Budget Travelling Tips to Lagos

A trip to Lagos is much more than a visit to a random city of Africa. When you come to know about the thriving diversity in culture and captivating lifestyle they have, you surely love to visit this city again and again. The largest city of Nigeria known to be the most fabulously developed and exotic for travellers visiting Africa, Lagos sure knows how to greet everyone and offer them an immense view of their culture. Even with a fewer number of attractions and highlights, Lagos has been a great destination in Africa to visit. A budget travel guide to Lagos will help you to explore the city more whilst saving a fortune to make another escape to some more vital destinations in Africa.

To begin your trip to this beautiful African metropolis, you must book your flights to Lagos on budget which is available on various travel websites offering tickets to Lagos from London. The next thing you need is to plan out the places that have least or no entry fee for visitors and are among list of the must visit places in Lagos. To give you a brief about these places, we have brought a few places with great relevance and beauty.

Nike Art Gallery: A picturesque art gallery showcasing the culture and art from various eras of Nigeria, Nike Art Gallery is a place you must visit after your flights to Lagos to check a collection of more than 8000 artefacts of Nigerian artists exhibited in a five-storey building. The museum is quite affordable to visit and you can thoroughly enjoy the exhibition whilst saving more.

Lekki Conservation Centre: A natural resource conservation centre in Lagos, Lekki is a wide 78-hectare property conserving swamps, savannah habitats of Lekki peninsula and have a huge area covered with coconut trees making boulevard roadway for cars and vehicles visiting this area. The entry fee of this place is quite nominal and travellers taking flights to Lagos can experience the natural beauty of Lagos without spending much and can enjoy the refreshing time away from bustling streets.


Freedom Park Lagos: A memorial park designed by Theo Lawson, and recently become a leisure park too reserves a relevance in the history and culture of Nigeria. Preserving the colonial heritage of the region, the park consists prison cells, art centre, recreation centres, historical landmarks and much more. If you are taking tickets to Lagos from London to explore the history of Nigeria, this is the best place to know about it whilst saving a fortune.


The plushest and beautiful beach on the coasts of Gulf of Guinea, Elegushi Beach is a place to save big whilst enjoying the sandy beaches, picturesque sight of ocean and soaking yourself into the blissful beach extravaganza. If you have booked your tickets to Lagos from London, you must plan a day entirely to spend on this beach.

Although, there are number of other ways to explore the city, yet if you have a lot more time to explore Lagos, you should check out more outdoors of Lagos that have cultural relevance as well as quick access from the city centre

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