An Insight into the Free Things in Lima

How does one describe a city that resembles Egypt, Miami and Rome, all at the same time? Well, that’s Lima for you, Peru’s rambling capital city that has the power to keep the most frugal travellers on their toes for days.

Top Attractions in Lima

Start off things with a visit to the dignified Plaza Mayor, the main square that goes back to the Spanish era in the 16th century. During the colonial era, this place was a lively market as well as a bullfighting ring. Today, few visitors come to click pictures of the lovely fountain and witness the ceremonial changing of the guard every during noon.
The stunning cathedral of Lima that was built in 1535 charms people with its baroque architectural elements and stupendous Gothic carvings. Marvel at the gold plated artefacts and wooden carvings that distinguish the structure as a galactic symbol of Spanish style. Moreover, most curious visitors head towards the catacombs that hold countless bones and skulls.


Learn about the Spanish struggle at Museo del Congreso y de la Inquisición that observes the edifice as the Peruvian Congress and the Peruvian Inquisition Centre. Get exposed to the ceramic art works that date back 3000 years.
The National Museum Afroperuano oozes the artefacts and proof of slavery, including shackles as well as. It features contribution in food, music and cultural events.
With a small fee, you can witness several ancient adobe pyramids, or huacas in and around Lima, but not all are kept as famous archaeological sites. Enter into the Huaca Huallamarca, a renovated temple complex that was once the core hub for several civilizations. A tiny museum displays artefacts such as vessels and few musical instruments that were excavated.

Food and Drink

The beguiling array of abundance that is available in Peru is the spine of Lima’s culinary delicacies. Taste a traditional dish cooked in an earthen pot consisting of marinated lamb, covered with potatoes, beans, spices and herbs.
Explore the prime fish market at dawn and admire the range of seafood as the top chefs of the city come for a catch.

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