Zanzibar – Bewitching Beaches haunted by the Mermaids Song

Zanzibar is a stunner in itself. Being a part of the East African Republic of Tanzania, it consists of the Zanzibar Archipelago in the India Ocean, 30-55 kms off the vital coast of the mainland.
With Zanzibar Holidays explore the petite islands along with two huge ones – Pemba and the Unguja, the main island that is referred to as Zanzibar.
The capital city, Zanzibar City is situated on the island of Unguja and blessed with the World Heritage Site called as Stone Town. The beautiful nation was once a separate state with a long history of trade with the Arab World.
The main industries are tourism, raffia and spices. It is sometimes referred to as the Spice Island because of the significance of its production of cloves that was a world leader, along with nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper.
Famous 5 Zanzi Tours & Excursions – short Zanzibar weekend breakaways
The panoramic land offers best attractions and exciting tours on the island and surroundings. You can choose from a fleet of well-maintained vehicles and professional divers, equipped to make your experience unforgettable.
Dolphin Tour – Visit the oldest and earliest capital of the Island Kizimkazi and proceed to a tiny fishing village and hop on a boat ride in search of dolphins.
Jozani Forest Tour – Jozani is hell of an indigenous forest, well worth a visit. The vegetation encompasses mangroves, ground-water forest, saline grassland, evergreen thickets and tracts of fern. Prismatic butterflies and birdlife are prolific here. Wild pigs, shy suni antelope, sykes’ monkey, all have their thriving inhabitant living, but the most enlivening and entertaining is the funny looking Red Colobus monkey – endemic to Zanzibar.
Prison Island Tour – The enthralling tour begins with an exciting 30 to 40 minute local dhow ride from Stone Town. The sapphire clean waters and fantastic views of Stone Town, from the sea make the ride extremely enjoyable.
The island was used for the confinement of slaves in the late 1800’s and visitors are briefed with highly interesting information that can tempt anyone to capture fantastic photographic opportunities.
Moving further down, the eye-catching giant tortoises are the main attraction of the island. Visitors may touch and feed them. Suddenly you may see the guinea fowl, suni bucks or peacocks wondering around at their own leisure.
Safari Blue Tour – The excursion begins at the Fumba fishing village, which is an ideal point to explore Menai Bay. The Bay is endowed with exceptionally beautiful sand-barks and uninhabited islands, frequently dotted by bottle-nose dolphins and humpbacks.
After snorkeling, you are offered fresh green coconuts and proceed to the desert island for lunch.
The lunch is quite traditional. The buffet includes grilled fish, lobster, chicken, rice with coriander sauce and tamarind with coconut, of course. You get to taste a selection of 10 to 15 different fruits. Plenty of drinks can be accessed throughout the day along with mineral water, soda and beer.
Stone Town Tour – Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar, drenched in history, is a remarkable example of harmonization and cultural fusion.
With flights to Africa wander among the fresh produce, meat and fish markets. Stroll down the narrow streets, lined with small shops. Visit eh Palace Museum and the attractive Old Fort on the seafront, the Slave Market.
One of the most striking aspects of the town is its stubbing architecture. Oh man! The Arabic, European, Indian and African influences are exceedingly captivating.
Zanzibar evokes stunning images of an exotic haven with white palm beaches, dreamy dhows, billowing white sails, orient Islamic ruins. Today, the idyllic beaches tell the tale of haunting history of slavery, but provide out-of-the-world sea-sport entertainment.

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