A Visit to Malta in October

How about some winter sun this October? The appealing island of Malta comprises of seven beautiful islands gracing the Mediterranean Sea that creates the idyllic winter sun holiday escapade.
The climactic days of October are generally lukewarm and the sea clings to the heat. No wonder, your time at the beach generates the perfect fun you are craving for. The evenings tend to get chilly with light showers dripping setting the stage for the winters.

The October Fun in Malta

Experiencing Malta in October opens up the opportunity to attend Birgu fest that is celebrated in the Birgu city, also known as Vittoriosa. While you admire the city, you can learn the traditional Maltese music and get information about Malta’s history. At the festival night, the entire city is decorated by candle lights. It’s an amazing sight that enlightens everyone.
The archipelago is a huge park that sits for exploration. Visit the museums and historical sites. Marvel at the Baroque architecture and an array of praiseworthy masterpieces that are speckled throughout the islands. Capture Punic tombs, ruins of Roman villages and massive monuments. One of the distinguished sites of Malta is the Hypogeum, an underground temple with burial grounds.

The Amazing Work of Arts in Malta

Malta has over 350 chapels and churches spread across the islands, depicting true work of art. Since the Maltese are the oldest Christian society one can trace the steps of St. Paul through the catacombs in the prehistoric city of Mdina. There are some jaw-dropping chapels that are carved right in the rocks facing the cliffs.
You may not find forests and lofty mountains in Malta, but there are endless caves and rock-cut formations to admire. The Calypso’s Cave overlooks the Ramla Bay and offers a striking contrast to the other nearby attractions.

Beaches and Cave Diving

The city of Malta also offers a trio of attractive wonders consisting of Inland Sea, Fungus Rock and the Azure Window. Try out the dive sites on Gozo and the world famous Blue Hole.
Malta has beaches for everyone. Sea-sport lovers get to taste the ultimate adventure through surfing and jet-skiing. With such a vast coastal boundary, choose from golden sands, rocks, lagoons and inland seas. Divers get to see the underwater paradise with sunken ships and through snorkelling. Check out the spot where St. Paul’s ship was assumed to be lost.

The Two Dive Sites

The 2 most popular diving sites are Blue Hole and the Chimney. Enter through the dark caves and explore a whole new world of wonders and mysterious rock formations.
The weather, landscape, and the backdrop of Malta allow walking tours, or even off road safaris. In Malta, a walk is never just that, it is an expedition to discover overwhelming seas, astounding landscapes, and undying Mediterranean life. The island’s medieval towns and antiquated temples are scenic memories impossible to forget.

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