Can Online Travel Reviews Be Really Trusted

This is absolutely true that, while finding out about a particular flight or hotel, the online Crystal Travel reviews do help a lot. For business travellers, holidaymakers and general travellers a large number of mixed website reviews might be quite confusing. Some will praise, some will criticize and some will tend to be unbiased. There are some review that will show an excellent praise, but tend to be fake.

All that Glitters, is not gold! check All That You Need to Know About Online Reviews

Some travel agencies, hotels might hire professional writers, who might just keep on mentioning everything good about the hotel or even the flight and misguide people. These are fake reviews and they are not as same as the other genuine reviews and they can be spotted and getting penalized.

So, several social media platforms, the main goal for businesses is to have a huge following and a large number of ‘likes’. But again, there is a tendency to believe fake reviews, just with the blooming number of ‘likes’ that guarantee amazing services. This is a true technological fact and human nature that we measure the popularity of any social media content just by the number of ‘likes’ and the followings. The star ratings, right reviews and the large number of followers show a huge rise in profit. So it is same with any review regarding a hotel, flight or holiday package, that the rising reviews show that the product is excellent. While going through Crystal Travel feedback section, you might feel the same. Our reviews are mainly from people who have experienced the product and the booking procedure through us.

Beware of Fake Reviews

The recent statistics also prove, that numerous articles, documentaries have shown, that many businesses have crashed due to the dishonesty and having a fake reputation to mislead people through phony customer content and reviews.

Therefore, do not be one of those readers or customers who would easily believe in fake customer reviews and let your holiday go haywire.

Hence, if you travelled to a particular place and now you are about to write a review or even Crystal Travel feedback, get some tips on writing them and not just highlighting the bad part to misguide people. So, what is the bottom-line and what do we look for?

The top things we can consider are:


  • While travelling, were our requests made ahead of time?
  • How was the in-flight service?
  • Was the flight on time?
  • Was the airport staff helpful and attentive to the needs?
  • Was the check-in process smooth or slow? How were we treated at the valet parking and by the bellman?
  • Was our room clean and did it smell nice?
  • Was our luggage carried and brought into the room in a timely manner?
  • How was the house-keeping service friendly? Did they bring in the things on time?
  • How was the room service menu?
  • What are the amenities at the hotel? How was the restaurant service and food?
  • Does the hotel front desk handle requests efficiently? Do they pick up phones quite soon?
  • Hows the hotel staff in general?
  • How is the service in the restaurants, spa and other facilities of the hotel?

These are just a few of the items we can ask ourselves as well as present a review that can benefit the reader as well as the person or product from whom we are giving the review.

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