Best Cities for Oktoberfest

Beer and Schnitzel rub shoulders together in the much awaited Oktoberfest with massive crowds swarming in the city of Munich. Watching the wild crowd adds another excitement but, if you want to avoid such a crowd and you are not able to reach Bavaria, here are places where you can largely celebrate the festival.

Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (October 10-18)

If Munich is the core city for the ultimate Oktoberfest celebrations, step beyond the German borders to experience world’s second-largest fest. Every year Ontario drowns in the biggest Oktoberfest outside Munich due to a large number of German residents.

Blumenau, Brazil (October 8-26)

Blumenau is Brazil’s ‘Little Germany’ that hosts customary German beer festival every October. In 1850, the agricultural town of Blumenau was found by Herman Bruno Otto Blumenau with few others. More than half a million tourists head south to celebrate the festival and consume large quantity of beer.

Cincinnati, Ohio (September 19-21)

The United States of America doesn’t lack behind in celebrating the largest Oktoberfest in the country that takes place in Cincinnati. It is estimated that approximately 500,000 people are likely to attend the fest. The Chicken Dance is a major event during the fest.

Hong Kong (October 17-November 8)

The Marco Polo Hotel in Hong Kong celebrates Oktoberfest in a special sweet way and style. The festival combines German music, German cuisine and German Beer. If you fancy a brew, then arrive early as there are only 200 of them available. The fest runs for 23 days in the hotel and attracts numerous guests who just love consuming beer and pretzels.

Brisbane, Australia (October 10-12 / 17-19)

With a crowd of more than 30,000, Brisbane manages to maintain the amazing feel of the October fest that was started by two Australian-German families. For a stretch of 14 days in October, the celebrations manage to draw crowds to enjoy Australian wines, German food and the traditional German beer.

Frankenmuth, Michigan (September 18-21)

To promote tourism for this petite town and celebrate German unity, the city officials decided to celebrate Oktoberfest in Michigan. The Oktoberfest was sanctioned by the German government as the first festival outside Munich. Today, the festival is celebrated with traditional music, beer, German food and the much loved dog race.

Fredericksburg, Texas (October 3-5)

Since many years the tiny Texan town celebrates German heritage by its self version of Oktoberfest. The festival features a permutation of German, Mexican and American food with sausages, sauerkraut and 50 assorted brews of beer. Tourists get to enjoy a huge collection of art works by various artists.

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