Learn To Pour a Perfect Pint at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

If you are a big beer lover or even if you are not but curious over how it’s made, what goes into it to get that final brewed up pint of melodrama; Dublin is the place for you. There might be other tourist attractions in Dublin to see over a weekend city breaks Europe, but you just can’t afford to miss out an insightful experience of becoming a brew master at Guinness Storehouse, Dublin.
So next time when you sip a pint and wonder what is all behind it, do come here over short breaks Dublin to gratify your curious senses.
All you want to know about Beer
Guinness Storehouse is Ireland’s top visitor attraction and a visit to the home of Guinness is the high point of any trip to Dublin. At the Guinness, you’ll explore and know all you want to about the world famous beer.
A dramatic story that begun 250 years back ends up at Gravity (the Sky Bar) with a complimentary pint of Guinness and a majestic view of the astonishing city. A fermentation plant at St. James’s Gate Brewery has been transpired into a place where visitors can witness one of the world’s best known brands in a totally startling way. It’s the Home, Heart and Soul of Guinness, opened for tourists all the year round, though a quick-tip here would be to get the entry tickets prebooked.
There are two fragments to the Guinness facility in Dublin. The Storehouse, which accommodates interactive displays and tasting rooms, and the actual St. James Gate Brewery, named after the neighborhood in south Dublin where it’s located. Guinness traces its roots back to 16th century when Arthur Guinness leased a 4 acre plot for 9000 years (A visionary he was!) and was claimed to be the largest brewery in the world till some decades ago.
Hear it from the horse’s mouth (How beer is made?)
Take on a self guided tour to visit the exhibits displayed at the Guinness Storehouse as you can’t tour the brewery, for obvious reasons. You can’t see the beer being made but you can walk through the entire brewing process to give you a clearer picture and then you can taste one itself (off course at the end of the tour).
The self guided tour begins the huge display of barley because to make beer, one needs barley for sure, and lots of it. The exhibited barley actually lures you to plunge your hands in it all you like, which can be weirdly gratifying. In fact not many know that two-thirds of all the malting barley produced in Ireland every year is purchased by Guinness.
The first step to make the Guinness is to crush the barley to get a resulting product called grist. And while most of us know that beer is mostly water, the next stage is to add water to the grist and stir it up whiskly. The water displayed at the Storehouse is kind of spectacular.
Pose in front of it with your partner or family to have that wise memory forever. That reminds, won’t drinking lots of beer would be a great way to keep us hydrated? Nah, it’s actually not.
Once adding hot water to the grist, it is sent through a violent masher to mix up the concoction and release brewing sugars. The chunky barley particles are then strained out of the mix to get “sweet wort”, the resulting liquid only to be added Hops (a plant to give beer a bitter taste) with toasted barley. Yeast is somewhere added in the process for fermentation after which the mixture is left for some time to mature and nitrogen or Co2 is added later.
The Storehouse walks you through this entire process, and gives you a bit of history about Guinness himself, who was somewhat of a beer pioneer.
What not to miss at the Guinness Storehouse?
• Pose for photos next to the beer-making doohickeys
• Reach up the Gravity Bar on top floor to catch the freshly brewed pints of beer (included complimentary in your admission ticket) and the amazing panorama on a clear sunny day
• Ideal for beer drinkers, lovers or Irish history enthusiasts to see something created with passion
• Give yourself at least a solid 2 hrs to see everything
• For a traditional pub fare, catch up on the cafes inside or hit the huge bouquet of restaurants in the Temple Bar area at the walking distance.
• Tag your kids along for a unique walk (or for a complimentary soda for under 18).
• Do buy a branded souvenir
If you are looking for a getaway this summer then look no further than Dublin, sizzling with excitement and fun. Come and experience Dublin’s explosive mixture of energy, warmth, and style, all up for grabs on low cost Dublin city breaks and have a fun filled unique family holiday in Europe.

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