Shape your Sand Castles at the Beaches of Perth Rock

Western Australia is the most populated and the largest most solitary state of Australia. Perth is the largest city offering a huge variety of climbing and trekking from steep walls to delicate slabs and cracks.
There are huge numbers of crags and bouldering areas scattered on the Perth hills. Tourists especially get into a lot of traditional climbing and during rainy days, indoor climbing gyms can be found in the suburbs.
Test Your Beach Skills
Perth is decorated with beaches. With countless beaches ornamented with palm trees, they provide stunning views of the Indian Ocean. What makes Perth beaches totally diverse from the other beaches of the world is the unusual turquoise color of the crystal clear water reflecting the boundless sky.
Frolicking beach activities encompass snorkeling, surfing and scuba diving to name just a few. The stylish and colorful cafes on the beaches further add to the charisma.  Here is the list of the popular beaches which I have assembled through my research work:
• Cottesloe Beach
• The Basin at Rottnest Island
• Scarborough Beach
• City Beach or Floreat Beach
• Trigg
• Sorrento Beach
• Mettams Pool
• Rockingham
• Point Peron
Overall, the metropolis has a coastal area of more than twelve thousand kilometers. Millions of beach lovers catch flights to Perth with the objective of spending some nonchalant moments on the natural coasts.
With holidays to Perth couples are found to sit here for hours holding each other’s hands and to listen to the romantic notes played by the waves. Sunset fishing is also quite popular on the beaches of Perth.
Things to Do in Perth
The magnificent city of Australia, Perth is highly populated mainly known as the ‘City of Lights’. It is located beside the Swan River. The city features a Mediterranean type of climate with hot summers and wet winters. Popular sports practiced in the conurbation are cricket, football, soccer and netball. Perth Concert Hall is a place worth a visit and it hosts ballet, opera, theater and orchestral performances.
City of Festivals and Parks
One must pay a visit to the King’s Park which is full of manicured gardens. It offers a beautiful view of the conurbation’s skyline and the sunset reflected by them. The Swan River is a famous tourist spot which is characterized with picnic and barbecue facilities.
One ought to be part of the city on festivals such as Festival of Perth, Festival of Fremantle, Western Australian Wildflower Festival and many more. It enjoys a vibrant nightlife and plenty of entertainment facilities.

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