Exploring the European Icon Pisa – Beyond the Tower

Pisa, the European iconic city, is not just famous for an architectural marvel went wrong, but is also a flawless Europe weekend break destination due to its large spectrum of treats offered to the visitors. June is considered to be the best time to visit Pisa and many travel lovers land here for a cheap Pisa city break.
The favorite choice of art and architect lovers for a budget weekend break Pisa is unbeatable due to the magnificent Leaning Tower of Pisa standing tall in Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles), Knights’ Square (Piazza dei Cavalieri), several other churches and the University of Pisa.

Things to do in Pisa on Weekend City Break Europe

Leaning Tower of Pisa
You think about Italy and the Leaning Tower of Pisa comes to your mind in a flash of a second, but it would be so unfair to the rest of the fantastic spots of the Tuscan city. British holidaymakers take bargain short breaks Pisa to get away from the everyday hustle bustle and stress to find themselves in the lap of artisan’s heaven while in Pisa.
The construction of leaning tower of Pisa began in 1174 by Bonanus and the tower started to lean just after finishing the 3rd floor. A gentleman called Giovanni de Simone continued with the construction in 1275 and finally it was completed in 1372 by Tommaso Pisano. Several wise people through the decades tried to find a technical solution in order to restructure the tower that leans about 4 meters today.
Piazza del Duomo
The Piazza del Duomo, or Square of Miracles, is the city’s main attraction. Apart from the Leaning Tower, the square contains the cathedral, the Baptistery and monumental cemetery, which is a maginificent example of the Romanesque architecture with its beautiful marble façade and Moorish mosaics. Within vicinity you’ll find the Orto Botanico, a botanical garden belonging to the University of Pisa. Opened by Cosimo I de’Medici, it was Europe’s first university botanical garden.
What to eat in Pisa
From local handmade pasta to the ravioli or the gnocchi and a glass of wine with focaccia and prosciutti can be thoroughly enjoyed at the Chiosco di Nonna Rosa near Piazza Dante Alighieri, close to the university quarter in all its rustic glory. For a lovely stroll  lining the Arno River, head to the Palazzo Blu which is an important Egyptian cultural centre way back from 1700 popular for its blue exteriors.
The Gothic Culture
Step into the city’s famous churches like San Francesco, Santa Maria della Spina, San Pietro in Vinculis along with the Baptistry carrying the rare examples of the gothic art. The Luminara di San Ranieri is a hard to miss event in Pisa if you are travelling in June when every monument including the Leaning Tower is illuminated with 70000 candles. Thousands floating candles beautifully transform the sea into an arch of light followed later by spectacular firework.
Pisa Nightlife
Stay up late while on a budget weekend city break in Europe to enjoy the scintillating nightlife of Pisa at the various bars like the Bazeel Bar alongside the river offering wines and generous buffets. The city also has some amazing cheap markets to buy the beautiful handcrafted pieces and souvenirs.
The city has a wide array of luxury hotels in Pisa around the Leaning tower or the budget accommodations near river Arno. The best of Pisa city breaks is for everyone whether a trip with the family, couples romancing under the shades of Piazzas or the youngsters enjoying the vibrant city on a bike tour.

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