Chocolates Caramels and Calories-Stay Fit this Festive Holiday Season

The above title could be depressing and you might be thinking that festive holiday seasons in Europe are a time for fun and indulgence, when you see a freshly baked chocolate dessert pudding at a bakery, and smells heavenly. You want to enjoy donuts and caramel custard of every restaurant you visit. Don’t worry!
During frivolities you don’t have to eliminate or avoid anything; instead, you can maintain your weight and fitness regimen.
How to stay fit and healthy?
The secret to grab a winter holiday season that includes fun and fitness lies in two things:
• throw all the healthy habits out of the window and indulge in the pleasure
• starve and binge approach, which means that you don’t eat anything at all the whole day and allow yourself to overindulge in party food
To stay in shape, the key is found in moderation. With moderation, what you eat and how much you exercise, can prove to be a boon if you avoid extra packing of weight and be a part of every fun in the season.
Here are some tips to help you:
Create a plan much ahead of time – Before the plan of a holiday creeps on you, chart out a plan to incorporate fitness and a healthy nutrition in your day to day routine.
On the party day, be sure to eat regularly, all day long – Suppose the party is in the evening; eat breakfast, lunch and a snack beforehand. Once you are at the party, go ahead and grab the best delicious food. Since you have eaten meals earlier, you probably will find yourself not being much tempted to make your way to the laid out table.
Schedule your workouts – Mark them on the calendar and squeeze out time to complete them. Consider them as an important event.
When at party, begin by eating something healthy – Vegetable sticks, fruit pieces, plain chicken are few healthy options that you can have, and then you can move onto something more tempting. You will be less likely to overeat such food.
Atleast be committed to do just 10 minutes of exercise – With holiday package deals 2013 you might end up doing more once you start. Ten minutes of exercise is a lot better than zero minutes of exercise. Rather than picking up a big chunk of chocolate cake, or a meatball, selecting a sampling bite can be more enjoyable and safe for your health.
Avoid wasting calories on alcohol – An alcoholic beverage contains 150-200 calories per glass and with 2-3 drinks; you have taken a good amount of calories, equivalent to an entire meal. Instead of having a full glass of wine, try mixing half glass of wine with water of diet coke. Staying fit in the holidays is a must to get back your energy and avoid fatigue.
Exercise at home – With all inclusive holidays 2013 you will be more inclined to follow a regular exercise routine if you don’t have to drive to somewhere to workout. You also won’t waste time on driving, parking and waiting outside the locker room.
We may also find it harder to uphold our exercise program with all the holiday parties, shopping, healthy holiday eating and travel. In addition, several go through more stress during the holiday period, which can result in overeating as a “feel good” response.
With travel deals the best way to avoid gaining weight over the holidays is to eat in moderation, keep a consistent exercise program and try the 7 tips to avoid holiday weight gain.

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