Amazing Road Trip Adventures

When it comes down to road trips, one does truly get inspired with few of the most staggering driving routes around the world. Be it the pretty-looking route from Bavaria to the frigid region of Alaska or cruising down the classic US highway in a Chevrolet or even exploring  the untamed wildebeests of Africa, there is definitely a better way to explore the world. Crystal Travel unveils top-class road trips from around the globe. Believe me some are gorgeous, while others are spine-chilling!

Seward Highway, USA

Find your way along the 127-mile long strip of road surrounded by forests and glaciers in the tiny district of Seward. This route is renowned for snowy mountains and a water wall that can be witnessed at several stoppages along the way.

Highway 61, USA

This route injects life into everyone’s spirit who goes down. Most often it’s like a pilgrimage rather than a trip. You may never know but you will drive down through the land of Bob Dylan, BB King and Muddy Waters. Stop at a bar and find yourself being entertained with their music.

Pacific Coast Highway, USA

Rent a classic vintage car and journey through Seattle and San Diego cutting in between through cities such as San Francisco and California.

Bollenstreek Route, Netherlands

Netherlands can spectacular when it comes down to a road trip. Cut your way through the rainbow fields and the flourishing tulips. The Bollenstreek Route is one of the most amazing drives in the whole wide world. The months of April and May turn in a beautiful line of colours. Stop at a cute village to relax and grab a snack.

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

If something is hauntingly impressive, it has to be the Skeleton Coast that is often known as ‘the road God made in anger’. You can witness skeletons of whales and rusty shipwrecks. You will surely love racing against the coastal winds into the rugged landscape.

Karakoram Highway, China and Pakistan

Being part of the Silk Route down the yester years, this highway connects China to Pakistan. It is one of the highest paved roads in the world. Travel through towering snow-clogged peaks, gorges, serene villages and witness clear night skies with the brightest stars ever.

Ruta 40, Argentina

Running 3000 miles parallel to the Andes, Ruta 40 displays authentic life of Argentina’s landscape and culture. Marvel at the thriving vineyards, flat salt lands and crossing Llamas.

Atlantic Road, Norway

The zigzag stretch of bridges and roads can be quite intriguing. Being close to the sea, this 5 mile road trip will offer some engrossing scenery and a pleasant weather. See if you spot a whale and seal.

Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar

So what’s special about this road? It has to be the Baobab Trees that are dotted alongside the yellow dusty road. The trees can grow upto 30 meters and live upto 800 years.

Romantic Road, Germany

To witness your childhood fairy-tale land and castles, this grand and pretty-looking German town looks snatched right out of a Disney flick. Once haunted with the horrors of WWII, the present town doesn’t hide its charm and beauty.

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