An Insight into the Medical Tourism of India

Why India?
The Health Tourism India can also be tagged as Medical Tourism India, is a booming concept that has developed all over India, bringing in people from all over the globe for treatment and trying out various other methods of medication and relaxation.
The Medical Tourism Industry of India experiences an annual growth by 30% as more and more foreigners from UK and USA are exploring the right prospect to travel into India for their health care and other necessary check-ups.
Some of the key reasons to pull crowds towards the maintainance of health in India are affordable treatment and health care, widest choices of treatments with aid to itneraries, luxury stay and lucrative tourism packages that this vast nation provides.
Benefits of Medical Tourism India
• World class (NABH & JCI accredited) services at lowest costs possible
• Numerous skilled medical practitioners and nursing staff
• Infrastructure matching up with those of western hospitals
• Sophisticated medicare services with cutting edge technology
• Ease of visa norms, cheap flight tickets to India and less documentation
• Stacks of medical tourism coordinators for unproblematic service provision
• Qualified interpreters to eradicate language barriers
• Hospital association with major international insurance companies
Let us consider the top-notch medical centres in India for your extensive health-care needs:
New Delhi, the growing commercialized city
In North India, Delhi and the surrounding NCR has gained fame as one of the top medical tourism cities. The private companies as well as governmental agencies quite keenly maintain the quorum and protocol to provide qualified and efficient sources.
Today’s age witnesses high-tech hospitals raising the benchmark to deliver effective healthcare. Major gigantic firms offering unmatched medical aid erecting worldwide are:
• Medanta, The Medicity, Gurgaon
• Dr. B. L. Kapur Memorial Hospital, New Delhi
• Max Hospitals, New Delhi
• Fortis group of hospitals, New Delhi
• Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi
• Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon
Southern India, India’s Health Capital
In Tamil Nadu, a pioneering work of medical provision on par with the top-class hospitals is on the loose with western collaboration, implementing policies for modest medical tourism in the Indian subcontinent.
It has modish hospitals coming up mainly in Chennai, the health capital of India. Chennai heads the name and fame with professional eye treatments with numerous successful eye care centres. Other global healing hospitals are:
• Apollo Hospital, Chennai
• Fortis Group, Malar
• Malar Hospitals, Chennai
• MIOT, Chennai
• Madras Medical Mission, Chennai
• Sankara Netralaya, Chennai
Other hospitals worth mentioning:-
• Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai & Bangalore
• Aravind Eye Hospitals, Madurai
• Narayana Hospitals, Bangalore
• Manipal Hospital, Bangalore
• Batra Hospital & Research Centre, New Delhi

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