Complete Guide to Europes Chocolate Havens

The world has always been fascinated by chocolates and simply the mention of it makes your mouth watery.
Truly! There’s no one who doesn’t like them and for thousands of years chocolate making had been the sole business of Mesoamericans and indigenous cultures like Aztec, Olmec and Maya. It is incredible to know that how far the venerable cocoa bean has come through.
Until 16th century chocolate was completely unfamiliar in Europe but today the chocolate comes from cocoa beans which are grown on plantations in West Africa that are noted for its legacy of colonialism and Atlantic slave trade. Therefore, whether you long for shade-grown or fair-trade chocolate or some bid brand bars, it is possible to find them in Europe.
Take a look at top chocolate destinations in Europe that have taken cocoa bean to high art.


Cologne is known as the chocolate capital of Germany and is the native of Stollwerck chocolate company which in it’s hey days was the second largest chocolate manufacturer after US. On its 150 anniversary, the company set up a memorabilia to celebrate its achievements, since then this has turned into a museum so that people can know about its history around the globe. It exhibits samples like a giant chocolate fountain.


This place does not have a favorable climate to grow cocoa plants and has never colonized regions producing them but still the country is popularly known all over the world for producing mouth-watering chocolates. Switzerland began producing chocolates in the 1800s after the introduction of solid chocolate and the practice of drinking chocolate began to subside in Europe. This is the time when Swiss Chocolate factory began to flourish between 1890 to 1920, known for its reputation to produce  superior quality chocolate.


Belgian chocolatiers started new techniques in 1800 and thus took chocolate bar to new heights. The country has many fine destinations to count on, right from Brugge to Antwerp. All these unfold a wide variety of family run-chocolate shops as this is the pre-eminent capital city of Belgium that is flooded with chocolatiers that portray world class skill and prowess with their cocoa nibs, chunks and powders. You do not have to venture too far from the UNESCO World Heritage Grand Place to have a lip smacking chocolate truffle.


Whenever you think about “England” and “chocolate”, Cadbury comes to your mind by default. English most infamously wish for the hyper-sweet rush confections like Crunchie and Crème Egg, the country’s recent up swell in the culinary world has paved way for the taste for gourmet chocolate as well. The Chocolate Society in London is an oasis for purists because this impressive luxury provider on Elizabeth Street-Victoria manufacturers some of the best handmade chocolates.


It is landmark culinary hub because Paris is known for its tangible dash of flavor when it comes to chocolate. The arrondissements of the glamorous French capital filled with talented chocolatiers. Among them is the Christian Constant who has already won the Europe’s Grand Pix Chocolate Award in 2001. This shop is close to one of the best Paris hotels and you’ll not regret to enter into after a walk through the Jardin du Luxembourg.
If you are planning to visit Europe this holiday then indulge in some sinful pleasures because chocolates have a long history of comfort food. People crave for it because it tastes wonderful and sweet so, for some days keep that bowl of fruits away to feel good.

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