A Glimpse into Maui

Four things stand out wildly in Maui: Sea, sand, sun and surf. If you are lucky enough to enjoy holidays in Maui, make sure you make the most of the thrills and adventure lurking into the adventure holidays. Such excursions will surely make you soak up the entire sunshine, giving you a totally memorable experience.
Well, for those of you who are coming across this island’s name for the first time, Maui is an island in the Pacific region which belongs to the chain of Hawaiian islands. It is a famous place for outdoor activities, beach resorts and assorted geography. Activities such as biking, hiking and snorkelling are quite prevalent here.

A Whale Watching Tour

While Maui seems to be an isolated island most of the time, it seems that a bond of love and togetherness is created when man and mammal come together. Humans aren’t the only mammals that are attracted to Maui’s warm and gleaming sun. The prime sport and attraction of Maui is the whale watching activity that falls in between January and late March.
Every winter pods of amazing whales find refreshment in the moderate oceans of Maui, before they make their way towards Alaska. Find yourself placed on the Pride of Maui, that offers a perfect 360° viewing observation deck from which you can observe and admire these majestic creatures.
The Pride of Maui is a two-hour cruise, with an excess of 2500 feet of deck space and an intriguing glass bottom structure. You are treated to a fabulous barbecue lunch, a bar and waterslides.

The Mysterious Hana Highway

If you have ever wondered about a spectacular and breathtaking road in America, Hana Highway is one of them. The 60 miles long road is ornamented with breathtaking waterfalls, natural lava, thriving flora and fauna, and many other staggering natural sights. You will definitely enjoy the curves, twists and the engrossing hair-pin bends with your awesome driving experience. Let a chauffer guide you and take you to this fantastic road in comfort, luxury and safely.
Each of the drivers have been professionally trained on the Hana Highway. This assures your safety and a deep knowledge about the best places.

Kayaking in West Maui

The Hawaiian Kayak Tours in Maui are extremely famous, typical, exciting and eco-friendly. Such small private tours do answer your traditional and cultural questions about the island, the people and their lifestyle.
As you soak up the amazing Maui Islands, let nothing come in between you and the serene awe of your surroundings!

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