Recreating the Panoramic Moghul Era in India

Remember the nursery rhyme ‘two little feet go tap tap tap’? It’s time to recall this rhyme when you are highly curious about discovering Old Delhi, the 17th century megapolis laid out by the Taj Mahal creator – Shah Jehan: on your two feet.
Though the present Delhi focuses on a more geometric street, the charming Old Delhi has a more historic appeal counting the off-pulsing and the engrossing Chandni Chowk with a maze of narrowed alleys leading to various shops – either crammed with amazing goodies, or perched up on a skinny attic.
Being a pedestrian is not an easy task and that’s why on few Sundays, a local guide from the Delhi Heritage Walks leads a group, wading through the chaotic and colorful chaos of Old Delhi and the back lanes.
Temples & Forts
With Delhi city breaks the excitement begins from the grandest part of Chandni Chowk, right at the end, from the T-junction right opposite the enormous Red Fort – that was once the palace of the Moghul Emperor. You might find the outline of the vicinity quite hazy, but you will still be able to recognize Lahore Gate and the Sri Digambar Jain Mandir – the temple of the Jain faith.
The jolly good guide would introduce himself/herself as a history graduate, with a vast knowledge of the Moghul-era Delhi. Majority of the group would be thronged with Indians, along with some foreigners keen on knowing the past of India and the origin of culture and traditional gestures.
Sunday mornings are the times when things are settled down, peaceful, except some stray dogs and street kids having a jolly time before the place gets jostled with hawkers, traders, shop-owners and buyers. You start charting out a list of things to do in Delhi.
Reaching the Square through the alleys in the capital of India
As you pass the intriguing white and blue fountain beside the boulevards, you will suddenly enter a narrow lane depicting the Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter series, landing up to a famous stall selling piquant chaat.
Flights to Delhi arouses the fact that the sumptuous delicacy is an insubstantial treat topped with unforgettable taste. Don’t overdose it; it may land up giving a bad stomach – usually called Delhi Belly.
You may sample that later. The guide rushes you onward elaborating on how these areas and the surroundings were once royal estates encircled and enclosed by walls and gates.
The walls were brought down by the British to aid movement, leaving one odd gate overshadowing a solid metal structure.
A Dip in the Holy Oasis with Indian Holidays
Take few moments to inspect the interiors of a temple as you cross the road and enter another mysterious alleyway. The temple is dedicated to Shiva, and also houses a family home.
The temple is petite, in sharp contrast with the grandness of the Fatehpuri Mosque – which is the next stop of your tour.
The Mosque is a peaceful place to be on Sunday mornings. Smell the incense and experience the quiet and dedicated devotion of the people.
Chilies Dominate the End Tour
As you near ending your tour and adventure of Old Delhi, you enter Gadodia Market. The pungent aroma of spices, especially chilies seem to trap every visitor.
Batter yourself to the top of a building through the old stairwell and capture and attention-grabbing view of Old Delhi. Do not miss capturing the towering minarets, forts, gates and wild action of Chandni Chowk that makes the old metropolis such an enthralling place for a Sunday morning exploration.
With amazing tourist attractions in Delhi, the startling capital of India captivates any mind that drowns in the culture and the flow of the royal city.

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