Valencia – Meet the Authentic Spanish Flair

So much awaited vacations are finally on your doorstep. After running a prolong schedule of tiring daily routines, and surviving dramatic freezing conditions, you can now think for a pause when you can hang out with your family and friends. Furthermore, if history is your theme for this summer holidays season, Valencia in Spain can be a very good choice.

Valencia: Meet the Authentic Spanish Flair

The shinny Spanish town of Valencia, with its panoramic stretch across the shores of Mediterranean Sea is regarded as the historical pot of old Europe. Unlike, its neighbor cities of Barcelona and Madrid, the town doesn’t have queued stunning modern sculptures, stunning advanced shopping regions and upscale dining scene, but if genuine Spanish charm is all what you want to feel, this charming city won’t disappoint you.

Why to Choose Valencia for Summer Holidays?

Valencia and its habitants both just love tourist, so its climate. While the winters don’t go too cold, summers become quite pleasant due to presence of aplenty of beaches. Apart from its energetic beaches, existence of several ancient museums, a cracking nightlife, hilarious cuisines and lively shopping paradises make it an appropriate escape for voyagers of various nature and tastes.

The Biggest Attraction of the Town  

Find Your Ways to the Ciutat Vella of Valencia – The Old Town  

After hitting its calm and sun-drenched beaches, reach to the heart of the town, the old city, through the maze of narrowest boulvards in the city. There are numerous pieces of attractions including but not limited to captivating Cathedrals, buildings, museums and incredibly much more places with a significant history. Plaza de la Virgen is a huge square located in the center of the old town, complete with a tremendous artistic fountain.

Nearby food-joints are an overwhelming option for dining and drinks. Wander ahead and you’ll find yourself in front of a classical gothic building, famous as the Muguelete Tower. Just ahead, there is world heritage site of Llotja de la Seda.  Built decades ago, the place is a marvelous example of rich gothic architecture in Spain. Stroll slightly ahead and check Valencia Museum of Prehistory at Casa de la Beneficencia Cultural Center, the home of vastest exhibition of town’s archeological record and its fact.

Then there is The Museu de Belles Arts de Valencia, Valencia Institute of Modern Arts, Our Lady of the Abandoned Basilica and the story just go on and on, number of places to visit in Old town of Valencia are indeed.

Moreover, the town stuffed with a handsome number of delicious Cusines centers, pubs, bars, adventurous parks and shopping places where you can easily spend remarkable time with your family and friends. Therefore, plan your trip to Valencia right today with one of the most reliable travel agencies in UK’s, Crystal Travel now.

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