A World Beyond Football and Spanish Culture of Barcelona

If you’re booking premium economy flights to Spain, Barcelona is, in my opinion, the eventual holiday destination. The combination of an amazing beach, delectable food, an incredible number of enriching and appealing attractions is everything you could ever wish for, for your vacation!
Actually, it has so many things to do and see that it’s quite hard deciding where to go and what to do. Bearing in mind all the facts, this is by no means an exhaustive list. Therefore, it’s worthwhile doing a little research of your own before you set off – you never know what you might find!

A Touch of Gothic-ness can make your day!

One notable notion about Barcelona is its stunning architecture. The Spanish city is crammed with age-old impressive Gothic buildings, which is one of the largest in Europe. It is the artistic work of the famous architect, Antoni Gaudi that spellbinds visitors.
With cheap flights to Barcelona explore the famous, weird and wonderful designs that Gaudi created. Some of the most exciting buildings in the city do need a visit as they are certainly among the most memorable I’ve ever seen. His most celebrated contribution is the unfinished Sagrada Familia – a vast cathedral in L’Exiample.
While you can see it from the outside from a distance, it’s well worth paying to get in and have a close-up look at the amazing facades, which depict various biblical scenes. Inside, you’ll be flabbergasted by vivid stained glass windows and a mysterious ceiling that was designed to match a rainforest.
Fall in Love with Another Spanish City – Majorca

Barcelona is highly breathtaking

With low cost airlines to Barcelona, spend some of the most memorable vacation sin the intriguing city of Barcelona. Take the lift to the top of the building if you can – it only cost a few Euros extra, and the views are amazing.
What’s really exciting about it, though, is that you get to walk all the way back down via the slender stone steps as you admire the surrounding through the small windows and balconies along the way. It may not be for the faint-hearted people.
With Barcelona flights from UK, the Casa Batllo is a must-see structure. Unlike the Sagrada Familia, this is a residential edifice – and it will perhaps be the most unique icon that you have ever seen. The exterior is covered in multicoloured fish scales, whereas its balconies resemble spiky jaws. It is also worth heading out to some of the city’s amazing parks.
Park Guell, which was designed by – you’ve guessed it – Gaudi, is a must, but bear in mind that as it’s free, it’s usually packed. It is still lots of fun strolling around the wooded grounds, which are dotted with strange structures, but don’t expect it to be a quiet outing.

Get ‘high-on’ with Spanish food in Barcelona

If you’re a bit a foodie, your holiday is basically paradise for you even with first class flights to Barcelona. Its fabulous seafood, huge paellas and wonderful little tapas dishes should all go straight on your list of essentials – as should lashings of sangria. Perhaps the best surprise I had during my stay, however, was the hot chocolate.
A perfect blend of corn-flour and egg white, it will surely be the most satisfying hot chocolate you have ever had. With holidays Even if the temperature is soaring outside, make sure you try it – you won’t regret it.
With cheap air tickets to Barcelona from Club Traveller, among the best places to do so is the Museu de la Xocolata – or Chocolate Museum. As you wander around, you’ll get to see loads of sculptures made entirely of chocolate – including a pretty gratifying one from the Sagrada Familia – before settling down in the cafe.

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