Unmask the Authentic Mexican Spirit Over Holidays in Mexico

Redefine your limits of fun and pleasure taking your family on holidays in Mexico. The country of unbelievable charm, Mexico is no doubt a golden place to spend vacations, and has consistently been exciting us to share our experiences again and again. Therefore, within a few days after explaining unexplainable Mexican charm in our last article, we are ready with another piece of article over magnificent Mexico.

Perched across the panoramic Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico to the west and east respectively, and loaded with antique edifices, dense tropical jungles, this fantastic country of North American continent is full of heart ensuring a perfect backdrop for your happy holidays.

This joyful nation holds a significant composition of numerous contrasts; iconic history, picturesque beaches, nature, culture, luxury to almost everything a world class destination offers can be found here. Sense the charm of bygone days visiting ancient Mayan sites, renew your souls across country’s costal corners or just spoil yourself going for a remarkable shopping and dining, options for holidayers in Mexico are infinite.

However, voyagers packing their bags for holidays in Mexico no doubt see its capital town, Mexico City, as their first stop; and there is nothing wrong in it. Loaded with tons of attractive place attached to history, politics and culture, it’s not just the most diverse town, also the maximum visited destination in country as well.

Therefore, your reliable travel partner, Crystal Travel is picking few of the most fantastic places to see in Mexico City.

Three Must Visit Places in Mexico City

1. Make a Visit to Historical Plaza de la Constitución
To give a perfect start to your vacant time in Mexico, head off straight to Plaza de la Constitución from your booked hotel. Regarded as the largest city squares in whole world, this heart site of town is famous as the Zócalo. Perched on the heap of remembrance of ancient emperorship and independence revolutions, this heroic square witnesses city’s maximum happenings whether cultural, political or artistic. So, coming here for a short span is definitely has its worth. You can even capture the square’s sky view from adjoining Torre Latinoamericana’s observation deck. Move further and stop over the National Palace to walk the royal route seeing a spectacular entrance, attractive fountains, lavish garden and Diego Rivera mural.

2. Head to Basílica de Guadalupe
Experience the strong religious connection of the nation at Basilica de Guadalupe, Mexico’s one of the most popular Roman Catholic churches believed to be the place where lady of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin. Step in and record your presence capturing few stills.

3. Scroll down the Pages of Antiquity at Templo Mayor

From ages, Mexico City has long been a dream for architectures lovers. However, before wandering down to others, don’t forget to stopover at the Templo Mayor. Renowned as the most significant shadows of Aztecs dominance, the temple are the best samples of Mesoamerican style architecture. After marveling at its impeccable sculptures for hours, you can head to its museum to check out the marvelous objects this place has been on display.

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