Are Travel Agents Misunderstood

Let’s put it this way! Who is a travel agent? Well, there can be several answers to it, but a travel is one, who stands between you and your holiday. He’s the structure who transfers you to the destination of your choice.

But the other question is, do travel agents still exist? The truth must be told that, a travel agent has the most tough and misunderstand job in the whole wide world. Check out the Crystal Travel reviews and you can see how the agents are hurled with complaints and negative feedbacks.

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It is true to a large extent that most people do not have a clue how travel agents work. Hopefully, some misconceptions and confusion can be cleared by explaining many things.

Most ardent and impatient holidaymakers suddenly turn online to make their holiday reservations. The internet has lured the world into lucrative bookings as well as confusion, anxiety and hesitation and in turn, the customer heaps mails and mails to the travel agent, either making feedbacks, Crystal Travel complaints or positive reviews.

So, what goes in the life of a travel agent?

TAs are All-Inclusive

Whether its hotels, flights, hotel packages or cruises, all include a kind of commissions. Using the services of a travel agent purely means that you get the customer service you deserve. No spending hours on the net or wasting precious time. It’s a no-worry zone!


The Costing of a Travel Agent

Travel agents mainly earn their living by the commission. There was a time that the airlines did not pay any commission to the travel agents since 1990’s. Online travel companies do charge service fees.


TAs are not Pushy

Every travel agent knows that it’s not about making the sale, but it’s about creating a relationship with the customer, moreover, a happy customer.

Virtually, a travel agent is a bridge between the customer and the product. The customer, blindly comes and believes, gets allured by the travel product, holiday package and the airfare too. Hence, customer’s are required to bear with every travel agent as they make the sell. It’s purely a generosity paradox where the travel agent and the customer, both are benefited with the deal. Get to know more about how things are dealt by going through Crystal Travel feedbacks.

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