An Exciting Mexican Adventure in Guadalajara

Guadalajara! Isn’t it a tongue twister? Let’s know how to pronounce it. It’s gwah-dah-lah-ha-rah. Hope you got that. Wondering, if there’s any nickname for that city! Well, being the second largest city in Mexico, it is also a prominent and trendy tourism destination. The literal translation means ‘river/valley of stones’ can be sometimes painful to move around due to being over crowded.

A Colonial Beauty

The city offers a busy and bustling setup to its visitors and the most alluring part of your tour would be the colonial era architecture that dates back to the independent times. You will have enough things to see, do and experience within the surroundings of Centro Historico locality.

The Libertador Miguel Hidalgo International Airport is the base that caters to national and international flights, being the launching pad to other neighbouring cities as well.

Once you step into the city, you can easily get around on foot, though the city transportation can surely be kept for distant places.

Charming Art and Architecture

Out of the many attractions in the city, the Guadalajara Cathedral attracts more people than anything else. This 16th century, spectacular structure consists of some mind-boggling art; the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin being the most significant. The authorities do encourage donation though admission to the cathedral is free. This composite is the main centre for culture and arts, with many other staggering displays that tags this attraction under UNESCO World Heritage Site.

‘It Keeps Me on My Toes’

Besides the surplus historical attractions, Guadalajara houses an array of unusual recreational activities. Would you like to enjoy a soccer game at the Estadio Omnilife or the thrilling bullfighting at Plaza de Toros? Shopping is an out-of-the-world experience with several malls, open-air markets and vendors selling traditional souvenirs. You can expect to dig your teeth into some amazing homemade authentic dishes as well as enjoy a crowd at a local pub or cafe.

Easy-going Accommodation

Guadalajara, no doubt, is a destination with a twist, appealing and attractive to everyone of every age, budget and interest. Renting an accommodation in every price range is quite easy. Affordable lodging centres include backpacker’s hostel at the Centro Historico with prices as reasonable as 150 pesos pp/pn.

The city boasts upscale and mid-range hotels for those who desire a more lavish stay. Mexican villas, at the outskirts of Centro Historico are palatial enough to make your stay quite lavish and royal.

Overall, Guadalajara can make you feel comfortable and cut your costs with limited budget. Dining is all the more inexpensive at the food court or vendors. You need not spend too much on transport, as most people enjoy walking to the nearby notable places. A window into Guadalajara can change your travel perspective totally for sure. It’s a city worth touring!

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