Aha! At Last a City Break for me!!!

Tips to get the most out of your breaks

48 hours? 72 hours? 3 days or more? What should be the duration of a city break? I guess that’s all we get, so how do we make the most out of it?

After consenting with the holiday experts regarding the weekend breaks, they advised that it’s best to take at least two days, be flexible, but plan much in advance and don’t just simply drop the idea of your quitting you short break.

Select the city for your break

Phew!!! City, city, city…God help me choose a city. Well, all you need to do it a little bit of research and get information on the general things you wish to explore, spend time, things to do and see. It’s literary rewarding to touch base at your dream destination with no time in hand and then landing up spending your valuable time and money at the hotel and on the transport.

It’s wise to choose a destination that requires less travelling. Just opt for a destination which can be reached within 3-4 hours flying time. The escape could include a Stay Vacation, which will allow you to explore the surrounding.

In case you’re flying, please ensure that you take a direct flight. I have had nightmares of being stranded at the airports and missing flight connections. Ghastly!!!

Save the Date

On your cheap city breaks, two nights is what you should opt for wherever you check-in. Just wake up with a new enthusiasm and have the entire weekend to yourself. There’s nothing like a Saturday and Sunday evening, exploring new things, places and the nightlife.

Now, here’s the crack! Leave on a Friday, somewhere far such as Norway, even if it’s just for the weekend. It will make you feel like a king and allow you to get away from all the mundane routine.

Travelling Solo or not

There comes a time when we have to get out of our comfort zone and push limits in order to interact with other travellers and groups. But first, one does enjoy their time alone and ponder on various thoughts.

On the other hand, travelling solo has its perks but the saying also goes true – the more, the merrier. So, find out a travel buddy or a few other more and anticipate a great time ahead.

Get a travel plan in advance

Weekend getaways can turn out to be very special sometimes. It just takes a bit of time to do some research and find out what really interests you. So, what’s first? Make sure you plan all the crucial details such as: hotel booking, logistics, restaurants, nightlife and other tours. Once you’re done, you are already ready with a nice base to step into the next.

Utilize your time by making further plans to visit the places of interest. You need a running list of places and restaurants you desire to visit. Listing out too many places can leave you baffled, instead, make your own research. The more you have, the better choices you are left with.

Make the most of your time

Hey, do not spend time sleeping away. You can always enjoy a power nap on the massage table. So, wake up early, exercise and enjoy your time. Sleep only when you’re dead, frankly speaking. Remember, city breaks are not lengthy vacations. Know when to explore the Eiffel Tower, when to visit the Taj Mahal etc.

One thing will always stand out, after sunrise everything is so bewitching. Some people do not get the opportunity to see, travel and explore.

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