Get Pampered in the City of Chandigarh

The beautiful city of Chandigarh is a perfect place to celebrate your holidays on the laps on nature. The perfectly planned city of India is situated on the foothills of the Himalayas and is the capital of two Indian states – Haryana and Punjab. The city is a perfect combination of nature, culture and attractions topped with heavenly cuisine to complete a perfect vacation.

Step in the cosmopolitan to taste some of the most awesome vegetarian and non-vegetarian Punjabi cuisine during the most relaxing India vacation with the best travel agents in UK.

While some prefer a simple meal of traditional daal and chapatti (bread), others enjoy a much more spicy non-vegetarian dishes that are found in Chandigarh, India. You can also dig into some of the tastiest sweet dishes enjoying your holidays in Chandigarh.

6 Lips Smashing Must Try Dishes in Chandigarh 

Discussed below are top 6 dishes that you may try during you Chandigarh vacation. Go ahead and pick your favorite.

  1. Butter Chicken/ Murg Makhani: A special preparation of chicken which can be found in all top restaurants of India and is enjoyed equally with rice as with other preparations of breads. Loose into a super delicious dish of smooth and tangy chicken with gravy.
  1. Tandoori Chicken: Tandoori chicken is a popular dish not only in Chandigarh, Punjab but is quite famous not only in whole of India but also in the neighboring countries. It is a mainly a delicate snack dish cooked by roasting chicken pre- dressed with yogurt and various Indian Spices.
  1. Daal Makhani: Daal Makhani is the considered by many as the staple food of Punjab, India and is thick gravy cooked out of lentils along with other spices.
  1. Makki Di Roti: A type of bread made out of corn flour and is a popular dish of the whole of North India. This bread goes equally well with hot served side dishes both vegetarian and non vegetarian.
  1. Gulab Jamoon: Loose into the smooth taste of this cheese based dessert which is roasted dumpling dipped in rose water based sweet syrup while holidaying at Chandigarh.
  1. Jalebis: This sweet dish is not only famous in Punjab or North India but is consumed with equal zeal in all of India and neighboring countries. You can have cold as a snack or eat it hot with warm milk as one of the tastiest breakfast you have ever treated yourself with.

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