Cheap Destinations with Perfect Weather in August Part 2

Welcome to our part two of ‘Cheap Destinations with Perfect Weather in August’ and we continue to expose the best destinations that you can visit in August.


The cities of Europe showcase a festive moment as you stop in any one of the places. Drown in amazing weather in the north and things could get pricey, so its better down south. August maybe the peak season for amazing sunshine holidays, but you still can find cheap activities.

Sofia, Bulgaria

With a feel of perfect weather, Sofia bags fame for being the top choice for travellers to Europe. During the peak summer times, the cities clear out, so you can grab the best deals in some of the most elite hotels in town.
Sofia is the cheapest city all year and quite famous for backpackers. The place might be lacking with attractions, so prepare yourself to adjust your expectations.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow can prove to be wetter in August but its definately known for low-cost hotel deals, attractions, food and drinks. The city is also famous for stag and hen holidays and parties.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is still one of the best bargains in Europe even when it doesn’t sound cheap. In August, you can expect cooler nights and sunny days. The common problem you may face is the crowd who love to dig out the secret places of the city.
Trying a hostel room can be cheaper as hotels might be expensive but the city is still affordable and reasonable than any in the west.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is overwhelming as well as reasonable with fewer pricey times during each month. The hotel prices might be on the higher-end, but you can enjoy plenty of cheap attractions, food and shopping.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is somewhat similar to Istanbul and Budapest with year-long crowd all over the city and even near the major attractions. August is shoulder season and quite clustered. Hotels do charge a lot, but hostels that are away from the tourist area can be a good bargain. Book well ahead in advance and enjoy cheap beers.

Lisbon, Portugal

The coastal city Lisbon has a perfect weather with cool breezes even during warmer days. The city may not be cheap as other European cities, but considering a bargain, you may not have to struggle to find cheap items. The city has some excellent hostels with self-cooking.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is usually wonderful in July as August sees a bit of rains. Crowd can again be a problem here along with price hikes. The Croatian resorts generally are cheap compared to few of the Italian digs. Apart from accommodation, there are few pretty wide choices for getting around the city.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a party town during summers that means, the city is quite crowded. The climate is pretty cool and the rates are contended.
To get the best out of your bookings, book as early as possible. The hotels and hostels might be crammed, so reserve early to keep a room for yourself. The food and drinks would be affordable.

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