A New Years Resolution to Travel More

Wow! Will it happen this year? Are you serious that you are finally going to make that big trip you have always craved about? Well, resolutions do fade out as we move ahead into the New Year. Think of one resolution you have maintained over these years. None I guess! Never let your travel resolution ensue the same fate as similar to the others.
I think most of your friends will take a trip this year and if you ask them so, they’ll say ‘YES’ quite joyfully. You love your friends and they are an amazing bunch, but don’t expect them to keep your resolution. It’s totally upto you.
Planning and packing seem daunting, but that’s where we come in. Below lie 20 works of action that will turn your travel dreams into reality. Most of them may not seem easy. Some of them may require a sacrifice of something that’s of worth.
Be committed and move on, keep a check list and build the momentum till you board the flight.

Planning Your Trip

Ok. Now begin with the hardest task where people get choked. Don’t let the hardest task kill your appetite to travel. If you don’t have a destination check the best places to travel in 2015.
After you choose a destination, pick a date, probably the shoulder season where you get to save. The best and the worst come now where you need to inform your boss. Put an early off and make sure you complete your work and go on a life-time trip.

Paying for your Trip

Take 3 full days to do a research on airfares and chart out the estimated cost towards your trip. Try and accumulate some funds for your trip and separate it from others. Would you lovingly sacrifice one purchase to pursuit your goal? Whether its cigarettes, coffee or alcohol, just note down the estimate of how much you spend and stop buying it. Deposit that money into your savings.
You can apply for a credit card with the best offer after you determine which airline to fly. New cardholders can earn upto 100,000 miles. Buy your day to day needful things and pay off the entire amount by the end of the month.

Prepare for Your Trip

If you don’t have a passport, apply for it right now and if you have one, make sure its valid through the end. Go through the visa requirements for your destination and fill out the paperwork today. Make copies of the necessary documents and have a backup copy of all these documents. An appointment with a doctor is very important to find out which immunizations you need to be fit and healthy.
Research for your trip by reading a travel guide and keep it next to your bed. Gradually, get to know about your choicest destination and start planning for your trip. To make your trip a richer one, join a cookery class, learn a language and get to know about the culture and customs to mix in well.

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