A Shoppers Guide to Rome

Can Rome offer the joy of shopping? The answer is, the age-old ancient city of awe-inspiring art, culture and history offers excellent shopping to visitors and locals. Unveil key major fashion houses and vibrant local markets. The city has more than you can imagine, for everyone.

Ransack the Traditional Markets

Taking a glimpse into the produce markets and into the traditional Roman food can be astounding places to pick unusual and affordable souvenirs, as well as getting a touch of the city customs and colour. The oldest, yet renowned market in the city is Campo de’ Fiori Market, dating back to 1869, filled with tourists trying to pick up fresh produce, olive oil and vinegar.
Other local markets include Piazza dell’Unita Market and the well-known Piazza Vittorio Market. You will surely be thrilled to stop by Volpetti, Rome’s most prominent cafeteria. On the other hand, the Piazza San Cosimato Market is petite but bustles with interesting snacks.

Excellent High Fashion

Can you remember an Italian fashion house? If you can, no doubt you can hunt down their main store in Rome. For those with thick cash, this is the most accurate zone to pick a handbag or a designer outfit.
Most of such pricey shops are collected around the Spanish Steps. In Rome, Via Condotti is parallel to Fifth Avenue, and home to Armani, Bulgari, Hermes, Ferragamo, and Roberto Cavalli.

Exclusive Boutiques

For modish clothes and jewellery, none other than Via del Boschetto, in the stylish district of Rione Monti can meet your needs. Discover vintage clothing, handbags, and designer shops – everything at reasonable prices. Notable shops are Kokoro, Pulp and Ashanti Jewellery for innovative new and vintage garments.

Elegant Shopping Malls

Are you one of them who would skip a high fashion street and head towards the shopping mall? These are usually the right places to check out several cut-price chain stores such as Benneton, Furla and Miss Sixty. Rome has four major malls, each with more than 200 shops, food court and a cinema. These include Mall of Roma, Mall of Euroma, Mall of Parco Leonardo and mall of Porta di Roma.

Antique and Flea Markets

Rome is home to a gigantic flea market in the world, Porta Portese. It opens to the ardent shoppers from 2pm to 7pm in one of the very old districts of Rome – Trastevere. This is the place to see, explore and buy anything from electronics, clothing to souvenirs and home-wares. You should be ready to bargain, and that’s your calling card to grab the best.
There are abounding upscale antique shops along Via del Corso and Via Margutta. To get your hand on prints, engravings and antique books try the Mercato delle Stampe (the print market) which opens during the morning hours from Monday to Sunday.

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