A Tiny Glimpse of the Tantalizing Doha

As one joyfully sees a child grows into a fully grown human being, so it is with witnessing a great city in the making. At present it would be inaccurate to represent Doha as the present Tokyo, but very soon it would release itself as fulfilling the vision of its neighbouring cities.
Doha is no doubt a rambling and expansive city of the Middle East; a metropolis mixed with innovative developments and skyscrapers, though it has never rubbed shoulders with Dubai, alluring elite and affluent travellers. Many have wondered what one can do in Doha. The city does have an array of attractions that include parks, museums, events and festivals to entertain tourists and locals from every corner of the world.

Museums: Where history lays open

To start touring the museums of Doha, begin with the Museum of Islamic Arts, with collections of rare and unique Islamic culture from around the world. If you are eager to admire anything between sculpture to sword, be ready to get awe-struck with the Weaponry Museum.

Sights to leave you craved

Doha is strategically and beautifully peppered with massive historic forts in Al Zubara and Al Koot. Shoppers can breathe a sigh of relief in the labyrinth bazaar, the Souq Waqif where one can squander hours amongst the glittering shops, stores and stalls for the latest souvenirs in town.
Buy anything from spices to artifacts and electronics. Spend a memorable evening with a stroll at the Corniche and marvel at the clock tower near the Grand Mosque. Other fun-filled activities you can take part in include a 4×4 desert trip, a dinner cruise on the traditional dhow and walk along the beach.

Thriving zoos & park

The Doha Zoo is blessed with a special section in favour to the desert wildlife, so a tourist who is searching for a family activity can go haywire if it’s not for the captivating zoos and parks. Another fantastic option is the indoor theme park with plenty of activities and animal-themed attractions.
At the striking Corniche, Rumeliah Park has a massive Ferris wheel and other thrilling rides to give you the taste of fun.
The city may not be as striking as other cities from the ground level, but once you take a peek from the 60th floor of a towering building, you are dumbfounded by the captivating skyline the city is blessed with. One tagline that goes along with the city is ‘enjoy the space; it might be replaced with something awesome’.

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