Best Time to Visit Europe

Europe is vast, and so are its weather conditions. It’s beguiling for a traveler to decide when to go and the best time always depends on what you are really looking for in a European holiday in November. Such times could be the best time with the best weather, or could be the least expensive time, or the time with the least crowd.
It so happens that the best weather often correlates to the most tourists flocking in and the least expensive relates to less tourist season.
To get an idea about the ‘best time to visit the destination of your dreams’ here’s a drop down list of ‘when to go when’.

Europe (November & December) –

Europe is isolated at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hotel rooms go cheap and specially in Paris, there are amazing sales at the various stylish boutiques.
The hotel packages and the cheapest European airfares are available from November 1 to the mid and till late March. But do check out before finalizing your plans. If there is a place you want to visit, hope it doesn’t close when you arrive

Mediterranean Europe (Italy and Greece) –

The weather is cold and dampened and the summer is dry. The best time to go there is definitely during spring and fall. Spring is especially beautiful because the winter rains make the hills green and lush and covered with amazing display of flowers in full bloom.

Southern France, Portugal, Spain, Turkey & Greece –

The wonderful months of May, Jun, September and October are quite idyllic to enjoy the rural areas in these countries. The weather is generally good and the summer flock has not arrived yet, or must have returned home.

Spain –

If you desire to travel to Spain, May-June and September-October are the best times to visit central Spain, which is not yet crowded and the weather is not that sweltering as it is in July and August.

Bavaria –

Munich is all decorated and dressed up for the Oktoberfest that occurs from the last 2 weeks of September till the first weekend break to Europe in October. So if you desire to experience the Oktoberfest. So if you want to experience the exhilarating Oktoberfest, try not to go to Munich later in October, you’ll miss it.

Scandinavia –

In Scandinavia summer has the finest weather and long days for sightseeing. But if you go in August, many of the natives will be in other part of the globe, enjoying their own vacations.

Amsterdam –

Amsterdam The first Saturday in September is the beautiful flower festival that is admired by thousands.

Britain –

To step into Britain, May is the best month. Admire garden in full bloom and scanty tourists.

Scotland –

The most vital time is August and September, when Edinburgh International Festival is on the full-go; but it is also the busiest time and the prices are at the peak. Many love traveling in the shoulder season – May, June and October when the surrounding is on the quieter side and the value is better. Scotland does have some crispy and sunny days during the winter.

London, Rome, Paris and Florence –

These places are best visited in the off-season from September through May, in order to avoid the crowd of tourists, the summer heat and the escalating prices.

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