Top 5 Places to Visit for Holidays Before You Die

There are plenty of holiday destinations where people claim are the top places to visit for holidays before you die, but apparently those people may think twice when they will read about the new adventurous list of 10 Places to be before Die. Check out the ultimate adventure, thrilling moments and the battle between life and death for several minutes and you may like to include these places in your list of 10 Places to visit before you die.
Hawaii for Best Snorkeling Experience
Hawaii is among the finest and desired holiday destinations of the world and has a bounty of natural beauty under its territory. Though it is a great tourist spot for honeymoon but loads of people doesn’t know about the adventurous range of snorkeling Hawaii offers to visitors. Try out the best snorkeling adventure at Hanauma Bay which is among the most secured and astonishing marine habitats of the world. For the most breath taking and eye popping under water experience, try out snorkeling in Hanauma Bay which is not so easy to get as you required a proper planning as well as a pile of clearance before doing such activity in highly preserved area.
Swiss Alps Switzerland for Astonishing Skydiving Adventure
Diving from 4000 meters of height straight towards the earth and feeling the real strength of gravity is something, you are talking about Skydiving. Jumping down from an air craft from several thousand meters with the support of a parachute is the horror for a few seconds and is the memory to keep for rest of the life, best to be extracted from Swiss Alps in Switzerland, known as the best place for skydiving and has the best view from the sky for divers. Take a trip of this daring sport and live with the pride of challenging the biggest rule of nature.
Rio De Janeiro for Exciting Spell of Bungee Jumping
Spellbinding Brazil is indeed a finest holiday destination for people as it is usually known for its zealous range of festivals and the hot n happening lifestyle but it there are people around us who seeks one mischief of their life to be forgiven that will take place in Rio De Janeiro by Bungee Jumping from Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado Mountain. Find out the reason behind the fantasy of daredevil people who wishes to go for Bungee Jumping from such a holy place.
Valencia Spain for Marvelous La Tomatine
There are tons of festivals celebrated around the world, but if there is a festival that has most number of the visitors to join and enjoy the festival, it is only and only La Tomatine Festival in Valencia Spain. Festival where people enjoy the maximum out of it and to live the most precious moments is Tomatine. This festival is globally famous for its enthusiastic preparation and enjoyment it serves during the event. Few hours of throwing water and mashed tomatoes are something you will definitely wish to join before dying.
Las Vegas Nevada for Spectacular Ravishing Nights
If you seeks for the best place to ooze out your hunger towards dazzling nights and a limitless spell of fun, then it can be completed only and only at Las Vegas. The city that sleeps in morning and wakes up in the evening is something where you can spend the most memorable time enjoying some extraordinary activities like tasting the best potations, enjoying the best nightlife in sparkling streets and skyscrapers and loads more. People from around the world wishes to visit here once in their entire life to take the real pleasure of this astonishing city of Nevada.

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