Amazing Places to Photograph around the World

Charming people, marvellous vistas and amazing natural beauty makes some of the iconic images of the world. Read on to know where to click these shots and consider this as a ticket to most incredible destinations of the world.
Every traveller has a collection of best photographed places around the world and they dream of the ones they would capture in their lens one day. Whether you love nature, wild life, culture or destinations there are myriads of things to photograph around the world.
There are certain places that pull shutterbugs like magnets attracting iron nails. They simply love adding those trophy pictures to their collection so take a look at some of the best places to photograph worldwide.


Antarctica has deluged every traveller and has become iconic that has entrapped into our imagination due to tales of heroic explorations and tragedies. Many people have no or little knowledge about this destination but for seasoned photographers this is the best places to
witness stunning outbursts of towering mountain ranges ripping right across the face of the deep blue sky, the turquoise icebergs and glaciers. Indeed other things to photograph are the limitless nesting colonies of penguins that are rarely bothered about the presence of humans.

Dingle Peninsula Ireland

It is the most preferred winter destination and one of the naturally existing delightful places on earth that lies in the northernmost of the major peninsula in County Kerry. The Atlantic sea dampens against the rugged landscape of the Dingle Peninsula with constant weather changing scenario that gives the visitor a plethora of unexpected photographic excitement.

Havana Cuba

Havana lies in the centre of Cuba and is located in the Caribbean island that is located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.  It is characterised by flat to rolling plains accompanied by furrowed hills and mountains in the southeast. The daily life and authentic Cuban culture attract photographers from all over the world. It has rich variety of patinas and light due to blend of heterogeneous culture that has been kept intact over the centuries. You
can witness both sides of the coin in a place where the country is both modern as well ancient so the more you go there is something to discover.

The Wave Arizona

The Wave is an interesting destination that allows only 20 permits per day for tourists to access the area. The interesting part about the place is its 2.5 mile hike and much of it is sand. Many people think that the wave has been carved out of water but majority of it is sand. It is famous among shutterbugs for its vibrant, rippling forms including the trackless and the rugged hike.
The wave is of the size of a basketball court and there is an array of interesting places which
can be covered on foot. It is simply a mystical place from the moment you enter here and the best time to photograph during the midday when you’ll not be troubled by shadows.

Southern Alps New Zealand

This destination is truly special as it is the part of the Western ‘Tai Poutini’ National Park which along with other parts of the South Westland and Fiordland has attained the special status of UNESCO World Heritage Area. The two tallest mountain peaks of New Zealand are visible which are the Mount Cook and the Mount Tasman. Most photographers must have clicked Paris, San Francisco and the Taj Mahal but these are less famous destinations and equally photogenic alternatives to complete your photography collection.

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