Catch Me If You Can with Holidays in Istanbul

I have a tendency to get lost in the maddening crowd, to explore new places, to adapt a different cultural gesture and savor food my tongue hasn’t tasted before. No wonder, Istanbul holidays can bestow such striking and stylish state-of-the-art charm, you wouldn’t regret leaving your footprints behind.
The fun of holidaying in Istanbul starts right at the Istanbul Ataturk International Airport, providing options to confront euphoric adventures in Turkey.

Divine Comfort with Istanbul hotel deals

Istanbul is well serviced with amenities of international standards in matters of commuting and lodging.
The metropolis is blessed with n diverse range of accommodation starting from campervans to reasonable price hotels to opulent hotels equipped with international standards for amenities.
Tourists’ flying with Istanbul Flights is gifted with mind boggling options while vacationing in the city.

Perfect City, Perfect Climate – Istanbul climate

Weather in Istanbul is endowed with a temperate oceanic climate which is influenced by a continental climate, with hot and humid summers and cold, wet and occasionally snowy winters; the weather is always full of surprises.

Istanbul Attractions: The Most Iconic Ones

Istanbul is home to many impressive historic sites. With things to do in Istanbul such heritage and cultural sights represent the splendid past of the city. From each of the glorious eras there are fascinating monuments. Modern day vehicles make going around the city very easy and efficient.
Trams, taxis, buses are the most used forms of public transport. Istanbulkart is a plastic card that looks like a credit card. Introduced of late it acts as medium of exchange in all modes of public transport and it is better to grab one while exploring the metropolis.
The mesmerizing Hagia Sophia is the world’s incomparable example of Byzantine architecture. The lavish Topkapi Palace, the Archaeological, Ancient Orient and Islamic Art museums, bestow the city’s extensive culture and history which are quite extraordinary.
The archetypal buildings and the captivating museums display enigmatic compilation alluring visitors to experience amazement with holidays to Istanbul holidays.

Top 10 Featured Attractions in Istanbul

• Basilica Cistern
• Aya Sofya
• Topkapi Palace
• Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamam
• Blue Mosque
• Istanbul Archaeology Museums
• Galata Tower
• Bosphorus Night Cruise
• Dolmabahce Palace
• Princes’ Islands

Turkish Dining with Attitude

With Istanbul city breaks you get a chance to indulge in a fabulous shopping of the most impressive handicrafts and spices that can be bought at the thriving markets. Explore a wide network or products that you can decorate at your home or gift someone.
Istanbul never discourages food lovers. Hunt down several of the restuarants that provide not only the local Turkish cuisine, but also dishes from all over the world. With many trained chefs and assorted food, Istanbul smells great!

Top 10 Mouth-watering delicacies in Istanbul

• Yaprak Sarma
• Dolma
• Taze Fasulye
• Karnıyarık
• Lahmacun
• Kurufasulye
• Kebaps
• Doner
• Kofte
• Mantı
Flock to see and witness the ever-growing array of bars, clubs and restaurants boarding the numerous options of flights to Istanbul. In urbane Istanbul, you are never secluded from arts, film or music festival. It may be opera or summertime jazz in open-air theater.
With Istanbul holiday packages sip cocktails at fashionable rooftop bars or party at pubs or relax in outdoor cafés with a tulip-shaped glass of tea or can taste the flavored hookahs. Along with traditional restaurants, Istanbul has a number of restaurants that serve cuisines from around the globe.

Indeed the best European Destination of 2013

Istanbul is famous for its historic seafood restaurants. It is a paradise for foodies. Rare Turkish delights can be tasted in this enticing city, voted as the Best European Destination 2013.
If the Turkish metropolis fascinates you also check out the spellbinding surroundings. Get your bags ready, be ready to get your mind blown!

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