Visit to Victoria Falls in Africa- Spellbinding Journey to a Majestic World Heritage

Remember that golden oldie “I won’t let Victoria Fall”, perhaps its singer might never get an opportunity to visit the prong of the Zambezi River, at the borderline of Zambia and Zimbabwe, forming point of one of the most tremendous and biggest water falls over the planet, Victoria Falls. Or, Africa’s big jungles and cringing culture just never let him stroll ahead to find this smoke that thunders which has still been one of the biggest reasons stopping today’s voyagers to visit this gem of the bush.

Find the Flourishing Nature at its Best at Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, one of the offbeat tourist spots inside Africa, with the fact that mostly voyager coming to the continent prefer its adventurous wildlife safaris, beaches and ancient sculptures skipping this overwhelming natural delight. Accordingly, when well known and crowded attractions of Africa are almost in a situation to upchuck, Victoria Falls can be a pleasant choice. Moreover, if you are seeking a fresh and fantastic escape with lesser numbers of people around, and all without forming another hole in your tight pockets, this is the place to reach.

Stretched miles wide, the water fall offers thrilling and awe-inspiring scenery of divine nature, where thousands of gallons of waters grounds down to massive 354 feet, making a perfect atmosphere for travelers, with huge amount of mists. And, visitors can easily catch these thin clouds of mists from miles away. Circled by incredible scenes of beauteous nature, fascinating flora and fantastic fauna, this picturesque phenomenon has long been taking place since ages, to some two million huge years, and concurrently the marks of this ongoing profound process can be easily spotted in the form of exotic stone artifacts. Even in such tremendous conditions, the region houses several rare species of birds, fishes, reptiles and animals including but not limited to black eagles and falcons.

Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls
There is no particular best time to visit the falls as whenever you reach in its lap, you’ll be rewarded by a magnificent panorama. Although, dry season is considered slightly good to visit here as the flow gets bit slower down to falls and climate gets more traveler friendly.

Arrive here on the sun-set hours and you’ll see emerging of a different life around the falls. Mammoth elephant families from adjacent jungles start wandering across the river banks, fishes start jumping high in its gorgeous water, and attentive kingfishers just don’t let this opportunity to go by, the whole grass covered region on the edges of falls glitter like a jewel.

How to Reach Here
The rapid development in nearby regions has made the Victoria Falls an easily accessible place, giving options of road, rails and air for commuting. The regional airport Livingstone is directly connected through direct flights from Johannesburg. Also, presence of numerous guest houses, hotels and restaurants give a large window of accommodation, staying and dining options.

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