off your feet during your summer holidays in Abu Dhabi.

A Special Ladies Arabian Night
Abu Dhabi is definitely going to surprise all you girls who thought it were a place where girls were excluded from most of the entertainment and fun activities. Take your better half to Emirate’s capital and you can’t help exclaiming at the best of night life that Abu Dhabi has to offer to your better- half.

Now, it is not only the pristine beaches and marvelous beach resorts and business centers that is going to attract you to this high tech yet beautiful city; Abu Dhabi has opened up a new horizon for attracting more beautiful ladies to Abu Dhabi for an extraordinary night life and unlimited fun.

What’s so special About the Ladies Night in Abu Dhabi?
The largest and one of the most attractive cities of the Middle East has come up with highly modern and secure clubs, lounges, restaurants providing alcoholic drinks and discos dedicated specially to the ladies visiting the city.
There are also particular places which are dedicated especially to ladies at certain days of week when food and drinks are served for free to all the visiting female guests – and who would want to miss such a maddening fun.

Top 10 Places to Enjoy For Couples in Abu Dhabi

Mentioned below are names of few places in Abu Dhabi where you can enjoy and relax a special evening with your female friends during your break from the daily rush of normal life:

•    Belgian Cafe: Intercontinental, Al Khubeirah

•    Cristal: Millennium Hotel, Al Markaziyah

•    Cheers: Al Ain Palace Hotel, Al Markaziyah

•    Cinnabar: Hilton, Al Khubeirah

•    Etolles: Emirates Palace Hotel

•    Oceans Seafood Kitchen & Lounge: Le Royal Meridian, Al Markaziyah

•    The Tavern: Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort, Al Markaziyah

•    Mardi Gras: Al Diar Capital Hotel, Al Markaziyah

•    Level Lounge: Crown Plaza, Al Markaziyah

•    PJ O’Reilly’s: Le Royal Meridian, Al Markaziyah

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