Bask in the Amorous Ambience of Breathtaking Venice

When I first saw the Hollywood flick ‘The Tourist’, starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, I dint follow the story much as much as I enjoyed the background city of Venice – vivid and clustered homes, artistic surrounding, romance oozing out from every sphere and the quaint canals that itself spurs up a ravishing city break to Venice.
In the past people have flocked into this dreamy town through the sea route, and down the years much of the European culture and western developments are still evident, making every step quite intriguing.
The charming town of Venice opens its arms wide allowing worldwide visitors to explore the beauty behind the tiny arcades, lanes and shops.
So, what makes Venice so very iconic and one of the most visited European towns? Is it the canals or the city where the road is hardly seen, the electrifying cuisine or the humbleness of the people there?
The Magnificent Blend of Art
Canals do add a lot to the transportation of the city and it has helped in framing lives of couples who never hesitated to raise a toast or propose for marriage on a gondola. Shifting your eyes from the canals you can witness older couples sipping aromatic coffee in St. Mark’s Square. Doesn’t matter, if you are a student, a lover of art, or a lone ranger desiring to experience the facts of life, the Italian way of life with holidays in Venice can open up brilliant avenues of looking at things quite differently.
Either you are a first time visitor or a returning visitor; you are like to experience 118 islands and 150 canals, so an excuse with city breaks to Venice unveils a hypnotising sense of charm and bewilderment.

The City of Canals

Do not worry at all for the things you need to do, or you can do in Venice. Intriguing museums alongside the canals do allure people to explore a rich culture behind the walls. Fun lovers can head towards various restaurants and bars that cater to an array of diverse tourists and plenty hotels abide to match every budget. So dear backpackers, you’re in for a treat with Venice holidays.
As undeniably one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, with Venice holidays spend an incredible vacation without straining your purse.

Unforgettable highlights of Venice

With flights to Venice, upon Arriving at the Marco Polo Airport, you can board the public water bus, or a fast moving private water-taxi towards Piazza San Marco, from where you can make your way towards your desired hotel.
Highlights in Venice include an endless show-time of European treasures this city holds. A visit to the Guggenheim art gallery, an evening spent in a casino; shopping madly in the Venice Market beside the Rialto Bridge and capturing a sunset near St. Mark’s Basilica. Venice is truly a traveller’s delight that never saddens a grieving heart, never snatches away the true joy, and never fakes it to make it. Venice – a blissful town that makes you feel young again!

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