How to Discover Panoramic Prague over Short Weekend Breaks

Regarded as an ultimate synonym for heaven on the earth, Prague is an epitome of elegant nature, phenomenal culture and history, and unarguably Europe’s gem. No matter whether you’re searching a honeymoon destination, summer holiday spot or family weekend break city, the swirling capital of Czech Republic is a delighting treat for travelers with various desires.

Wander across city’s historical boulvards and avenues, and its stunning architecture, tremendous natural beauty, museums, arts, dining, nightlife, shopping scene, everything will lure your awes like never before.

Best Things to Do in Prague on Short City Breaks

Give a flying start to your Prague short break with an excursion to the largest antique castle in whole world, Prague Castle. And, keep in mind, weekend short breaks in Prague can’t get complete without a small visit to Charles Bridge and Astronomical Clock. Head off to Lobkowicz Palace, Czech National Gallery, Prague City Gallery, Museum of Decorative Arts, Museum of Communism and several other museums in the city to take a deep dive in city’s affection for its ancient art, distinct culture and royal history.

Stroll around the shores of Vltava River and toss off some local-made awesome beers. If Prague short breaks in Prague sound great Czech cuisines, shopping and nightlife to you, Wenceslas Square region and Old Town square are simply for you. Aplenty of restaurants, pubs, emporiums, gift shops, and hotels here rejuvenate tourists on Prague short breaks with delicious culinary, drinks, parties and lucrative shopping deals.

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