Explore the Jewels at Day and Dance of the Lily at Night

Florence once stole the stint as the capital of Italy. The city has since then built itself by tearing down medieval walls, bulldozed and again stood up to set the stage for the modern regional capital of Tuscany.
Along the broad avenue, lies a confusion of endless traffic in a whole lot of chaotic style. City breaks to Florence can rejuvenate one’s spirit when you land on the soil of the Lily.
Renaissance remains essentially important and the Florentines maintain their proud heritage magnetizing the admiring and curious travelers. Few names that are tagged with Florence, and dates back to the times where history stood still are – Galileo, Dante, Michelangelo and Machiavelli.
To see Tuscan capital just as a European art city would lift its role of also being as a dynamic cosmopolitan megapolis and drowning in its unsung charms of gardens, romantic summer evenings, broad range of shopping stores, stunning cityscapes and the myriad eating joints and assorted food courts.
Florence is the just the kind of a seductive and romantic pleasure that somehow Italy lays on your lap.
Enjoy Day-time Attractions in Florence with cheap city breaks
Florence holds some of Italy’s breathtaking attractions that are covered under stunning cathedrals, museums and churches along with pretty corners, interesting streets and handsomely built buildings.
Would you want to miss few of the top attractions listed here?
Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria
You would stand gazing at the most famous square, the heart of the historic center in Florence, with open-air sculpture exhibit. The Della Signoria holds some important statues combining Michelangelo’s David. Tourists can visit private apartments and public rooms around restaurants and cafes.
Duomo – Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
Florence’s most distinguished site is the Duomo Cathedral that can hold around 20,000 people and you cant take your eyes off the pink, green and white marble. One can witness awe-inspiring statues, designed doors and construction that depict a masterpiece.
Campanile – Bell Tower
With your tour with Florence weekend breaks, grab a ticket to face the thrill when you climb the 414 stairs and amazing views of the dome and the Cathedral and the surrounding cityscapes.
Galleria degli Uffizi
The Galleria degli Uffizi houses most important collection of Renaissance art but it also the most crammed museum of Italy. The sooner you get the tickets, the better scope of getting inside by avoiding the long lines. There are thousand paintings from the mid-century times to the modern era and several illuminations, tapestries and sculptures.
Boboli Garden and Pitti Palace
As you cross Ponte Vecchio, a huge park on the hillside might charm you to a certain extent. Here you can stroll among beautiful gardens and immerse yourself in the amazing views of the city.
The Other World of Florence at Night
Face the unparalleled nightlife of Florence with the Segway Night Tour. It is limited to tiny groups to experience an intimate unique experience then you visit Santa Croce Square, Republic Square and the famous Signora Square. Complete the final destination with the most famous gallery of Florence to savor the genuine Italian ice cream.
So many visitors in this majestic city! Florence never fails to impress. Mesmerizing art and delicious road-side dining along with charming locals tickle the soul to reserve Florence short breaks. Your quick getaway to Florence brings in a whole lot of amazing memories after you are satisfied in booking cheap flights, cheap hotel deals and other travel itineraries.

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