A Lifetime Experience in Kingdom of Jeddah

Well, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Jeddah? It’s purely confounding when you want to plan a trip or a holiday to the Middle East. I mean, you cannot just decide which city to choose. Leaving the glamorous Dubai and the royal city of Abu Dhabi, the decision was concrete; it’s Jeddah.
Jeddah is a monstrous city outsized by Riyadh in being the beauty of Saudi Arabia. The old port city is the commercially significant and largest port in the Red Sea area. It is also the gateway to enter into some of the famous places in the world, also allowing visitors to enjoy Jeddah like they have never enjoyed before.
Jeddah is not really bounded by religiosity as it is an extremely modern city with a stable flow of tourists from all over the globe. It is quite tolerant than the surrounding cities. You can marvel at the northern resorts and beaches to witness the concoction of locals and international travellers enjoying high life at one place.
One of the striking places in Jeddah is the 30 km expanding Corniche – a stretch of coastline mottled with several shops, accommodations and stalls. In fact, the Corniche is the key attraction of the city, blessed with heavenly beaches.

Your Apparel: What to Wear!!!

People residing in Jeddah and other neighbouring Saudi Arabian cities love wearing traditional clothes. While visiting, it is quite important to know what you really need to wear. You may imagine Saudi Arabia as a nation where oil spills under the scorching sun and sand. Yes, that’s how the nation is!
While entering Jeddah you will be totally at ease and win hearts if you dress as the locals do. Being in the local outfit, you can enjoy all that the city has to offer. In the first impression, it is right to respect the local culture no matter where you go.

How is Shopping in Jeddah?

Before opening up the joys of shopping in Jeddah, it would be a sin not to mention about Balad, in Old Town of Jeddah. If you don’t visit Balad, you haven’t seen the real Jeddah! That’s the place to go! Apart from traditional buildings and age-old houses, it’s the small shops (khans) and the charming market place.
In Balad, explore flea markets that can keep you engaged in haggling and buying various things and souvenirs. You are at the place where buying silver and gold ornaments is an art. Few items might be pricey, so never hesitate to bargain.
Apart from Balad there are other shopping arcades and districts that make the city of Jeddah a delightful shopping centre. The Mall of Arabia allows people to sample unique stores and items. It has abundant stores, club for kids, aquarium, amusement corners and food courts. Sultan Mall, Roshan Mall, The Red Sea Mall and Danube are other must-see malls in the city.

Ways to Get Around Jeddah

If you fancy beach and you are passionate stepping on the best beaches in the Kingdom, or admire the best of arts, you now know that it’s Jeddah. Getting around the city exposes the excitement hidden in the city of Jeddah.
Some key historic attractions and iconic landmarks are Balad flea market, mosques, markets and the highest fountain in the world. To see all this, you need to land in the Kingdom’s largest airport – King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED). From the airport, moving around in the city is quite easy and simple. The most frequent and familiar transport options on land are bus, cabs and minibus. You can encounter water taxis; they might be pricey but they know exactly where to take you.

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