Knocking Out Prague in 24 hours, Sassy Yet Coy

Prague is an instantly adorable city, like other European cities, full of Romanesque history, medieval architecture and that grittiness that can only be described as charming, it’s a quintessential spot for a weekend getaway any time of the year when the picturesque Prague greets everyone warmly while startling you every now and then.
The beauty of this city and the fascinating architecture coupled up with the soothing weather in Prague takes you by storm around every corner, where ancient cobble-stoned streets paved way for horses and feet rather than bustling modern day mechanized cars alongside the best hotels in Prague for a luxurious yet affordable stay. Even with a language barrier, any fellow tourist will be more than delighted to click you. You just have to make all sorts of crazy hand gestures and offer him/her your camera. They always understand what you want. That’s the globally unspoken love felt in the air of Prague, about Prague.
The Touristy Side of the City – First 24 hours in the Coy Prague
Get a Prague holiday deal, travel to Prague and hop on to the 22 tram for the scenic travel up above Prague Castle and then walk like a free bird through Prague Castle, hauling off to peep inside St. Vitus Cathedral.
Continue towards Malá Strana to reach Charles Bridge. Cross the bridge and right through Karolinum (Never go down Karlova Street – it’s purely a tourist trap) to finally get to the Old Town Square.
If your throat aches for some hydration and the timing is right, go to the rooftop bar of U Prince Hotel for a cocktail when the sun goes down and magnificently lit up view of Old Town Square.
Sassy Prague at the crack of sunset
Prague becomes an altogether distinct city full of creeping shadows in dimly lit streets and a definite sense of crazy fun. From conventional beer halls with accordion players to uber cool and gutsy modern dance clubs, Prague nightlife is alive and kicking until the bright red sun comes up.
Clubbing in Prague is a sin to miss! Prague has in its lap some really great night clubs where you can dance all night long to house, techno or all other types of dance music; proper indie club nights. If an eighties theme night is what is itching you, then there are definitely a few good clubs in Prague where you can sport your ultra chic leggings, wild blue eyeliner and big pink colored hair.
There are many good bars, fully stocked and ready to be throttled by tourists, expats and locals. The majority of the bars are located in the city center, so it is easy and convenient to enjoy a night of bar hopping.
Casinos & Wine Cellars
Also check out the local Prague casinos, the beat of Prague’s nightlife! The bustling city of Prague features casinos spread throughout the city, with the majority being on famous Wenceslas Square. Searching for a romantic Prague wine bar or wine cellar? Head to Southern Moravian Towns such as Mikulov and Velke Pavlovice, as they produce wine from the grape varieties of Pinot Noir and Saint Laurent.
Restaurants & Cuisine
The Czech Capital has a plethora of restaurants with indigenous courtyards for outdoor dining but if you want to experience an authentic, often gregarious episode, then make your way to the beer gardens!
You can munch on Czech sausage in a hand with a Czech beer in another and maybe even a newly made Czech friend or two! After all, these locals are die hard fun freaks. Holidays in Prague is definitely worth your time, especially the nightlife in Czech Republic.

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