Best Islamic Destinations for Budget Travellers

It’s Ramadan! For several families who are planning for a holiday might consider the Disneyland as the main location. But many fail to notice the expensive trip to Disney, that includes the fee to the park, hotel stay and food.
Before you venture out on a holiday there are financial aspects that need to be taken into consideration. With the amount that you accumulate for Disneyland, you can go to a new destination and explore the unknown. Well, here are some ideas:

Explore the Islamic side of Spain

How can we connect and relate to the Muslim history in Spain? You need to know which are the Muslim cities of Spain. For instance: Cordoba and Alhambra are considered as Muslim cities steeped in the ancient Islamic history. Do not forget to take pictures and record conversations with the local people. If you are craving for some impressive hospitality and delicious cuisine, these are the places to be in.
Go and pray in a mosque, meet other fellow brothers and sisters. How about visiting Gibraltar, where the leaders for the Muslims makes his legacy. Spain is a all-time-favourite holiday destination for many. Hence, carefully planning is needed!

Take on the Turkish Cities

Turkey has an enormous Muslim Empire known as the Ottoman Caliphate. This is where the age-old Islamic monuments abide. A visit to the grave’s of the Prophets can reveal years of history and cultural features. Visit the Blue Mosque, meet the sophisticated Muslim leaders and head towards the bustling bazaars to shop. When you greet people by saying ‘As-salamu alaykum’, you are bestowed with real love, hospitality and brotherhood.
Take out time to explore smaller towns, villages and remote areas of the city. Mid June to September are the peak seasons in Turkey, Spring and Fall are the perfect times to visit Turkey. Now here’s the catch, a trip to Turkey, if planned wisely, in advance, can prove to be cheaper than other world-famous destinations.

Pray in an Icy Mosque

How is the summer heat treating you? If you are looking for cool ways other than turning your AC on, then you can plan heading towards Northern Canada, heading all the way towards the Arctic. Do not panic, you won’t be the only Muslim person shivering in the cold. There is a Muslim community in Alaska who love to pray and enjoy Halal meat. It’s an exciting adventure up there!

Explore the Muslim China

Around 150 million Muslims reside in China and Muslim food is extremely popular in china, with Chinese and also with non-Chinese. An Arabic script is engraved on the Chinese currency. Not only the culture will enthral you, but also about the history behind the Great Wall of China.

It’s Ramadan, time to Visit the Umra!

Mass Muslim crowd save up their holidays, time and money to go to the Umra. Some plan on some other destination, but finally take a detour towards the holy land. If you are planning to visit Makkah and Madinah do speak to our travel executives and remember Crystal Travel.

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