A Guide to the Fringe Festival on a Trip to Edinburgh


Fringe? Well, never heard that word. How is this word associated with a festival? Let’s see how best the Edinburgh Fringe Festival can be explained. Do you love arts? That’s it! It is the biggest arts fest on the planet with over 60,000 performance, 3,500 shows that takes place at more than 300 venues for continuous 21 days. Anyone can register and perform. I guess, that makes it a little bit easier to understand. So, let’s check out a few more things.

Edinburgh, in the month of August sees an influx of tourists upon Scotland’s capital city with flights to Edinburgh. No wonder, they are all here to attend the arts festival. A quaint city transforms into a huge stage of performers with food trucks, pop-up bars and an electrifying nightlife.
Budding entertainers, theatre artists, dancers, party-makers, circus performers and comedians grab the headlines. You can find anything – from the bizarre to the balmy, from the simple to the spectacular, there are shows and events for everyone. It’s purely overwhelming!

Get to know a few basic things during Fringe?

Beginning on the first Friday in the month of August and concluding on the last Monday, the Fringe festival is one of the biggest art festival that takes place continuously for 3 weeks. In 2017, it take places from 4th – 28th August 2017.
There’s no specific venue for it, it’s all over Edinburgh. At almost every venue – university halls, theatres, pubs and even churches. The Assembly George Square Gardens, Pleasance Courtyard, Gilded Balloon, and Underbelly are a few of the large and famous venues for the festival and most of these shows cost between £8 and £15.

Thinking of how to save during the Fringe Festival?

Benefit from the free shows

The Fringe Festival has several free shows taking place everyday. Places such as the newly built Paradise Palms, the age-old Laughing Horse host such free shows over the course of the month.

Care for Cheap Eats

What can be lip-smacking than food prepared on a food truck? There are a couple of them parked at the festival. Do not miss out the pop-up food stalls especially in George Square, The Royal Mile and at St. Andrew Square. It’s easy, inexpensive and tasty.
Other cheap eats that can be spotted include Oink, Piemaker, Mosque Kitchen and The Baked Potato Shop.

Discounted shows and events

Weekday shows are pretty much cheaper than weekend shows. The best part is, there are 2for1 tickets that are available during the first week of the festival. Just travel to Edinburgh and you can enjoy preview shows prior to the main festival and tickets are available for half the price.

Accommodation Options during the Fringe Festival

Enjoy staying with a friend

This is a dream come true. If you known anyone in the city, or even connected to friends and families who are interested in the festival as you are, this is the moment. Do not hesitate to ask for a space to rest on their floor.

Student Accommodation

The University Edinburgh has several halls and even dorms where you can enjoy an amazing stay. They are clean, offer basic amenities and are cheap.

Renting Flats

If you are staying in Edinburgh for long, it’s advisable that you might as well rent a flat. The cheapest option would be a group stay so that you can divide the rent. Flats to get booked fast, hence, start sending out mails in bulk to grab the best stay option.


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