Johri Bazar Jaipur – For an Ultimate Shopping Experience

Jaipur runs a hi-speed fabulous transport system and you can easily reach to any part of the town without any problem. After visiting Fort of Amer, you have plenty more time to visit in this hearty Pink city.  So, here is the second destination for your summer holidays.

Jaipur bazaars are the easiest way to discover the town’s history and culture. Colorful, smelling, vibrant, noisy, crowded and traditional, bazaars in the Rajasthani capital are full of life, pleasure and strange experiences. Each market in the town has its own story and each shop has a strong background. However, to give a stunning stop to shoppers, Jaipur has Johri Bazar.

Jaipur’s Most Historical Market

Move just ahead of the world famous Hawa Mahal and go right along the Golcha movie theater to reach the town’s biggest shopping gateway. Decades ago, the royal family’s women used to come here for shopping and used to observe the city’s chaos from the windows of Hawa Mahal in free time. Today, the bazaar is a melting pot for shoppers searching for exciting deals on ethnic Rajasthani wear, jewelry items, footwear, leather products and precious gems.

What to Buy in Johri Bazar

Tiny shops lined up in a row over both sides of the road are a fabulous place to enjoy sightseeing in the town while grabbing some exotic shopping deals. The relic shopping region has long been satiating the appetites of global shoppers from ages and shopping in its electrifying ambience even today is a lifelong experience.

Gold embroidered saris, Jaipuri printed skirts, Rajasthani Lakh bangles in numerous colors and lucky gems stones can be seen widely selling in the bazaar. The bazaar is also popular for its wedding jewelry and a wide range of designer necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. Tourists would also like to purchase genuine quality camel and horse leather products like purses, bags and shoes. Go for cotton printed shirt with chicken embroidery, usually called as Kurtas, available for men as well as for women. Too, travelers can come here for holy religious literature, educational books, novels and trendy designer clothing.

What to Do at Johri Bazar, After Shopping

Once you are done with shopping, its time to check another pleasant things in this adventurous shopping region. Motion your soul to Golcha, a nearby movie theatre and catch a latest Bollywood blockbuster, or just slip down to Hawa Mahal area and enjoy wide range of local famous dishes. Most famous delicates of the region are Kachori, Mirchi Bada, Kulfi, Faluda and several kinds of shakes.

Keep reading to know about rest of attractions of Jaipur.

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