Can Traveling in Europe Turn out Cheap-Why Not

As the economic infrastructure falls, traveling can lose the speed in comparison to what it was. Rupee, dollar and Euro have their rise and fall.
But with such economic degradation, will the world still seem scattered and the best and favourite destinations seem expensive? Well, traveling in the around Europe can still in fairly expensive.
With flights to Europe tourists do sometimes get sick that how much transportation can cost even for the shortest distance. Well, it’s the oil prices that shoot up every fortnight.
Phew! One needs to get thoughtful and know cheap ways to travel in Europe.
But hey! Cheer up buddy; despite the valued Euro, pricey transportation costs and the overall expensive profit of Europe, there are ways, and still many ways to move around Europe quite affordably. Let’s find them out:

Budget Airlines, of course!

Budget airlines are so very prolific that strong competition keeps the airfares cheap and by far the cheapest option for affordable ways to travel Europe. You can search, find and book tickets for Europe where the fare is just the tax. Airline companies such as EasyJet, Ryanair, Transavia offer mind-blowing cheap flights throughout Europe. A friend flew from Porto to Barcelona for $25 USD.
Utilize cheapest way to travel Europe with kids but just make sure to book at least a month early to chisel out amazing deals. Look out for regular sales, mainly during the off season. Remember to read the fine print.

Eurail Pass

Getting a rail pass is one of the best options for a tour on the train. If you’re planning to travel long distances, European Rails are quite affordable and extremely convenient for such distances. Two things do stand out – the amazing view and on-board services. The passes are very safe and does save your money.


Eurolines is the umbrella organization for international buses in Europe that takes you throughout the continent. In Europe, buses are way too cheap than trains. Taking Euroline from Berlin to Paris would cost you $100 USD, while last minute tain fare comes to $248 USD. One thing stands out, instead of the roomy train; you are cramped on a tiny bus.


Searching for low cost buses in Europe? Megabus is your transport! Not only cheap and easily available, its also the best way to get around UK (Wales and Scotland). Tickets can cost as low as 1.50 USD but you need to book it a month ahead and on routes that are quite popular, to save big.
The Megabus even operates trains to a fewer destinations in the UK with fares initiating at 10 USD. It’s one hell of a joy ride to various cities of Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam


Busabout is a hop-on/off service used primarily by backpackers. You can get on and get off wherever you want at their set routes. You can buy tickets that let you travel the whole network with set number of stops.
For example, you can pay for a 9-day flexipass while you travel, passing about 9 stops from the city you start from. You can stop anywhere you want and patiently waits as long as you want.
The pass is 669 UDS that works out to equaling 72 USD per trip making it competitive with long distance and high speed trains. It may not be very versatile like other buses and trains, so you have to make your own way to travel to any other city.


With such memorable holidays to Europe you’ll love hitch-hiking. And the best part is that you need to pay for it. This is very common in Europe as nature lovers love walking though the country-side, through the landscapes and villages. It’s quite refreshing and thrilling.
Well, enjoy the hikes through Europe’s stunning landscapes and other best ways to travel Europe on a budget.

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