Best Reasons to Visit Jakarta

Hey, do you plan to be in Jakarta this month? Even if you are there in this amazing destination for a day or week, there are numerous places that can trigger the excitement in you. Being a crammed commercial hub, Jakarta is filled with loads of tourist attractions, shopping arcades, nightlife, food and fun. You time will not run dry in this Indonesian pot boiler.

Ancol Dreamland

Ancol could be your dream destination if you are searching for a change from the mundane. This amusement park is open 24 hours and offers fun in term of water adventure, fantasy world, ocean dream, sea world, golf, gondolas, wake-boarding and eco park.

National Museum

This 200 year old museum is a symbol that one must visit. It is situated at Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat at the core of Jakarta city houses historical, archaeological, geographical artifacts and displays that invite people from every corner. The museum is also called as the Elephant Building because of the elephant statue there.

National Monument

At the centre of Merdeka Square in the city of Jakarta, stands the Monas Tower, also called as the National Monument. It symbolizes the quest for the nation of Indonesia which was erected under the direction of President Sukarno.

Top Things to Do in Jakarta

Who doesn’t like shopping? Jakarta offers several shopping opportunities that range from high-end to budget prices spread out in every mall and market. We recommend the following shopping centres and malls in Jakarta:
• Plaza Indonesia of FX Mall – designer goods
• Grand Indonesia
• Mangga Dua – cheap yet quality imitation goods
• Blok M – shoes, clothes, bags
• Pasar Ikan – souvenirs and household items

Eat in Jakarta

The top dishes of Indonesia include Soto Mie / Soto Mee, Nasi Goreng, Sate ayam, Rawon, Gudeg, Bakso, Nasi Kuning, Gado-gado, Soto Ayam, Ketoprak, Sayur Asem and Ayam goreng. To try all this, one must be in Jakarta. One of the most famous restaurants is the Pondok Laguna where you can sample the amazing Sundanese food. This place is extremely famous with locals as well as visitors coming into the city.

Nightlife in Jakarta

To enjoy the nightlife in Jakarta there are several bars and clubs that cater to your need. Places such as Kemang and the Ecobar Cafe experiences dynamic crowds and heart-pounding music. Serious clubbers can check out the famous street of Jalan Jaska for some choicest clubs, bars and cafe. Explore a better option and more variety of food.

Walk Around Pasar Baru

What can Pasar Baru be? Well, it’s one of those rare streets that invite you for a walk down memory lane. Along the road, you can find thriving family business of selling clothes and watches. Haggle for a variety of clothes; savour best Indonesian food and explore the Art Centre.

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