Budget Valentines Day Getaways for Two

For some, Valentine’s Day proves to be pricey and for some they just love to spend extravagantly on their partner. Well, the special day not only reminds us to appreciate our loved ones, but also for planning the best excuse for a dreamy vacation.
A quick escapade in February need not break the bank, for sure. You might be on your toes reading about some ideas for a cheap Valentine’s Day holiday. Well, you can skip the roses and the chocolates in return of a trip that your partner will relish and love all her life – a sudden getaway! How’s that?

Escape into Romance the Cheap Way

Bangkok from £326

So are you really passionate about travelling? Well, the first city that comes to mind for a ravishing Valentine holiday is none other than the exhilarating capital of Thailand. No wonder Bangkok holds gems that can get your partner pampered and treated extremely well. If Bangkok is energetic during the day, the evenings are seductive and nights are exotic. Be it any time of the day, you two will surely have a gala time this V-Day.

Dubai from £339

Dubai is not only for family tours, students or business people. Dubai can shape itself for the lovely couples too. Be it the newly married or couples thinking of joining in holy matrimony, Dubai is just enthralling! You need not book a lavish hotel to accelerate your romance, even a Bedouins hut, beach resort and tents can create the most amazing moment you can ever think of. Well, there’s nothing like digging into a BBQ and watch gypsy dance by cuddling into your partner.

Orlando from £440

Do you wish to include the Disney and cartoon characters in your love story? Well, if you’re in Orlando, your partner might be amused more with the attractions around than you. Yes, but true, Orlando not only allures kids, but elders and couples too. Even if you just get to roam the city, you’re in the seventh heaven. With ample attractions, cheerful crowd, ravishing cuisine and fast food, you are definitely in for a treat.

Singapore from £471

The country that fines people for littering around with chewing gums can provide the shade and sun for your love-life. A quick trip to the Sentosa Island, Singapore Zoo and an evening near the Singapore waterways can be quite dreamy and memorable. There cannot be a treat more affordable than this.

Manila from £488

The Philippine capital city of Manila has seen the unification of 700 couples tying knots during a mass in the year 2012. It was indeed a special moment that made history. You will surely be at awe as to what Manila has to offer you this Valentine’s Day. Explore the most quixotic restaurants, nightlife and quiet moments out in the sea with your partner. What else do you need? It’s all there!
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